Les Miserables technology (12 photos)

Outdated device: wired telephone
Modern design: wireless mobile Recently wired phone was in every home, and be in a place without telephone tantamount to disaster. However, billions of dollars in turnover sales of cell phones have transformed a wired connection to an anachronism.

Outdated equipment: heavy laptop weighing more than 2.5 kg
Current device: a mini-PC Once incarnation laptops have indubitable technical progress, winning desktop on many points - weight, appearance, portability. The appearance of a mini-PC has proven that the computers remain as powerful and can be far more portable. Mini-PC, which weigh from 900 grams to 1, 5 kg, can be easily put into a backpack, briefcase or even a handbag - and not be afraid that the severity zastvait bend down to the ground

Legacy device: e-mail
Current device: instant messages do not need to look for an Internet café, if you suddenly urgently need to contact someone by e-mail. Technology "Instant Messaging» (instant message) - it is long since familiar ICQ, Miranda, and other instant messengers. You can use them to send messages to the network from a mobile phone, PDA or PDA.

Outdated device: voice mail
Current device: GrandCentral Cassettes answering machines often break down, and the possession of several different telephone numbers (and multiple answering machines) made life unbearable business person. GrandCentral technology allows you to link all the disparate numbers and create for them a voicemail: Voice messages will be stored in digital form on a server - no breaking tapes

Outdated device: CD
Modern device :: MP-3 player iPod or Zune advantages are obvious: low weight and a huge number of tracks uploaded into a tiny device that can be put in your pocket will surely win over the bulky CD-player and a prospect to carry all of your favorite CDs.

Outdated technology: radio cassette
Modern technology: radio Sirius Satellite radio from reception until recently depended on the final price of "vehicle." Now instead of a standard receiver, which catches only the local radio station, you can use a digital radio that will catch satellite signals that enable tune into any radio waves.

Outdated technology: a photo or video
Modern technology: a photo or video in the mobile phone Unless you are a professional photographer or cameraman, then hide bulky photo or video away. For snapshots and other "home video" easier and more convenient to use the camera's built-in mobiles: the quality is quite on the level of "Soap" (can be printed for the album, put in a network), and the practicality and compactness are winning high prices and "advanced" lens.

Outdated technology: many TVs in one house
Modern technology: SlingBox According to statistics, most of the families bought the house more than one TV. It seems practical: each family member can watch what he wants. However, the technology SlingBox simplify your life and make the purchase of additional TV screens unnecessary. A special device will send the TV signal to any digital screen in the house: the monitor from the desktop, a laptop, a mini-PC, and - a cell phone.

Outdated technology: Service
Modern technology: Chumby Nobody likes to wake up to the loud and obnoxious alarm sound. Chumby technology is designed to solve the problem once and for all, instead of rudely jolted awake by unpleasant sound, you will wake up gently and kindly ... Online! The device looks like a small leather pad screen. With wi-fi device connects to the network, download your favorite songs in MP-3 and include them for a gradual awakening. When you open your eyes on the screen obliging Chumby will be needed to start the whole day's business information: weather, traffic jams, news

Outdated technology: documents stored in the laptop
Modern technology: Google Docs Google Docs - essentially the same Microsoft Office, only a free and interactive online service. Any text document from a desktop computer can be sent to Google Docs, and it will be available to you anywhere, and the constant wearing of a laptop becomes unnecessary. The document can be made available to colleagues at work - for example, for co-authoring online.

Outdated technology: card
Modern technology: GPS maps are torn, lost, for it is difficult to navigate. Use technology to GPS. She even built into mobile phones. Since it lost in unfamiliar terrain virtually impossible

Outdated technology: GPS
Modern technology: TellMe GPS helps navigate on the roads, but what to do when in an unfamiliar area to find a particular restaurant, a shop, a pharmacy? Will technology TellMe - typing with a cell phone number and said the word "search", you can order, for example, search for the nearest Italian restaurant. The system using GPS will calculate your exact location and displays a list of nearby restaurants
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