Trichomonas. The insidious parasitic infection sweeping the nation

In his book, "mistress! Deliver me Cervia same gold..." I gave a short overview on single-celled parasites. Then I had no idea that cerenade-drughouse putting manuscripts into print, in my hands, one after the other the work of contemporary scientists working in the field of study of parasitic diseases. My listeners getting me one after another articles, magazines... most of all I was struck by the work of T. Y. fistulous "heart attack — this is cancer of the heart", "Cancer is very difficult" etc.

This is a book about single — celled parasite-Trichomonas. It causes a slow infectious disease. Unfortunately, slow infectious disease medicine little interest in the early stages of the pathological process. And when the parasites inhabit the entire body, poison human waste products will cause strong changes in organs and systems, when the disease becomes almost incurable, then it and medicine will not help.

In medical memoirs, there are instances of memories pathologists that in 90 % of cases at autopsy in the intestine detect worms. Obviously people from time to time do not notice and do not feel their presence until the number of worms will not go beyond certain limits.Now I know that the number of fatal — 42 % colonization of the human body worms.

And here's another story of a medic:

"It's an insidious and nasty thing galmaegi. Diagnosing them is very difficult (the doctor is not familiar with electronic diagnosticato VEGA test, ed.). Worms can affect a variety of organs. Trichinella, for example, settle in the muscle, causing a pattern of severe rheumatism. They can settle in the brain and to bring the person to a mental hospital. Echinococcus is grounded in the liver can produce swelling and cyst of enormous size. But most of the worms live in the intestine. They vary in size from 9 millimeters to 6 meters. Worms multiply very quickly, and all this evil feeds on the juices of our food, blood, and tissues. They hurt the mucous porridge. Through the wound the blood infection — colitis ready. Especially easily infected by worms children, showing an increased interest in cats, dogs, hamsters, tortoises and other animals...".

In 1970 in one of the magazines slipped the article by a foreign Professor "All diseases from them..." that described the terrible things, when people for decades was treated for cholecystitis, poisoning, pancreatitis, ulcerative colic, psychiatric disorders and other serious illnesses... and not wilechase, dying... And. the surest diagnosis put posthumously pathologists. Here are some excerpts from the manuscript:

"...At the opening of S. L., who died (according to the preliminary findings of the attending physician) cirrhosis, it appeared that all of the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts were "infested" with worms...".

"...P., who died by suicide, the last 5 years of his life he suffered from a mental disease. At autopsy in different organs: intestines, lungs, brain — discovered adult Ascaris..." (Employee SSC MOH Eliseeva M. V.).

"...A girl of 5 years and 8 months were treated with an intensive method of anticancer therapy for liver cirrhosis. When the bowel came out of her worms, different in appearance and size. The parents took the girl from the Oncology Department in Leningrad pediatric clinic. But they do not have time to go there. Forces the girl already left, and she died...".

Three months later just as sick the second girl in the family. During the examination the doctors said: "that you have inherited, probably." "If hereditary — so worms," thought the mother. The second girl is alive and well. It has treated simple folk remedy without survey. "A huge number of hearts: a tangle pinworms and execute-terrasnyh-razryhlitel! Is it possible to remain healthy at the same time? But how many rabotilnica-diagnosticians.Issleduet to death" (Nalchik L. G.).

Given excerpts from the stories of doctors deal with big worms and single-celled parasites that medicine is not interested in. But exactly protozoan parasites — Trichomonas, Giardia, Toxoplasma, amoeba is the slowest of the infection and the most terrible destroyers. This disease the patient does not notice. The person may turn pale, lose weight, lose work capacity, will become languid and indifferent. Appeal to the therapist and the survey is methodically fixed in the practice of medical ways will have no effect. And live single-celled parasites ten, twenty, thirty years in the host organism, colonizing it, creating favourable living conditions.

Perhaps the most terrible and insidious parasitic infection sweeping the nation, our contemporaries and the most settled — Trichomonas. The vast majority of people ill with trichomoniasis.

