Kiss in Times Square

Massive reconstruction famous photograph taken at the end of World War II,
which depicted a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square in New York City.

August 14, 1945, New Yorkers have learned about Japan's surrender. It was then that photographer Alfred Eisenstadt Life Magazines
went to Manhattan and made his, which became legendary sailor kissing a picture with a young pretty nurse.

Now close because the place in Times Square, where there was a historic kiss, there is a statue, follows the story of photography. UPI / John Angelillo

Since 2005, the day of victory, many New Yorkers come to Times Square to take part in the ceremony of "recreating a kiss." UPI / John Angelillo

August 14, 2010 hundreds of couples from around the world have repeated "Long Kiss" in Times Square. UPI / John Angelillo

In the 65th anniversary of the US victory over Japan in the main square of New York kissing and veterans, and of course, young Americans. UPI / John Angelillo


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