Without fuel generator as an alternative energy source

What is BTG (fuel-free generator)

Everyone who thinks about alternative energy sources need to look at the fuel-less generator. This device electromechanical device completely replaces the internal combustion engine. Today, power generator, which does not require the fuel is no longer a fantasy ecology lovers, but a reality.

Electricity produced generator that stimulates the outer coil due to momentum, powered by small batteries. Fuelless device can be placed anywhere - it is quite compact and does not take up much space. However, it should be easy to connect to the home network. There are many types of non-fuel generators.

The principle of

SUMMARY fuelless generator action is to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. Mechanical design cycles using generator power, converting it into electricity. Starting the device made a push hands. generator braking is performed by stopping the supply of current to the coils. Just push the coil attached to the magnet device.

Charge generated in the battery is converted into electricity needed to operate the home electrical appliances. An interesting example is a generator Herdershota device. Fuelless This device works through earth's magnetic field, so it should be placed based on the orientation of the north and south poles. According to experts, it is the most effective free energy device. In order to obtain a larger capacity can combine several generators.

Review of manufacturers and prices

Quite popular and accessible are the generators of the Odessa manufacturer. The most expensive devices in the roar of generators are foreign firms Ferry. Depending on the capacity of the unit price is from 35000 rubles. Less expensive but quite popular are the generators of the brand Andrus - from 25,000 rubles


The company specializes in the supply of electrical equipment for various industrial fields. The firm is working since 2006 and helps to certify and promote the product in the foreign market. Specializing in the production of magnetic generators and motors. The magnetic generator comprises a stator working winding, which are distributed uniformly around the circumference and are fixed in the housing. Generator itself is made of a nonmagnetic material. The principle of its work is to ensure that the DC several electromagnets to create the magnetic balance effect. As for the motor, manufactured by "ENERDZHSISTEM" LLC, the principle of its action is enclosed in a high voltage applied to the electrodes. The engine is very simple to perform, is reliable and has a small weight and size.

NPP KB "faith-KO»

Fuelless windy generator that produces Ukrainian company, contains a solution of several problems on the use of wind energy:

capable of charging the battery at a wind speed of 2 m / s;
is able to produce a specified output at wind speed of 5 m / s, thus increasing power when the wind speed increases;
with hurricane wind instrument most resistant and thermal resistors not burned free energy.
Generator "VEGA»

It is taken for recovering a device that works through pulsed shock. Generator VEGA - is an excellent replacement for windy generator, solar cells, and is not dependent on weather conditions. Fuelless such power generator is from 1 to 5 kW. generator dimensions are 40x64x64, weight - up to 7 kg. As a hybrid system VEGA generator capable of converting the kinetic energy in the high current pulses. For its production generator is applied to the rotor from outside, which is fixed to the individual strength magnets. The box of the device is protected from environmental factors, so VEGA generator can be considered reliable. His work is 24 hours a day, but it can not be attributed to the "perpetuum mobile". The service life of the device is 20 years.

Where can I buy a fuel-free generator

On the market today there are many proposals as the sale of home-made and branded fuel-free generators. Internet open spaces full of suggestions of domestic and foreign producers, which for the fabulous price of ready to provide a working device to any interested person. However, due to the large number of scams on the net rather trust for the immediate site of the manufacturer companies, where you can read reviews of real people on the instrument.

Fuelless generator. What's included?

Generator is a completely self-contained unit and is able to develop the electricity to fully charge the batteries without the use of fuel. The inertial device may be combined with other devices that are already installed. The package includes an electric fuelless:

aluminum box with a Faraday cage;
generator power required from 1 to 5 kW;
control unit with battery charging function with momentum up to 2000 V;
4 rechargeable batteries to operate the coils.
Sometimes, at the request of the customer can be added to the capacitors of different capacities, as well as backup power panel (for systems from 3 kW).


To go to the quality of life in the near future, fuel-less energy you need to master the global economic market. Modernization of power units that do not need fuel, will allow to pass away a healthy society and to reduce the energy deficit in all areas. Fuelless generator in the future will completely give up the solar panels.


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