Here's an example: N. were infected with Trichomonas hereditary. To this state and persons, and single-celled flagellate parasite used. From childhood the girl had a disease of the gastrointestinal tract - ulcer, decreased acidity, and developed anemia. Application of food combining and cleansing of the body have improved the composition of her blood, and parasites coming from the digestive tract into the blood, perished in great numbers. In the house lived dogs, cats, cockroaches. They increased the influx of small protozoan parasites in her body. But the growing body of parasites taken from animals and prettier however, supporting sabaw desbalanceada balance.

At 18, she entered into close relations with young men infected with Trichomonas. The body flow has joined the oral, intestinal and urogenital protozoa parasites. The organism involved in a bitter struggle with them. An outbreak of infection due to the re-eliminisanje put effort first and foremost the immune system. Poisoning toxins from tiny parasites is complicated by the arrival in the intestinal tract of waste products and ascarids, and pinworms. The last parasitic duet itself can cause such a strong poisoning of the body, at the end of the nineteenth century considered him to be a carcinogenic factor.

The presence of other parasites from the man she loved in the reproductive system, in saliva and the intestine has become a powerful incentive for the reproduction of "their" parasites. The struggle for food and space between parasites "own", who lived from childhood in the host, and "strangers" that come from a loved one, so much undermines the health that required the mobilization of protective forces of an organism. As a result, the toxins filled the lymphatic system. She was exhausted parasitic poisons.Nodes-relazionisociali become painful. In some cases, saving yourself, the body dumped the toxins certanly-abscesses, most often in the groin area and lower extremities.

In cases of re-infection Trichomonas, combined with ascariasis, particularly vulnerable is the skin of the feet. On the foot appear painful cracks, separated serous fluid. Treatment antibiotikami brought no relief, on the contrary, stimulated the parasites are particularly active in the instinct of reproduction. Trichomonas and "its" and "stranger" was quickly dropped flagella and moved in a sitting amoebic form, and peacefully began to multiply in various tissues — blood vessels, intestines, liver, genitals, forming colonies.

Gave relief no single method of drug therapy. Plasmavores is the only method that brings temporary relief for 10-15 days and then it started again and in even greater severity. Pathological changes in the body lead to complete exhaustion and loss of strength.

Prolonged colonization of an organism by trichomonads has led to the loosening of the mucous tissues, bones, organs and human systems at the expense of the allocated by the parasite enzyme. It's an avalanche of settlement of parasites via the blood and lymph throughout the body. They utilize the nutrients of the host, swallowing erythrocytes and leukocytes, widelyused-peroxide, waste "dirty" cholesterol, lactic acid and lead to exhaustion, anemia, hypoxia, destruction of hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues in the human body.

Each of multiple infections from the new trichomonadidae increases aggressiveness have caught and "them" parasites, weakening of the immune system in parasitic infection opens the gates to painful secondary factors, fungal, viral and other infections... Deworming is the only method of health recovery.

Smoking and alcohol, drugs and medications, chemical dyes and preservatives irritate Trichomonas. It turns into an aggressive, amoeboid shape and enhances reproduction — schizogony.

The experiments showed the impact of human Trichomonas more toxic than animals. When infected experimental animals urogenital Trichomonas man called destruction the internal organs and lymph nodes.

Intestinal Trichomonas (opened in 1926) causes disease — hemocrit, colitis; enterocolitis, cholecystitis, edema, erosion, polyps, ulcers; pale skin, anemia, muscle weakness, signs of infection of intestinal Trichomonas.

Oral Trichomonas. Little studied. Of its habitat, oral cavity, respiratory tract, tonsils, gingival pockets, sputum, conjunctiva of the eye and blood. Ulcers on the skin, tumors in the lungs — often a consequence of oral infection with Trichomonas.

The experiments of scientists show that oral trichomoniasis can lead to paralysis, gastroenteritis, defeat the leg joints, liver, other organs, infertility and miscarriages.

Oral Trichomonas is the most rasprostronenie. Caries and periodontal disease is a consequence of its activity.

Urogenitalnaya Trichomonas is the causative agent of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system trichomoniasis.

The main method of infection — sexual way. Napolova infection (through the bed; toilet articles, etc.) is rare. Newborns can be infected from the mother, ill with trichomoniasis. Urogenital Trichomonas is not resistant to influence of various factors of the external environment and dies quickly. Sick men and women. In men, trichomoniasis goes unnoticed.

