Science fiction is an eternal generator of ideas

Many of us read in the childhood science fiction stories and hard to believe that many of them can be real. The genre of science fiction in the cinema and did constitute some kind of miracle. Modern engineers often find inspiration in this genre, making fantasy a reality. Thanks to them today we can talk about many of the technologies that once were only an invention of science fiction writers, writers and Directors of Sci-Fi movies.

"Bond" as the engine of progress

Of course, to mention all the gadgets, secret devices tracking or the latest means of concealment, it is impossible not to recall the popular series of films about a British special agent service, MI-6 James bond. The first part of "James Bond" was first filmed in 1962, and today, each new episode released on average every two years. A 52-year bond was played by 6 actors in 23 films. One of the recognizable and the key "chips" every series is a car that has been a bond to his colleague with a code nickname Kyu (Q). Of course, the vehicle 007 was given always promising military technologies. The most recognizable brand among them was Aston Martin. For the first time this brand was first introduced in "Goldfinger" (Goldfinger), released in 1964. Model DB5 was equipped with a kind of signal receiver, through which bond could receive the remote signal and calculate the location of the main villain Aurika Goldfinger. The interface of this device in the car was very similar to the equivalent of a modern GPS-navigators. However, note that the navigation system Global Positioning System was invented only in the late 60-ies of the last century, and car manufacturers began to install such devices only in the 1990-ies. By the way, in the last series of "Skayfol" (Skyfall) are also featured the Aston Martin DB5, however, its navigation system is difficult to surprise anyone. In Goldfinger the car was also equipped with a clever system that might demand the driver to change the numbers and letters on the license plate that helped the agent escape from his pursuers. Many viewers have inspired a similar technique, which, in fact, would make a lot of violations on the roads, without fear of being caught by the cameras, record the number on the back of the car. Changed the number and you're already committed to another man driving a car with other plates. Of course, in Azerbaijan the installation of any such system will be a direct violation of the Administrative code, but in China such a "rotator" is often used by unscrupulous drivers. The device, capable of rotating multiple license plates, set them in front of the body. To combat this violation is, but for example only in 2008, the Chinese authorities recognized that nearly every second car, which caught on radars and cameras for violations, was equipped with such a mechanism. So, despite its illegality, is the invention of team bond can be considered de facto implemented.

Fans of Agent 007, for sure, remember in the 1965 movie called "Thunderball" (Thunderball) James bond swaps his tuxedo for a wetsuit in the investigation conducted against the company SPECTRE. He was incredible at that time, the gadget — an underwater camera. They used a prototype called the Calypso-Nikkor, Nikon developed together with the Belgian engineer Jean de-waters for the crew of the French undersea Explorer Jacques Cousteau. Subsequently, the chamber called Nikonos, and was released to the public, but at a price that is unaffordable for the average buyer. In our days you can buy not only the camera and the special cases for underwater photography, but also smartphones, are able to work and take pictures underwater (Sony Xperia Z1, Galaxy S4 Active etc.).

The modern incarnation of James bond is capable of day and night to chase their prey on the high-speed cars and other transportation modes, but 007 was not always so. Judging by his early paintings, for example, in the 1963 film "From Russia with love (From Russia with Love), romance novels are often distracted bond from direct work. In order to keep his employee in sight, the boss of MI-6 ordered him to wear a special gadget. Only after more than two decades, end users had the opportunity to use such device in the market became known as the pager. But in this communication the possibility of bond is not limited. His cars with the first models were equipped with and phones, which, by the way, showed the importance of the agent for the British government.

Cars with autopilot

But the cars with a remote control and even the ones that had a remote control, was not only the exclusive property of the bond. For example, in the films "the Destroyer" ("Demolition Man" 1993), "I, robot" (I, Robot — 2004) and the science fiction Thriller, Steven Spielberg's "minority report" (Minory Report — 2002) cars of the main characters could go completely on autopilot. And in 2007, Google began work on a project to create a self-driving car (Google Driverless Car). Comprehensively using GPS data with Google Street View, video cameras and sensors installed on the vehicle, such a vehicle, is connected to the computer can move without direct human intervention.

