Lotus effect or a new technology for coatings


Engineers have developed a new method of coating materials with high water-repellent properties.

Professor Panga Pitchumani the University of Virginia has created a type of coverage that is virtually holds water, creating a Lotus effect. New technology allows you to create simple materials in the form of varnishes and paints, and complex coating, resistant to high temperatures, corrosion or explosion. As explained Pitchumani: "We were able to develop a simple and inexpensive method of coating metal surfaces with strong water-repellent abilities of copper". This metal provides a good heat and electrical conductivity.

According to the developer, their method differs from existing ones, that technology allows you to create an effective coating without costly investments and high energy costs. Opportunity for technology is huge. The coatings can minimize or eliminate "fouling" — dirt and buildup in heat exchangers, reduce pressure drop in the flow of fluid through the tube. They provide enhanced corrosion resistance and can mitigate creep in the printed application electronic circuit boards.

Source: nauka24news.ru/


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