However Trichomonas can cause inflammation of the urethra (urethritis). Appear slight mucous discharge. Untreated trichomoniasis in men spreads to the epididymis (epidermitis). Often leads to the development of impotence and infertility.

Trichomonas all three species parasitic in man, difficult to diagnose under the microscope as very similar to the cellular elements of human blood. They are difficult to distinguish from lymphocytes, platelets, etc.

Closed the bloodstream, where necessary sterility lives Trichomonas. This is the only parasite that can exist in the genital organs.

Infection with Trichomonas is very diverse. Direct contact in the womb, when the fetus through the birth canal, through sexual contact, kissing. Indirect contact — water (drinking water, bath, swimming pool, mineral baths). Food — meat and fish, vegetables and fruits, dairy products. Household — kitchenware, bed linen, bath... Focal — family, nursery, school, licks nipples, dirty toys, the total bed, common utensils. Cats and dogs, animals — especially dangerous source of infection with trichomoniasis. According to T. Ya fistulous when checking patients in dental and gynecological clinics of Moscow 100 tested appeared to be infected with trichomoniasis. Infection with Trichomonas is easy and quickly. In women sometimes produces vaginitis is acrid discharge. In men, there are no signs of infection sexual eggs. They begin to understand their HIV status only at a later date, when it will develop prostatitis and impotence.

Trichomonas cunning, crafty and merciless parasite. Trichomoniasis in the early stages of human infection is the initial station of cancer. The way of life of Trichomonas species dates back 800 million years. And man some 4 million years. Arsenal Trichomonas protection from immune forces of a human body is very large. It changes its form of existence — flagellates, amoebic, Chistova, fixes on their cell surface blood, lymph. All these and many other properties of a chameleon — Trichomonas allow it to evade the host immune system.

Professor M. Nevadomski argued in the mid-twentieth century that Oncology is just a branch of Parasitology.

Experiments in our days (in 1989 the application for Otkrytie-427 — "Property" Trichomonas "developing" tumor cells") it is proved that a malignant tumor is a collection of unicellular parasites Trichomonas in "sedentary" position. Cancer is a contagious parasitic disease. Getting it — Trichomonas.

Manifestations of this parasitic disease are even more varied than the path of infection. Many people, so many types and ways of protection of life of the parasite. And the result with the victory of the parasite and the defeat of the person is always the same — the powerful growth of the colonies of parasites, education of their "settlements" in different organs and systems, infection and intoxication of blood and lymph, loosening functional fabrics, complete the settlement of the territory and space in the body. When the body's resistance drops extremely, the spread of the parasites takes place with great speed, and "sit" the colonies of parasites growing very quickly. At the opening of the organ with the tumor stimulates the most aggressive poisonous colonies of trichomonads, is metastasis.

So, most opasnymi-parasitologica — Trichomonas. And to defeat the enemy, you have to study and know in person.

Trichomonas today - biological enemy of man. About it we heard a little, and she is able to mimic multiple to change their views, way of eating and breathing. Trichomonas similar to human cells. Physicians have artificially restricted the status of Trichomonas role of the causative agent of trichomoniasis. More often we hear about genital Trichomonas.

Physicians-parasitologically Trichomonas harmless creature, almost a Savior closecombat-terii fungi.Physicians-onkologischer the writings of the rebirth of human cells into cancer cells. And the common people believe these tales, and in the colonization of an organism by trichomonads go for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy — techniques that enhance the growth, reproduction and aggressiveness of the unicellular parasite Trichomonas.

Turns out the cancer cells — not human, according to official medicine. It is from Trichomonas consist of cancerous tumors. T. I. Svishchev took tumor cells from different animal species and humans, placed them in a nutrient medium and received different forms of trichomonads.

People today in their ignorance, so misguided becomes a hotbed of creeping and floating parasites.

Why are we still alive? Because the immune power of the body healthy destroying parasites. They either vacuolised and die, or disintegrate into small particles.

"For millions of years people and Trichomonas adapted to each other. These are the enemies that zastavyat each other to constantly improve. Strengthening your immune system, and we are setting unicellular parasites on a miserable existence in the cell" form. But they are cheating the immune system and begin to multiply rapidly, poisoning the body with waste products.

