Alkaline method of recovery

From the time of Ancient Egypt up to the seventies of the twentieth century, the body care was alkaline. And in the 70-ies of the last century it became a chemically acidic. What is true is the method which is about 10,000 years or which is 45 years?

People 9 months developing in the alkaline amniotic fluid of the mother. Amniotic fluid has a pH of 8.5. The skin of the newborn at birth has alkaline characteristics. And through the skin of a modern adult human are excreted from the body acid. It's not acidic protective layer!
Forty seven million nine hundred two thousand five hundred seventy two

Normal "alkaline" the skin can not be fungi, so common now (especially in men). On our own "acidic" skin pH 4 -6они feel great.

Alkaline body care encourages the sebaceous glands to increased secretion and lubrication of the skin, and alkaline pH 8-8,5 contributes to the disappearance of the fungus and pigment spots. Modern intoxicated and weakened body needs special care and special CARE.

Everyone used to wash their hands with soap, and no one suffered. In the soap includes lye! Before, caring for the elderly, used alkaline liquid soap with pH level of 9.5 — 10 and they did not appear bedsores!
Also bedsores will not, if baking soda to prepare an alkaline solution with pH ~ 8.5 in. Alteras two or three times a day with this solution, you can get through the skin, acids and wastes.

25 years ago the body care was extremely alkaline.
For example, in Ancient Egypt there was a lake Natroun water which contained sodium oxide (soda).
Cleopatra and Poppaea bathed in an alkaline, rich in minerals milk of Asses.
No less exotic and rich look of smearing the whole body of the male sperm, as widely practiced by royalty, not only in Others.Egypt, but also in Others.Rome. But men's pH of semen 8,5 – ie the same as the amniotic fluid!
Thus, whatever the source of human life we have – at least from the male side, at least with women, we get a strong alkaline environment! Until recent times practiced body care and cleansing soap alkaline with potassium or sodium.
Today things are different. For example, the skin clean is very "sour" milk with a pH of 5 or less.
It's a hundred times more acidic than a neutral indicator of the skin's pH 7, and more than a thousand times more acidic optimum pH 8 by alkaline treatments, and fifteen hundred times more acidic alkaline indicator of amniotic fluid pH 8.5!

In our opinion, the basis of this illusion lies a great incorrect hypothesis about the existence of the acid protective layer of the skin.
We believe that it is not.
In fact, the acidic environment of the skin is the result of intensive and continuous excretion through the skin acidic "waste". The so-called "acidic protective layer" actually is accumulated on the skin are chemically acidic "garbage". A lotion with a pH of 5.8 is much more acidic than the most acidic skin secretions of the sick person. Of course, this lotion drives derived acid back into the body, rather than to neutralize them or remove.

Definitely, over the last decade the skin of the people more and more zakaljalas. She always had to come to the aid of the body that is attacked by the acids and toxins to remove them. With the pH of the skin, the situation is the same as with many other indicators.
On average, a person there is a continuous increase in blood pressure and cholesterol, and also change other "indicators".
Figures, typical for this time, early would consider it an indication of the present or nastupima disease.
Today, these figures have suddenly become "normal" now just because the statistics on such indicators as "widespread.
Just as people have become more sick!
In fact, with a relatively small age modern man is constantly sick…
As a result of misunderstanding and confidence in the fact that the skin has a special protective acid layer, has developed a line of products for skin care, which was positioned as "neutral for the skin". The measurements of these tools, their pH level was less than 6.
And no scientific objection was not followed in view of the fact that just simply similar to the low pH level of the skin has a large part of the population.
Why this was not taken into account the pH of newborn skin is a mystery, not explained…

Our hypothesis that acidic wastes are excreted through the skin confirmed by positive long-term experience of the use of alkaline soap, baking soda and alkaline body care.

The possibility of alkaline body care are diverse.Their goal is to, following the universal law of osmosis, to encourage the organism to give the acids and toxins from the acidic environment of the cells and juices into the surrounding alkaline environment. The body will do it with great pleasure! Measure three times the acidity of water in the tub!
The only indicator that juicy water — рН7,0 (at least should be so).
After you add back a few tablespoons of soda indicator of solution rises to pH 8.5.
After staying in the bath a person's pH level of the water falls to 7.5. Thus, water has become ten times more acidic. Acid from the body stood out in the water.

We have received reports that when a bath for the first time to accept men with a particularly intoxicated by the body, the water becomes dark gray!

The duration of the alkaline bath for at least one to two hours. But 3-and 4-hour bath in no way hurt the body, and will be even more useful than 1-2 hours...Here it is just in the habit of a person.If the person never liked baths in principle, then immediately place it in 3-4 hours of bath can not be, because it may cause him a purely psychological discomfort and stress…

We have information that people took an alkaline bath even at 9 o'clock, and their skin is not wrinkled. Quite the contrary! When pH of 8.5 it is covered with secretions from the sebaceous glands. This skin repels water. That is, owing to the strengthened work of sebaceous glands is observed repellent effect and, therefore, skin contact and water is minimized.