In 2010, the first test model is assembled on the base Toyota Prius has been successfully tested on public roads. In real conditions and without human intervention the vehicle has traveled about 1600 km in fully Autonomous mode and a 225 thousand km with partial human involvement. The only accident can be considered a case where another vehicle drove into the "Google car", standing at the traffic lights. According to Google, their automated system may reduce the number of accidents, injuries and deaths, using at the same time, fuel, and roads more efficiently. Today the project has expanded to 10 cars, and it involved 12 drivers and 15 engineers. In his blog, Google reports that their cars have traveled more than 480 thousand km with minimal human involvement. A fleet of unmanned vehicles has also been supplemented by hybrid crossover Lexus RX450h, required for testing the system on roads with difficult terrain. However, it should be noted that at present these cars have some serious limitations. For example, they can't walk in the pouring rain and on snowy roads. This is due to the fact that the identification area is made beforehand by comparing the captured images with the results of visualization of the surrounding landscape scanning systems of the car. Through this approach, the system is able to distinguish normal post from a pedestrian, etc., but in poor weather conditions, the system can not do this. However, in four States (Nevada, California, Michigan and Florida) unmanned vehicles already lawfully are full participants of traffic.

One foot in the future

Describing a vision for the world through the eyes of fiction, you can not go past the legendary trilogy "Back to the future (Back to the Future Director Robert Samiksha and producer Steven Spielberg. As you remember, future events described in the second series of the trilogy where Marty McFly with Doc teleported to the year 2015 to save their future children from committing crimes. According to the scenario, next year we should see flying cars. Alas, though they are already partially invented, then prototypes it has not moved. In addition to difficulties in the process of creating flying cars, is behind all this and the huge problem of traffic control in the air. The issue of safety and the risks are so great that to this skeptical of the power of even the most developed countries. But, at the same time, the film used a number of things today, in fact, can be considered completed. Remember the second part of the trilogy, when Marty from the Billboard jumped the shark from "Jaws 19" and, smiling viciously, snapped jaws. In fact, today three-dimensional holographic ads can already be seen at various exhibitions, however, the characters have not yet learned to jump out of the projector. The film is found and two-dimensional holographic screen with the news (this kind of hologram can be found even in the Baku airport while holding in the capital of "Eurovision 2012"). It is worth noting flat digital binoculars. Direct digital binoculars is also invented, but their dimensions are slightly different from flat rectangular binoculars Doc brown. In General, the prediction came true, as smartphones and "soap" with the digital zoom have similar functionality.

At the beginning of the second series of the trilogy "Back to the future" when the main characters, overcoming space and time, has moved to 2015, Doc appears in silver glasses. Then explicitly assign these points to the audience and has not been disclosed, but according to their functionality, it is similar to Google Glass, which also have a more futuristic design. Another interesting point — robots-waiters" in the cafe "Cafe 80s". Played this role tubular the CRT monitors with the faces of Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan. E-the waiters read the menu and took orders. Unfortunately, to the automation of many modern restaurants has not yet reached, but, for example, the electronic menu on tablet computers more and more often, and recognition of speech achieved quite a good level and is widely used in smartphones.

In a fictional 2015, the reporters use the flying camera. Today remote controlled drones are already in the open market and are even used by journalists for shooting large-scale events. Finally, not to mention the variety of technologies a "Smart house", which was presented in the house of the future Machlev. This fingerprint scanner at the entrance with voice greeting, and smart TVs — from those that project the image on a window to large format with the function of Picture-in-Picture. But the Fax, print the blocks which are located in every room in our already almost out of use nowadays. In private homes will not meet, unlike the wireless controller Microsoft Kinect. Remember the scene from the movie where the children of tomorrow with a sneer said: "and then the machine you need in hand to take?"

Viral advertising "flying boards"

One of the most remarkable inventions, which since the release of the picture is the dream of all fans of the series, become the flying skateboards (in the film they are called Hover Board). About the possibility, or rather, the impossibility of inventing such a device in the current realities of different publications and experts have written repeatedly. But in March of this year on YouTube suddenly there was a video called Belief uploaded to the video sharing some of the company HUVrTech.