Then the human body must develop new methods of identification and suppression of their enemies. And so on indefinitely. In a sense, we should be grateful for Trichomonas powerful incentive of self-improvement, without which we would become degraded" (G. I. Svishchev). Reading these lines, thinking person perceives the process of improving the immunity of your body for granted, a process controlled at a subconscious level. It would, variatio, it happened to infinity, if only people-the intellectual, biological, electrical radio had interference on the bioelectric level of your intelligence.

Man, the carrier of high intelligence, raising their children in pride and defies the Laws of Nature. Pride prevents him to use his knowledge of Nature, primarily to save himself, his life.

6 December 1998 the School of health "Nadezhda" arrived at the race pretty tall man of about forty. He came along with her daughter of nine years. Both were very sick. The girl was so weak from chronic diseases that barely studied at "satisfactory". Father spent in hospitals and diagnostic clinics Kristeva and the capital about three years. He was treated hematologists. Vessels often burst, manifesting itself under the skin, dark bruises, the condition of General weakness brought down to the ground. A few days before the start of the race he came to us with a question: "will Take on the program?".

I said "Take". Looked at his last medical report from the hospital. A strong knot has seized on the life path of this person. But looking at it, I believe that... the night.

Electronic diagnostics showed very low silicon content (4 times below the norm). The vessels had lost flexibility and elasticity. The content of bilirubin in the blood is above the 200 - prognosis of liver cirrhosis. A considerable list of worms" hit orgasm. In the list of parasites and single-celled — Trichomonas, chladici" Toxoplasma, Fasciola...

Looking at this large, well built and handsome man, I thought about the fact that God gave him family very much. What happens if grown among Alpine meadows at a simple peasant food that was once love and a lifetime devotee of only one woman who could reach the state of physical despair. Why the river of life — circulatory system suddenly became "broken banks". What is this blood and why it can not withstand the walls of blood vessels?

Student health lessons, he was great. Sad, tired eyes shone with great interest. In some cases, they flashed a dark fire guesses where his malaise.

Twelve years ago he happened to break from the big work in the sanatorium "lasarevskoye". There he received treatments bowel lavage alkaline mineral water (did not know it, togda alkali-kislotoproduktsii of the intestine, the terrible distress, comprehending in 3-5 years all the messing mineral waters). After sanatorium acquired bowel disease, and then moved from gastroenterologa to hematologists (this is the usual path of the ball after enemas of mineral waters, ed.).

Deworming was calm, it was too heavy with the liver cleanse, but managed. A day later, helped to cleanse the liver daughter. Left quickly, not waiting for the end of the race. It was sad... felt much better, I wanted to know more about the dynamics of the process. But life is life... Thought I would leave, like everyone else, and time will erase memories. However, there is a couple of weeks came our pretty friend, said that was on the survey and now, according to the medic," has become almost... healthy .

I reminded him about the need to spend for the year 5 degelmintizatsii. Glad for at least and indirect signs of normalization of life processes at the optimum silicon content, de-worming detoxifying and cleansing the liver, manifested in diagnosis Kristeva.

Graduate school of health cheered up. His eyes gleamed with joy, he was tolypammina and offered me his help to become a Walker on legal issues for the School. Affairs were many, we became friends. That only bothered him only one hitch: the analysis of the blood discovered defect — too little of platelets in the blood. He trusted us, but faith in the objectivity of the analytical characteristics of blood was in him stronger than granite.

"Now, if the platelet add", — he said. The daughter recovered, began to study hard, tightened in all subjects, especially math pleased.

-Toseal he to visit with his beloved wife, beauty wherever it... it would Seem everything was normal, but the platelets in the blood haunted. Wife had a full course of cleansing the body home, learned to separate food. Went away from home anxiety for the life of the head of the family. That's just the platelets...

And suddenly the book So Ya fistulous and clue detective story with platelets at a friend's house. When the disease (thrombocytopenia) blood was filled with cubs of trichomonads. The examination of blood under a microscope they are mistaken for platelets. Trichomonas can "dress up" and under lymphocytes, pasting them on as armor, hiding parasite from immune defense. In the blood of our friend was noticeably on the wane of the so-called "platelets" after deworming.

