Technological development forecast up to 2020

Based on an analysis of published reports on the conduct of research and development work on the basis of systematic analysis of patent and licensing situation and trends of its development and the prerequisites for a fundamental change and local, -

Selected four groups of core technologies that will define the nature and the development of mankind in the 21st century:

A) The latest core technologies, ie, revolutionary technology, based on the application of which can be fundamentally changed the development of society and form the basis of, -


eleven. Microelectronics
12. Terabit memory
13. Superconducting devices
14. Super-smart chips
15. Self-replicating chips
16. Optical electronics, including - terabit optical storage device; terabit optical communication devices; elements and components of optical computers and control systems at various levels on the basis of optical terabit memory;
1.7. Bioelectronics, including - biosensors; bio-computer;
18. The equipment of information systems, including - the super computer parallel action; neuro-computer;
19. Software, including - a system of automatic translation; Reality simulation system (VIRTUAL REALITY SYSTEMS); self-replenishing database;


2.1. Ceramics, including - superconductor (the coil has superconducting properties at high temperatures); teploprovodniki- superconductor nanocomposites based on natural and artificial diamonds; gas turbines and engines, by using ceramic materials; new types of glass (non-linear optical glass); new types of coatings on glass and ceramics, significantly altering their properties;
2.2. Semiconductors, including - optical integrated circuit; semiconductors with superlattices;
2.3. Metals, including - amorphous alloys; alloys with hydrogen absorbed; magnetic materials;
2.4. Organic materials, including - organic nonlinear optoelectronic elements; memory based on the optical burning of holes; Molecular Devices; molecular thermoplastic composite materials;
2.5. Composite materials, including, - high quality plastic with carbon fiber reinforcement; high-quality metal composite materials; high-quality ceramic composites; Composites high type- karbon- carbon (carbon-carbon, modified graphite, pyrolised, with graphite, pyrolised with multistage graphite with an electrochemically activated graphite, in a flexible or elastic viscose based electrochemical activation followed after coating the matrix viscose pyrolised graphite) < br />


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