The main role in the video is assigned to Christopher Lloyd (who plays Doc brown in the trilogy "Back to the future"), who was "pleased to announce that flying Board finally invented and become a reality." The 4-minute video was shown even the principle of their work using the "random" passers-by. For a few days this video is watched by several million people around the world. Not fully understanding how the Board really hovers above the ground, the fans abandoned the site "the manufacturer" and the official Facebook page of Back to the Future. And after a week in the Internet appeared the new video, in which Christopher Lloyd apologizes to all the fans and those who believe in Hover Board, explaining that it was a viral advertising a new game for smartphones called Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

But the intention to produce sneakers with samoshvatyvayuscheysya laces, as Marty McFly, Nike said quite seriously. Head designer Nike announced that in 2015, this product might already appear on the shelves of sports shops. Recall that in 2011 the company introduced shoes Nike Mag Air, which, though not started automatically, but the design is exactly the same brand shoes from the movie.

Will rule the world Skynet?

The relationship between people and technology in the future is perfectly shown in the film "Destroyer" ("Demolition Man, 1993). Directly fantastic technology here was used not so much, and most of them, like cameras on the streets, even and especially to note is not necessary, as they evolved rather than made a revolutionary jump in the development. The story takes place in 2030, and among the unusual innovations can be found installed on street box terminal, which among other services offered robot-psychologist. He talked to people who were depressed and convinced them that what they are wonderful. Even in the film the behavior of people looked quite ridiculous, and imagine that someone in reality would be to communicate with such a terminal, informing him about their problems, to put it mildly, difficult. But... Such a multifunction printer today are not uncommon. Among them are highly specialized (for example, terminals MilliÖN payment for services or basic banking machines), and full-fledged computers connected to the Global network. Mobile video telephony is shown in both "Destroyer" and many other films, because mankind for a long time dreamed of such a communication, and science-fiction writers and filmmakers did not cease to inspire hope in their appearance. Today a video appeared even in the bathroom. However, we cannot say that the free Skype is wildly popular. The preference is given to until voice.

In the nearest future the events occur in two very famous films with Arnold Schwarzenegger "total Recall" (Total Recall 1990) and the first series of "Terminator". If you remember the scene from the first movie when the T-800 rides in the subway, in cars hang large CRT monitors that display advertising. Today, some cars in Baku metro are already used LCD monitors for such purposes. The script masterpiece "Terminator" 29 August 1997 the world was seized by a self-learning network Skynet. Humanity is decimated, and power over the world captured a soulless machine. Rumors that in the depths of Google for a long time "boiling" plans for maximum automation and then full transfer machines control human activity." For example, just last year, Google acquired 8 companies, leading research related to robotics, including Boston Dynamics is building robots for the Pentagon. The plans of the "Evil Corporation" have quite clear outlines, and if Skynet does not exist, then the probability of its occurrence is quite large.

NASA scientists laugh

In the framework of the conference of the American space Agency (NASA), held in 2011 in California, was named the most stupid and unscientific movies that ever appeared in the world of film distribution. Scientists agreed that disaster film directed by Roland Emmerich "2012", brought together a worldwide $ 800 million — the most absurd science fiction film in history. From a scientific point of view, the idea is absurd to attribute to the destructive power of raging particles neutrinos, which according to the script lead to a global catastrophe. However, the audience was filled unscientific ideas Emmerich: according to NASA scientists, the Agency were flooded with messages and calls from Americans who are trying to figure out how realistic are the forecasts of Hollywood. For exposing the predictions of disaster movie, the Agency had to create a whole website.

In addition, the ten most absurd sci-Fi movies got blockbuster of the same Roland Emmerich "the day after tomorrow", "the Sixth day" about cloning Schwarzenegger, "Chain reaction" in which scientists have learned to use hydrogen from water as energy source "Earth's core", where core of the Earth stopped spinning, "Volcano", "Armageddon", etc. Scientifically relevant films were recognized as "Gattaca", released in 1997, "Jurassic Park" by Steven Spielberg, "Blade runner" by Ridley Scott and a film of Japanese Director Rintaro's "metropolis".

