The whole truth about kissing

Homo sapiens & quot; - the only living being who exchanged kisses & quot ;. So says Wikipedia - ¬ębible" of the Internet.

But not omniscient intranet Encyclopedia talks about what happens when the "human kissing lips gently inhale the air, creating the typical sound of" Smack ".

No talks about what happens when the kiss happens with "Smack" or without it, or what is characterized by a passionate kiss of lovers.

During a kiss favorite (favorite) can happen anywhere, from the movement of facial muscles to a dangerous rise in pressure. Here are some interesting facts:

1. Since 1981, engaged in the study of the nature of the kiss the World Health Committee at the United Nations. Nice work, is not it?

2. An American AE Wolfram from Minnesota set a record for number-kissed per unit time. During the festival, held in his state, for 8 hours, he kissed 8001 man. There was a also a number of people willing!

3. The first kiss in the movie captured in 1886. The 30-second film of Thomas Edison was called "The Kiss". Imagine how he wound up cowboys in the Wild West?

4. Human Lips hundreds of times more sensitive than the fingertips. This kiss increases pulse rate up to 100 or more beats per minute.

5. Innocent Kiss "Smack-smack" burn 5 calories. Increase the intensity of kissing, you can burn up to 30 calories in a single kiss. For comparison: minute brisk walk burns only 4-5 calories!

6. During a kiss from one person to another is transmitted 278 different cultures of bacteria. Fortunately, 95 percent of them are not dangerous. Remember the rest!

7. During his pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, a devout Buddhist, kisses the ground more than 30 thousand times.

8. Every tenth young man starts to kiss "really" have not yet reached the age of 10. By the age of fourteen years for 50 per cent of people of both sexes know what "passionately kissing".

9. Factors that kill women desire to kiss: in the first place - bad breath, in second place - the smell of sweat, on the third - a short chin at the man.

10. A quarter of girls aged 15-24 admitted that for the sake of a single kiss his idol, they gladly agreed to a year to iron his shirt.

11. The average woman kisses 7-9 men before marry.

12. Of all the animals Kiss chimpanzee is most similar to the human. Just kiss on the mouth of the dog, the horse and Canadian porcupines.

13. In ancient Egypt knew nothing about kissing. Perhaps Queen Cleopatra, famous for its victories over men never really kissed. If only it did not teach Caesar ...

14. In the Middle Ages in Italy, man, kiss a girl in public, was required to marry her. In the city of Naples, laws were most severe: a kiss on the street could be thunder in jail, if not lose his life if it happened in front of a high spiritual person.

15. In 1979, David Bowie invented the machine "lipograf" which filmed lip print for identification. After that America held an auction "lipogram" famous people. All proceeds, amounting to 16 thousand dollars, went to the Children's Defense Fund. At this auction a fingerprint lips Mick Jagger has been sold for $ 1,600. Unfortunately, "lipograf" did not come into use in forensics.

16. In Japan, it is very impolite to kiss in front of witnesses. For this reason, you will almost never see a kiss in the Japanese film. What in the world is called "Japanese" kiss, like this: the stand at a distance of one step from each other and lean forward. pouting lips, touch their lips partner. The mouth is not open!

17. Eskimos, Polynesians do not kiss each other in the mouth. They rub noses. Try it! It's very nice.

18. The average person spends his whole life kissing 2 weeks. Total ?!

19. Africans express respect for the leader, kissing the ground on which he walked.

20. The scientific name of the kiss - filematologiya.

21. Romans in greeting and kissed each other's eyes. This is the exact opposite of Russian will take on which to kiss the eyes - to parting.

22. Most of kisses - 127 - in the film "Don Giovanni" in 1927. All those kisses received from John Barrymore two actresses Mary Astor and Estelle Taylor.

23. Somewhere kissing considered a crime. In the US state of Indiana is still alive law under which "a man with a mustache is forbidden to kiss a human being." In the state of Connecticut on Sundays is forbidden to kiss his wife. And in the town of Cedar Rapid, Iowa, the sheriff can take to the police station anyone who kisses a stranger.

24. According to estimates of the magazine Scientific American, the most happening kissing on Valentine's Day, with 65 percent of kissing his head tilted to the right. The habit of tilting his head in a certain direction is formed even during fetal development.

25. tribes live-ing in the primitive society, it is believed that during a kiss or a portion of the power transmitted to the soul.

26. In ancient times, in England there was a custom: during fairs women took an apple, cloves stuck in it and offered an apple to whom to kiss. The man had to remove the clove, chewed it and then kiss a woman. He had no right to refuse. Note that Apple put a lot gvozdichek!

27. Custom bond kiss vow of marital fidelity comes from Russia.

28. Actress Julianne Moore once said that shooting the kissing actresses nicer than the actors. "When you have to kiss a man, you are prepared for the fact that this man can not smell very nice. A woman is always nice to smell, and they are so soft! "

29. Andzhelina Actress Angelina Jolie - Celebrities who according to statistics, many Americans dream of a kiss. Among men, it is Brad Pitt.

30. This passionate kiss in the brain causes the same chemical reactions that skydiving and pistol shooting. Make love, not war.

31. Kiss sufficient duration is much better than chewing gum, normalizes the acidity in the mouth. Kissing after every meal, you can greatly reduce the risk of tooth decay.

32. In 1999, Carmit Suber and Dror Orpaz set a world record for the length of a kiss. Under the admiring cries of the crowd on the square in Tel Aviv, they kissed each other 30 hours and 45 minutes. In 2000 he broke the record Louisa Almodovar and Rich Langley. Note time: 30 hours 59 minutes and 27 seconds. Accidents were clearly the result 31 hours. but fell exhausted.

33. The longest screen kiss does not go to any comparison with a real kiss. The ex-wife of Ronald Reagan, Jane Ueymen, 3 minutes and 5 seconds Regis Toomey kissed in the movie 1941 "Now you're in the army".

34. Polls have shown that men who every day kiss their wives before going to work, have a higher income than those who do not.

35. Sweetie "Hershey's Kisses" so named because the machine that molds them, looks like. like kissing the conveyor belt.


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