The reverse process, we observed that taking a bath with the usual foam. In a tub of sebum is washed off of the active detergent substances (first of all it's sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Laureth sulfate). Therefore, in a bubble bath, the skin is intensively exposed to water, and we exit the bathroom with wrinkled skin.

Thus, alkaline baths can be taken at relatively low temperatures and last much longer than foam bath, and it does not freeze (because of the sebaceous layer still has a warming effect).

The recommended bathing temperature should correspond to body temperature or slightly exceed it, ~ 38 — 41°C.
When varicose veins and vascular asterisks we recommend for the foot bath water temperature 25 - 28°C.

You should observe one rule of thumb: the higher the severity of the disease dilatation, the lower should be the temperature of the foot bath. For varicose veins we highly recommend you apply through the day ice pack and alkaline socks. The effect of alkaline socks can be enhanced with extract of horse chestnut trees. Returning to the differences between acidic and alkaline body care.
Skin is the organ through which acids are eliminated from the body. Anyone who is familiar with chemistry, it is obvious that the fastest this can happen is in an alkaline environment for acid coming on the skin, immediately neytralizuya, freeing up space for the next batch.
Using the same chemically acidic a body lotion or gel, we vozdeistviem to want to go outside acid with an average pH of 6.8 and 6.4, using a kind of "acid beach", having a pH of 5.5 — 5, and thus driving acid back. Again osmosis! Now with the other hand!
Now the epidermis also contains almost no acid — but only temporarily. Soon acid and toxins again want to go outside, and the man again feels the need for cleansing.
So we take a shower two or three times a day. We carefully degrease the skin with foam, and then lubricated with sour cream. It prevents the full working of the sebaceous glands and disrupts their excretory function. Today's acidic body care sometimes is taken to extremes by the fact that in beauty institutes apply creams with the so-called. fruit acid. These creams have a pH ~ 3,7 -3,5. After their use in any case can not accept alkaline bath figure рН8,5 or higher.
The opposite is the same: after alkaline treatments should not use means with a pH less than 3.
After alkaline treatments with pH of 8 acidic compresses with a pH of 3, which is a hundred thousand times more acidic, would be a real acid shock.
Such a shock suffered by the skin, is akin to as if the person rescued during a sand-storm, planted his povrezhdenii sand skin in a bath with a water temperature above 40°C.
In my experience, leather is no problem carries thousandfold chemical "jump", that is, up to three levels of the scale. This confirms the use of creams with fruit acids with a pH of ~ 3.5 mm.
If you take the average of the skin pH of 6.5, it is clear that these creams are a thousand times more acidic. Therefore they are not suitable for long-term use! But this is what happens!

For the continuous daily care much more sensible to use methods alkaline: alkaline bath, sponging, compresses and douching. Such care helps to remove acids and toxins and activates the sebaceous glands. As a result, the skin will be covered by their secretions and soften — as opposed to "sour" the care of the body, which sooner or later develop skin allergies, itching, burning sensation, peeling of the skin — that is, all the possible consequences of leaving, unnatural and wrong from a chemical point of view.

With the advent of this wild theory, "acid protection layer", everything appears to be equal to sour skin (because of the secreted acids and toxins) and "sour" means to care for the body.
And what do we have?
And the fact that in the acidic environment the fungi are actively developing, because it is their native environment! Toxins are also secreted by the fungus during metabolism eg. acetaldehyde, aflatoxin, is not harmless! They lead to nervous system disorders: dyslexia, aggression, passivity, depression, hyperactivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more…

The appearance of fungus on the skin, feet, nails, and – what is much more scary in the blood and lymph, promotes constant replenishment acidic skin environment acidic care products for the body. It is not surprising that the fungus infection of the epidermis and mucous takes epidemic proportions. Ideal conditions for skin fungus is an environment with a pH 6 to 3.5.
Despite this, for combating fungi, for example, genitals are often advised to use dairy yogurt, and foot fungus vinegar. Such measures may even lead to success, but for short term! In this case, fight fire with fire.

For human life is the best environment temperature is 20 -25°C, his blood "lives" in pH 7,25 was 7.45, fungus — at rates рН3,5-6.

People do not like to live where for a long time too cold or too hot. He avoids such uncomfortable places. You can also get rid of the fungus, creating uncomfortable alkaline conditions.

The alkali facilitates the removal of skin acids, so necessary for the life of fungi. Thus, the person recovers, and the fungus is deprived of the conditions suitable for existence.