Sci-Fi predictions that came true

Jules Verne in his works predicted scientific discoveries and inventions in various fields, including the advent of the aqualung, television, video, and electric chair. "Nautilus" became the inspiration for the creation of modern ballistic submarines independent propulsion system. In the book "Robur the Conqueror" question about an aircraft very similar to the helicopter, invented only in 1907, and in the novel "Lord of the world". In the book "From the earth to the moon" and "Around the moon" you can read about rockets, lunar modules, solar sails, rocket projectiles, landing a man on the moon, and extensive use of aluminium in the aerospace industry.

In 1894, millionaire, businessman and writer, and in the future and one of the victims of the Titanic John Jacob Astor IV published the novel "Journey to other worlds", which describes the journey to Saturn. In this book predicted the emergence of magnetic railway and electric, and the introduction of control over the flow of cars, and global climate control.

In the science fiction novels of the English writer Herbert wells found not only a well-known prediction about the atomic bomb. He predicted the advent of buses, escalators, auto-responders, automatic doors, Central heating, air-conditioning, electric kitchen appliances, technology of erection of buildings of reinforced concrete. In addition, among the unusual and accurate forecasts of wells, featured the emergence of airplanes and joysticks, the combination of player and TV, development of technology for direct administration of nutrients into the blood. In 1897 was published the novel "the invisible Man", in which wells first introduced the concept of "invisibility". Today invented stealth aircraft, invisible to radar, and camouflage metaideology. In "War of the worlds" talking about heat rays used by the aliens to destroy mankind. Today they are known as military lasers.

In the novel Ralph 124С 41+" writer and businessman Hugo Gernsback described a great number of scientific and technological discoveries of the future in the field of automation, climatology, communications. Among the inventions embodied on paper in the framework of the fantastic creations: radar, solar battery, machine translator, Fax, recorder, robot cleaner and a skateboard with an engine.

In the novel "Professor Dowell's Head" and "the Man who found his face" the Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev talks about the transplantation of vital organs, cloning and genetic engineering. In the novel "Lord of the world" Belyaev mentions the creation of tools for the psychotropic effects and weapons. And in the story "the Seller of air" he is foretelling the aggravation of ecological problems of air basin of the planet. The novel "amphibian Man" predicted the creation of an "artificial lung" on the principle of membrane diffusion film, the development of physiological technology long-term human stay under water and creating underwater habitable houses.

With the script "Rozumovska universal robots, published in 1920, Czech writer Karel Capek gave the world the idea of artificial people, entering the term "robot". He also mentioned about the possible emergence of bio-robots and predicted the invention of the nuclear reactor, methods of obtaining atomic energy and the creation of explosives, the enormous destructive power.

In 1934 the writer Edward "Doc" Smith published the novel "Triplanetary", in which he described the disks with a metallic coating as a carrier of information, as well as scanning beams. In the book "galactic patrol" Smith tells readers about the invention of artificial eyes, and in 1942 in the novel "grey "" for the first time introduces the term "deep space".

In his novel "brave new world" Aldous Huxley predicted the emergence of some aspects of genetic engineering of test-tube babies, the development of cloning. Among other accurate predictions of Huxley: the information glut, the dumbing down of mass culture, absolute worship, entertainment, club appearance (synthetic) music.

In the story "the Computer named Joe" by science fiction writer Murray Leinster described "logic" — information blocks, capable of connecting to the network between itself and the memory banks. The book mentioned that the "logics" part of all civilization life activity: banking transactions, flight schedules, telecommunications and so on.

English novelist and essayist George Orwell is known for his political predictions. He foresaw the management of public opinion and behavior through the media and the manipulation of history. Dystopia "1984" introduced the concept of "total surveillance", which now doesn't surprise: video surveillance system, gathering information about the habits and interests of a user by using tags and cookies of Internet sites.