Diagnosticado VEGA-hectopascal that the trouble was over, Trichomonas in the blood is not. How to bury that brushing the body, the man did not go to treatment with platelets. It is the addition of such would be again the act of infection of his blood. Not from our doctors today no sterile blood or its fractions. Not studying, not paying the slightest attention as Trichomonas the single-celled parasite that can freely migrate throughout the body, making the blood non-sterile, medicine unconsciously pulls us all in an avalanche March to degradation and cancer.

Trichomonas is protozoan parasite, feeding on all types of human tissue. Including liquid — blood. She eats the red blood cells, easy to camouflage yourself in lymphocytes and platelets, and the so-called tests the doctors have legalized all their errors. Fortunately they have an exclusive on this kind of business. Not thinking about what will happen after blood transfusion or administration of a platelet.mass, physicians infect adults and children with single-celled parasites and concomitant infections such as chlamydia.

Our friend has popped up. Conducted deworming. Broke up with toxoplasmosis. Now he's having his own blood with a low number of platelets. This had no effect on the clotting of his blood. Oh now knows that the platelets live for only four days, their number in blood is not large, and they exhibit only two of the clotting factor. But plasma blood clotting factors as much as thirteen. About thrombophlebitis became clear. Blood clots in the blood vessels, existing for decades, can be, thrombocytosis-mokorotlo lifetime of these human cells. Blood clots — is a colony of "sedentary" Trichomonas settled in the veins.

When setting leeches on the groin and the perineum, also of "hemorrhoidal rhombus" clots "blood clots" — ropes. If to clean them, then the red blood shell acaudalado-zatovarennaya of uplotnitelya protective mucosal mass. They are akin to tissue cancer. It is this mass fills the prostate, muscle scars hemorrhoidal area and swelling in the inguinal veins. It is a dense colony of unicellular parasites Trichomonas.

Trichomonas oral, intestinal, urogenital discovered in healthy people, cardiac and cancer patients.

Exploring Trichomonas, T. I. Svishchev proved experimentally that isolated cultures of Trichomonas from the blood of patients can be converted from one form to another, changing them habitat — flagellate, amoeboid, and color.

Torn mask with parasites in the blood...

Our friend was a very serious disease — thrombocytopenia, which disappeared after deworming and improving the quality of blood. After purification of the liver bilirubin, in the blood of dead red blood cells, decreased from 200 to 19. The silicon content increased 4 times. Trichomonas and its many cubs disappeared from the blood. They did not learn the constant attack of degermination, detoksikatsiya-zakisaniya bowel and blood supply. Decreased number of platelets concluded diagnosticians and doctors. A must read — dead Trichomonas flagellates that kamuflirovannaya under the platelets. Left alone platelets. And they are much smaller in human nature than I write and believe the doctors, counting in the field of microscope cubs of trichomonads,

Is the diagnosis the doctors another indicator that terrifies patients. This is atypical and small lymphocytes. The number of these atypical lymphocytes throws in the chilling cold of the most courageous pragmatists. But atypical lymphocytes also come up with doctors, not knowing under the guise dressed as Trichomonas. And so the conditions are ripe for lymphoma.

Trichomonas in the blood is very dangerous because it does not want to see doctors.

Why? It's a mystery of medicine. Maybe in order not to lose the exclusive on examination, chemotherapy, oncosurgery? To recognize the parasitic nature of these terrible blood diseases doctors, apparently, is not profitable.

To paraphrase T. Y. Svisheva: "Trichomonas entered the blood and body of each of us. And it has long been entered into the soul of specialists from medicine". In women, trichomoniasis affects the lining of the vagina. appear copious, frothy discharge with an unpleasant odor, there is itching, burning sensation in the vagina. Sometimes the inflammation caused by Trichomonas, can spread to the epididymis and uterus.

Spouses need to be treated simultaneously. Medicine has the experience of dealing with a simple parasite — Trichomonas. This is usually a very long course of antibiotics. Trichomonas is very change, become resistant to antibiotics. And to maintain its form multiply intensively. Schizogony from antibiotics.

On the background of purgation, vegetarian nutrition and General deworming we offer listeners two stages of getting rid of small parasites. And procedures against urogenital Trichomonas.

Author: Nadezhda Semenova


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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