Landscape alley in Kiev

The landscape alley is paved in the early 1980s by architect Abram Miletsky and runs along the line of fortifications X–XIII centuries. the Purpose of her installations is to create an overview of the tourist types of Podol and Zadneprovye from the hills of historic Upper town.

Initially, the Landscape alley had become part of the historical and architectural reserve Ancient Kiev, which would include several museums: the Archaeological open air Museum, Museum of urban development history Museum. This project was one of the most large-scale throughout the Soviet Union. Besides the museums, it was planned to construct the building of the Institute of archaeology Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and Museum of this institution, to Refine the hills of Kyiv: starokyivska, Zamkova, as well as mountains Detinka and Vodyankina, landscaping the slopes of the ancient Kopyrev the end.

The purpose of the construction of the alley is to create the possibility of inspection of the tourist types of Podol and the Dnieper river from the height of the historic Upper town. It was designed as part of the complex historical and Architectural reserve "Ancient Kiev", which was supposed to cover the territory of historic castles, which accounted for Kiev.

The improvement of the square, which was formerly a vacant lot, was engaged in a famous city sculptor Constantin Skretutsky, author of the sculpture of cartoon character Hedgehog in the fog, Flying cow, cat out of the disposable forks and a dozen statues. Skretutsky believes that Kiev is not enough romantic and uplifting sculptures, with no historical or ideological burden.

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