Used green manures in the garden

Green manure — plants, rapidly growing green mass, which is cut and buried in the soil or retained on surface as the soil layer, and the remaining in the ground the roots of plants decompose, enriching it and forming an air tubules. They will only beautify your area, as most of them is a beautiful type of plant.

Enrich soil with nitrogen — after the death of the root system and aerial parts of the plant, organic matter containing nitrogen, pass into the soil.

Loosen the soil and improve its structure — growing roots that leave many tubules, thereby improving water and air regime of the soil.


Protect the soil from erosion — cover crops, as would sew the ground inside the roots and at the same time cover its dense leaf cover on the surface;

Enrich the soil with nutrients — nutrition is extracted from the lower layers inaccessible to many cultivated plants, because they have deep strong root system.

Inhibit the growth of weeds due to the dense plantings and the specific secretions of the roots.

With the continuous sowing of green manure plants in the hot summer, do not allow the soil to overheat, keeping it in a moist and cool condition.

Inhibit the reproduction of pests and diseases, again due to its specific secretions of the roots.

Pritenyayut the soil after cutting or dying vegetation serves as a natural mulch.

Enrich the soil with organic matter under the influence of microorganisms and worms turn plant residues into humus.

The reproduction of earthworms and soil — forming microorganisms that contribute to a sufficient quantity of food and lack of concern from the constant mechanical and chemical treatments of the soil.

Getting rid of pachoutine — microorganisms, good breeding in a favorable environment, have time to process all root allocation, including inhibitors.

If the soil is severely depleted and low fertile, the green manure should be grown full gardening season from early spring to late fall and winter, and next spring, cutting one and closing up in the soil, are sown immediately following to maximize soil nutrients. In this case, the site is occupied completely by plants – green manure.

If the soil fertility is at the middle and high levels, green manure can be applied before or after main crop or in mixed plantings, on the same site at the same time and grow the main crop and green manure (a combination in one flower bed, flower bed using a bed).

As green manure on garden plots are mostly used by annual and less perennial plants, most of leguminous plants, giving a powerful green mass and has phytosanitary properties.

To select the previous main crop of green fertilizers it is necessary to consider that plants of the same family often consume from the soil of the same nutrients, have common diseases and pests, so it is advisable to cover crops and the main crop was not of the same family.

Who can be a green manure from plants?

To the legume family owns the following plants: beans, beans, peas, soya, Lupin, sainfoin, alfalfa, clover, seradella, vetch, clover and other

To the family of Cruciferae: mustard, radish, rape, cress.

Cereals: rye, oats, wheat and barley.

Buckwheat belongs to the family of buckwheat, phacelia – hydrofilm, and the sunflower – Asteraceae.

Green manures can be divided into groups of functions

The accumulation of nitrogen from the atmosphere – bean;
— Translation of phosphates in a digestible form – bean, mustard, and buckwheat;
— The absorption of nitrogen from the soil, protection from mineralization of the soil and leaching of nutrients into the subsoil – crucifers, cereals;
— Deep soil loosening mustard, radish, lupine, sainfoin, buckwheat;
— Protection from nematodes – bean, sunflower, phacelia, ryegrass.

Approximate sowing some green manure crops

— Any time – clover, mustard, phacelia.
— Early spring – in the spring, lupine, buckwheat, oats, alfalfa.
Early summer — summer – mustard, phacelia, clover, alfalfa, vetch, peas, clover, rape.
Autumn – clover, winter rye, winter oats, oilseed radish. published


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