Think! The most insidious enemy of your body

Parasites body
Let's start with the most unpleasant. (And who promised that he would only pleasant?) We have already touched on the subject of parasites of consciousness. But there is also a body of parasites - the most insidious enemy

. Guile is manifested in the fact that, firstly, the modern medical laboratories (oddly enough!) Is practically unable to diagnose the presence of the "guests" in the body. It is a fact. (Hospitals simply do not have the necessary equipment. Antediluvian analyzes almost nothing to give.)

And secondly, the presence of parasites rarely manifests itself in direct symptomatic signs. Parasites body are quiet, they are not interested in their detection. A person can feel like a good idea, but at the same time going on inside him is! ..

It is better to do without the details. Many disdainfully brushed aside: Oh, no, I do not care! It's somewhere far away, in Africa or in homeless people, and I my hands and brush my teeth! And I feel great!

Certainly not. Well-being deceptive, and it lasts for the time being, until the infection rate did not exceed a certain rate. Although there is hardly possible to speak about kakoy- the norm. If the inside of me, and I live at the expense of some creature, perhaps I can put up with it?

Few aware of this, but the species of parasites, from all sorts of worms to protozoa and fungi, there are more than all other species combined. Also, no one can know for certain that he was inside, if you have never engaged in a special cleaning. An unambiguous answer can give only pathologist at autopsy. A dissection of the deceased patient usually finds worms in his intestines.

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How sick is this man? Yes, anything. At the base of the pyramid of almost all diseases lies infestation. And they can not inhabit the intestine only, but any internal organ, including the brain and blood. Orthodox doctors for a long time, aggressively opposed to this fact. How come? Blood is sterile! It can not be anything foreign! It was not until as long as they are not pointed to a strong microscope and showed that blood floating lumps of undigested food, mushrooms, and even the larvae of worms. And not so long ago been made public yet, and shooting, where you can see how in the course of operation of the pulsating heart recovered vgryzshihsya parasites - they drag the forceps, and they wriggle and abut

. The man from time to time feels more or less well in this hideous cohabitation. But there comes a time when the boundaries of what is permitted passed, and then the former health begins to crumble before our eyes, like a house of cards. The patient was diagnosed, which is a consequence it is not clear what.

Doctors do not know the real cause, because the cause of their largely not interested: their business - to treat their patients the institute's methods, as long as he was alive

. This is the true and ugly face of our reality. Scientists and doctors trying to distance itself from anything that they have not yet had time to register in their dissertations. That's when propishut, then there will be "scientific" and "reasonable". In the meantime, everything must be strange and unexplored declare unscientific profanity. As some hard-nosed scientists fenced off from the paranormal, "unscientific", and many adherents of conventional medicine does not consider it necessary to pay close attention to the problem of parasites. Neither one nor the other does not want to be easy to study and explanation, and therefore, easier to ignore.

So what do we have inside uninvited guests?
Firstly, they are immoderate appetite to absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals, in particular germanium and silicon, without which the body can not function properly. Secondly, they infest all organs their toxic secretions. They, too, "go to the toilet" is necessary. And the toilet - inside your body. The liver and kidneys are working from last forces are not to be protected from the harmful effects of the visible, and the elimination of toxins - the invisible enemy of waste products

. As a result, the person will sooner or later prevail against any disease. Such specific diseases like respiratory diseases, cancer, AIDS, diabetes, hepatitis, have one and the same - primary - how prosaic, and so nasty reason - parasites

. Any infectious disease are also at least indirectly, but the result of the primary causes. When the human body is no longer able to cope with the toxins to poison him, he loses his immunity and becomes ill.

Recently, the World Health Organization still reports released (from where you will get the facts!), Which suggests that up to 80% of all existing human diseases caused by parasites, either directly, or are the result of their life in the body. According to the testimony of pathology practices, 90% of the autopsy are teeming with large worms, protozoa, and unicellular organisms. According to the frequency-resonance diagnostics, all kinds of parasites infected 97% of the population, particularly high degree of infestation Ascaris, pinworms and tapeworms of all kinds. Fungal infections infect about 25% of the population.

