The advent of agriculture almost destroyed human civilization

Agricultural be dangerous chumy

There are many things to change society. For example, the transition from hunting and gathering to the creation of the agricultural community. It - agriculture, whose main task was to maintain the population of villages and towns, and thus allow people to pay attention to the development of other things, such as art and literature. But recently it became clear that agriculture has led some to anything else: to a serious reduction in the population, which was accompanied by a large epidemic in Europe.

The scientists were able to track how spread the idea of ​​agriculture as a more sedentary lifestyle. This idea came from Asia to the Mediterranean region about 8,500 years ago. After 500 years after that agriculture reached Europe. Finally, in the UK and Ireland, agriculture appeared about 6,000 years ago, but then it spread to the northernmost regions of the continent. First, the population began to increase sharply. Food has become much more easier to get it as a result of fertility rates went up. Over time, science is acceptable, and no one is not particularly interested in what happened next, after this initial boom. It turned out later that it was pretty grim.

Radiocarbon analysis has enabled researchers to learn something new about this poorly known time interval. About 4000 years ago there was a serious decline in the population of Europe. This phenomenon has affected virtually the entire continent, studies were conducted in 13,000 places, and everywhere, this hypothesis was confirmed. In some areas, the population decreased by 60%, in some - 30%. This reduction is comparable to the one that occurred in Europe during the plague.

There is no scientific evidence that such a large decline in the population has something to do with the serious climate change in that period. But there is something more strange: this phenomenon was observed several times. Scientists believe that this was due to the fact that at the time the new technology of agriculture simply could not cope with the huge increase in population. Farmers at that time still knew nothing about the exhaustion of the soil, or the fact that the land should be given "rest" in order to enable it to restore nutrients. Crops grown continuously and eventually becomes weaker and more susceptible to disease. As a result, food became scarce. Thus, the revolutionary technology in their day to change society, it almost led to the collapse.



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