In 1939 saw the light of first creation of the writer Clifford D. Simak — the novel "Cosmic engineers". In it, among other things, talking about the rocket pack on the space suit and magnetic soles on the boots. In the story "the Power of imagination" and the novel "Why call them back from heaven?" Simak tells of car-a writer of literary works and the transmitter, sew the heart, which instantly announce the death of a person.

Among the inventions of the American science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, incarnated in the future: air dryer for hands, moonlight ski, ATV, analogue Seagway, and self-governing transport. In addition, he was the first mentioned in his works about such things as a pocket telephone, a machine to exchange money, GPS, moving walkways, space travel and television news search engine — an analogue of modern search engines on the Internet. In 1961, in the book, Heinlein's "Stranger in a strange land" is the first mention of a water bed. The first waterbed appeared 7 years later after the book.

Through the books of Jack Williamson "After the end of the world", "Through the scarlet cloud" and "End" in the everyday life of man there are such terms as "force field", "the gates" and "hyperspace". And in the novel "Cometti" Williamson described the cartographer is a small device that records the route. Currently this feature is part of GPS-navigators and routers.

In 1977 in the book "Experiment Dosada" writer Frank Herbert said, how does the alarm clock that uses aromas instead of sound. Such alarms can now be purchased as a funny gadget. As previously written the novel "dune" is considered a leader among sci-Fi works by the number of fulfilled at this time predictions: three-dimensional projector, the oil lens (for microscope) and paracones. Also, the novel appeared the following open future: power suspension, egoistical, floating lamp, distacom (steelcut) — suit for desert, and many others.

All those modern robots with such enthusiasm made the Japanese were described by Isaac Asimov in the mid-twentieth century. In addition, he coined the terms "humanoid" and "positron". He also was the first who in his works has mentioned a prototype projector and predicted the emergence of atomic clocks, including wrist.

In 1950, in the story "Will gentle rain" ray Bradbury in all detail painted the concept of a "smart home". A prototype of the modern social networking was invented in 1953. One of the most amazing predictions of Bradbury: headphones, player, shell, radiobracket, hour ATMs, flat screen televisions, room, virtual reality, satellite surveillance, PDAs, and even cars with artificial intelligence.

Brothers Strugatsky science fiction predicted the existence of the rings of all the planets and for the first time mentioned the effect of time dilation, played in modern special effects in the movie "the Matrix". In the story "Monday begins on Saturday" they described a prototype of Wikipedia. In other works, you can see references to non-existent in those days, paintball, body modifiers, extreme sports, best.

Arthur C. Clarke first predicted information of the nature of the future society in detail and traced the dynamics of the development of artificial intelligence. In 1945 in his article has described the possibility of using the geostationary orbit for communications satellites. No one believed him. Today all satellites, used to relay the TV signal, are geostationary. Among the fulfilled predictions Clark: the emergence of the world wide web, computer games, tablets, machine translation, the development of atomic energy and of automation, the progress of antibiotics and computers work on artificial intelligence. In terms writer with a minor error in time predicted the landing of man on the moon, human cloning, the launch of the space probe Cassini, who in July 2000 had reached Saturn, and the launch of the Rover within the Mars Surveyor mission.

In collaboration with the aforementioned Arthur C. Clarke Director Stanley Kubrick has created a sci-Fi movie "Space Odyssey 2001" which became a milestone in the development of kinofantastiki. Of confirmed predictions of Kubrick's most famous TV located in the back seat of the plane, the profiling and specialization of TV channels. Also among the predictions of science fiction: the emergence of computer chess, biometric identification of a person (voice), flat screen monitors based on liquid crystals or plasma screens, PDAs, magnetic credit cards.

One of the most famous Soviet science fiction writers Kir bulichev, whose books were widely published and for school-age children, anticipating the appearance of a 5D-cinema, describing it in the story "Rusty Marshall". And in 1982 in the book "one Hundred years ahead," he told in detail about electronic Newspapers, which are sold on the street and can be viewed using the gadget.

Writer Larry Niven predicted the development of illegal trade in body parts, the appearance of the dongle software and the creation of a metal paste. In addition, in the novel "World out of time" he introduced the world to the method of deep freezing the body (vitrification) with the ability to restore after a while.


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