Healing baths Zalmanova help in diseases that are considered incurable

Turpentine baths Zalmanova home
conditions Yet since 1904, we began to use turpentine in medicine for the treatment of various diseases. Alexander Solomonovich Zalmanov was the founder of the practice. Thanks to this discovery, many diseases that are considered incurable, ceased to cause panic, but their symptoms completely eliminated turpentine baths. It made a real breakthrough in medicine and made Zalmanova known doctor.

White and yellow turpentine emulsion for baths
Dr. AS Zalmanov developed several methods of treatment using turpentine, which is added to the bath. In one case, a yellow emulsion, and the other - white. It is different in composition, mode of action and healing properties.

The yellow emulsion in addition to the base material, Turpentine oil, also contains oleic acid, castor oil, and fir, water. This mixture forms on the surface a small thin film. When taking such a bath will increase the body temperature, which helps speed up the collapse of the deposits in the joints, metabolic processes are faster, the capillaries is greatly enhanced, and your blood pressure goes down.

In addition to white emulsion of turpentine added water, from which removed all the minerals, salicylic acid, herbal extract and powder of baby soap, as a fragrance ingredient. This mixture is very soluble in water without sediment. Baths relax the muscles, as evidenced by the deep and calm breathing, heat transfer is faster, pressure rises, blood vessels rhythmically contracting and expanding, white emulsion may cause a slight burning or tingling of the skin.

People who have problems with the cardiovascular system, it is better to use a mixed emulsion for baths. Mixing will allow to regulate blood pressure and find the best option for everyone.

Indications for turpentine baths
Spa Zalmanova miraculously rejuvenate the body of every person who starts taking such water treatment. Due to its miraculous properties of turpentine increases metabolism, toxins are eliminated from the body, increases the immune system, slows the aging process of the whole organism. Bathtubs are used as a means to raise the tone, improve efficiency, help to feel healthy and full of energy. They have an irritating effect on the skin, which improves metabolism in various tissues and helps treat bone and joint. It is also observed that turpentine baths have anti-inflammatory effect and contribute to the rapid recovery of the body after illness.

Baths with yellow emulsion will be very useful for those who want to lose weight or get rid of cellulite. They deeply cleanse the skin, tone and restore it.

When used properly, turpentine baths are completely harmless, do not cause any negative effects.

Turpentine baths
slimming This method of losing weight is by far the most common. Most often, such a procedure offers beauty salons, where the whole process takes place under the supervision of specialists. But it does not always have the time to visit this salon, so many prefer to make turpentine bath home. Enough buy at the pharmacy the desired emulsion turpentine.

To get the desired effect and do not harm your body needs to comply with the following rules:

consult your doctor, find out if you have contraindications for taking turpentine baths;

before proceeding with the test procedures skipar water. Dissolve in a few drops of water to the solution and lower arm or elbow minutes at 15. After that, wait for another 30 minutes, the reaction time for expression. If the skin becomes red, start to itch - it is better to abandon the use of this tool;

pay special attention to the preparation of the bath. At the beginning of the water temperature should be 37 ° C, and only a few minutes after dipping can increase to 39-42 ° C. Try to keep the temperature constant throughout the procedure;

preparation of turpentine and its dosage should be performed strictly according to instructions;

time for water treatment should be no more than 5 minutes, provided that you have just started a course of treatment. Gradually increase the time needed up to 20 minutes;

as soon as you feel unwell or severe irritation of the skin - immediate stop to take a bath. Most likely, because of the characteristics of your body, such procedures do not suit you;

pour over oneself clean water is not necessary after a bath turpentine;

to active substances thoroughly absorbed into the skin - do not wipe, and after drying certainly wrapped in a warm robe or blanket;

be sure to rest at least one hour;

to get the maximum effect for weight loss do not forget about proper nutrition and physical activity.

Do not take a bath turpentine Zalmanova too often, try to alternate procedure, and rest. For weight loss is enough to make 15 to 20 bath for a month. After this requires a long break of at least two months. And only then you can repeat the treatment.

In spite of all the miraculous properties Zalmanov baths they unfortunately have a fairly large number of contraindications:

infectious diseases;


low or high blood pressure;


cirrhosis of the liver;


acute form of psychosis;


during the use of antibiotics or hormones.

If you are not sure that you do not have any contraindications, see your doctor. Beware of taking turpentine baths at home without expert advice. During the procedure, do not immerse your head in the water and try to avoid getting it on the mucous membranes.


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