Ideso PowerPac is a compact electric generator

What to do when the apartment lights went out? Usually can not do anything, you have to wait for Troubleshooting. However, if you are a happy owner of the device Ideso PowerPac, it is possible and not to wait, and to sit on the bike and work out for your computer or other device as much energy as your heart desires. Or how many feet will allow...

Ideso PowerPac is a compact electrical generator, the rotor of which rotates a Bicycle wheel. This is not a small Dynamo that is attached to the frame and provides energy Bicycle lamp. The generator is designed to operate in stationary conditions.

PowerPac – compact exercise bike, which simultaneously generates electricity. He was recently awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2012 in the category "best of the best." According to Mark Ruwala (Marc Ruweil), the founder of the company Ideso, their device: "It's exercise with additional benefits. You get something from the training mode, except the workout, of course."

Simulator-generator consists of two buildings with opening in the middle. The covering hides the DC generator and the charge controller. In addition, included is a rechargeable battery of 12 volts with a capacity of 11 amp-hours and the inverter to produce different variants of the output voltage, including values 22, 12, and 5 volts, allowing you to connect to the battery of the various devices.

Battery charges fully in approximately 80 minutes uniform ride on a conventional bike with an average speed. Bike the rear wheel is inserted in the aperture and go. In the current version of the simulator it is not able to provide a varied load. It can be adjusted by shifting the bike.

To a certain extent, the speed of rotation affects the intensity of the charge. The faster you pedal – the faster you charge the battery. However, mark Ruvel is not recommended to apply excessive efforts. In his words: "the Battery can be charged only at a certain speed. If you press on a pedal like mark Cavendish in the sprint, the electronics will reject a lot of energy to protect the battery".

The device could certainly find its application in developed countries in emergency situations, such as during the recent natural disasters in the United States. However, the manufacturers PowerPac recognize that in such a case, as a temporary supply option, petrol or diesel generator will be more effective.

However, in the developing world the situation is different. In the absence of a stationary network device may be used for household needs. Ideso also hope that their product will draw the attention of those who want to get something tangible instead spent on exercise and calories, but little to help his own planet.


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