However, these figures are probably underestimated because of poor knowledge of the topic. Experience shows that those healers who work closely on the problem of infestation, infection of the subject to a hundred people out of a hundred - to one degree or another and form. By the middle of the total mass of living parasites in the body reaches from several to several tens of kilograms, depending on the weight. This takes into account not only worms, but also simple, one-celled, and mushrooms; they live everywhere - in all organs and intercellular spaces. Zaimet guests can not only homeless African child, but any person who considers himself civilized and observant as he thinks proper hygiene. In fact, there are so many ways to get infected from kebabs and bacon to a handshake. Easily! And in the womb -. Including

Aside from the obvious physical harm to the body parasites have a direct impact on human consciousness. As they do, chemically or in some other way, it does not matter. The main thing is that there is such an effect, even though you do not want to believe it.

Many parasites literally brainwash their hosts. Such a characteristic story when human creeps kind of creature and begins to manage it, not out of the realm of fantasy. Here is what writes on this subject Elena Krasnov, Candidate of Biological Sciences.

"Wonderful heights in the zombie master technology reached lanceolate fluke larvae which live ants and adult stage - in ungulates. These larvae are able to control the behavior of the ant: irritating insect brain, they cause it to climb to the tip of a blade of grass, and hung there motionless. So fluke increases the likelihood of being eaten by cattle, together with its intermediate host. But in hot weather, the larvae weaken the grip is not in their interests to an ant died from drying out, let down and cooled down in moist soil.

And what they do with their hosts of Toxoplasma! These single-celled parasites that have as an intermediate host serves the mouse, and as the final - a cat is very interested in the success of cat hunting. Toxoplasma settle in the mouse brain, but not just anywhere, but in his area, which is responsible for the perception of the smell of cat urine. Normal mice, smelling that smell, run away, and he is infected, by contrast, draws. »

the following example is for a man. If a person is constantly swearing (ie no swearing, and talking obscenities), do not hesitate to scatter around him garbage (that's right - go and, without thinking, throws a bottle or wrapping) or splashes of themselves on others negative, then I can absolutely say for sure that he simply worms. Such is the nature of parasites - they extend to spreading filth in the literal and figurative sense

. Another manifestation of the presence of parasites in the body: the person does not want to hear anything on this subject, it is annoying. And he tries to eat it is a food that is conducive to growth and reproduction of parasites, that is unnatural, synthetic, dead. Natural food, especially the living plant, is very harmful to the parasites, but we'll discuss this later.

How to expel intruders from their body?
Some peoples intuitively entered into the everyday diet of plants with strong anti-parasitic properties. For example, in England and Israel is garlic, in India a lot of seasoning, hot pepper in Mexico, Russia horseradish, radish, mustard. These and other additives are good to eat constantly. However, not all parasites can be derived in this way. It is necessary first of all to pass antiparasitic program. Today, there are already a lot of techniques, all can be found on the Internet and choose the one that will appeal. For example, there is a book of Boris Medvedev "cleanses the body from parasites" and Nadezhda Semenova "cleaned of parasites»

. But this, too, is not enough. There is no doubt that replacing the exiled guests will be others. After all, those old, somehow settled? Hence, the new zavedutsya. As it turns out, it is necessary to constantly cleaned and drink tablets? Some kind of a vicious circle ... But out there, and soon you'll find out.

So, if the situation is so serious, then why did not the doctors all over the world are sounding the alarm, do not engage in enhanced research in this area, not in favor of across-treatment of the entire population of parasites?

Why are they looking for some non-existent cure for cancer and AIDS? Why not start any treatment to get rid of the hidden, but clearly pathological disorders? Why treat the investigation, regardless of the cause?

Why do not preach cleansing of the body as the main rule of hygiene and proper nutrition as the first foundation of health? Why all of this has been only a handful of enthusiasts healers?

Because doctors do not eat, do not go to clean and worms. Parasites manage their consciousness, so doctors do not actually interested in people to be healthy. It would seem - is absurd! Ask any doctor whether he wants the patient recovered and no longer sick? Of course, any sane person will respond in the affirmative. After all, it's obvious! No, it is not obvious. What happens in practice? Think about it and judge for yourself.

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