Particularly hard hit by the fungus feet and nails circulated in the region Taiwan — Singapore — Hong Kong, where it even received its own name "Hongkong-Feet" ("feet from Hong Kong"), indicating a high degree of severity and wide distribution of this ailment. In an interview with Chinese colleagues it became clear that this scourge affects mostly men. Taiwanese colleagues quickly realized why fungal diseases are not practically affect women, regularly gets rid of acids and toxins. We will try to help this region we have developed techniques and recipes. Alkaline body care is especially effective in warm summer time and also for people who perspire a lot, or have wounds, abrasions, etc. Alkaline treatment begins with a cool morning washing and rubbing of the torso and head.
Pour into a bowl or other container with cool water and add a full tablespoon of baking soda. Wash this well with water, gargle, RUB a. For best results soak in this solution hands. At the same time do special exercises — tightly squeeze hands into fists, then pry and wiggle your toes, and again squeeze; do these exercises for five minutes without removing the hand from the water.

Then comes the turn of the lower body.
Sit in the tub in lukewarm water with a few tablespoons of baking soda, propensities it aboytes.
This alkaline protection for long enough, even in the heat.

If at noon or in the afternoon, again you will sweat, you can take a refreshing sitz bath and add a tablespoon of baking soda.

Body wipe several times with this solution using a rough sponge or glove to wash. The sick and the affected place is possible only to moisten, but do not RUB! Often they are tightened after a few short receptions alkaline sitz baths.

After the bath, drops of water from the body wipe hands, then the body dries himself, without drying, to soak up as much as possible alkaline water. This will protect the body from sweating the rest of the day. Sore spots should be rinsed with running water.
Even in the intense heat under the skin similar care environment is not sakakida, and will remain alkaline.

Before bedtime take a foot bath (30 min. or longer).
To do this, in a little warm water, add a tablespoon of baking soda. Hard sponge RUB the feet and toes. If you have problems with the skin, venous ulcers, thrombosis, inflammation of the veins, and pronounced varicose veins, wipe feet by using his hand.
Such alkaline care will protect you from fungi, because they can only exist in an acidic environment pH 4 — 6. In severe fungal intestinal very effective method called "ticks": morning and evening drink a glass of alkaline drinking. To make it in herbal tea or mineral water without gas is added soda in the amount of 1/5 – 1/4 tsp. Once a week do an enema of one liter of herbal tea, cooled to 36 -37°C, adding the soda in the amount of stolovoy spoon. Thus, intestinal fungus gets "jaws" from two sides — oral and anal.

The temperature of the water bath is important for our subjective well-being and objective efficiency of the alkaline baths. Refreshing sitz baths can or should have a temperature of 25 — 28°C. these low temperatures are particularly suitable for the hot summer.In other cases, we recommend the temperature corresponding to the body temperature of 36 — 37°C.

It should be noted that taking a bath during 30 — 60, or даже120 minutes, warm water is optional. Surprisingly, the water temperature usually varies only within one or two degrees, even if you lie in it 1-1.5 hours.

Temperature higher than the temperature of the body, weaken the body, while the water temperature that is below body temperature by one to two degrees positive conditionerit and strengthens the immune system.

However, there are some circumstances where warm water should be added. Cast iron tubs water cools faster than tubs made of artificial materials. It is also important, which room with a bath — warm or cold. It is only necessary to ensure that water is not too hot, which can adversely affect the circulation process.

The body produces heat, if the ambient temperature is below body temperature and, conversely, cools itself when the ambient temperature is above body temperature.
If we force the body to produce heat it will be warm for a long time.

People who spend too much time in warm rooms and warm baths are forcing the body to camouflages to balance the temperatures. Therefore, we should not be surprised that they are always freezing!

However, each is guided by its senses and holds in the tub as much time as he likes.
The body and its senses — that shows us how right it is to this point is our behaviour. We once conducted a survey among its customers, how long they prefer to take a bath.
The results were as follows: 15% of respondents — one hour, 40%(the absolute majority) to two hours. 15% spend in the bath for 3 hours, and the remaining 10% to 4, 5 or even 6 hours. "World record" — 9 hours — belongs to the woman-physician from Dusseldorf.
She told me that after 4.5 hours briefly went to the toilet and then got back into the tub. Thus, in total she spent there 9 hours meditating and reading books.
After a bath she has become a wonderful skin and a delightful feeling throughout my body. And that was a particularly surprising: nine hours skin completely wrinkled!

The same effect have a long foot bath. At first we recommended these baths from 15 to 30 minutes, until one woman from Hamburg has not taught us a thing or two the best.

Mrs. Nealis said that he had heard about our alkaline baths. After reading the recommendations, it is suggested that the time allotted for the bath, too small. Then she decided to experiment with the duration of the baths.

At that time she suffered from rheumatism of the legs, which nothing could cure. Rheumatic pain disappeared after three weeks of taking 2-3 hours foot baths.
After that she decided to continue the process. Day after day for three months, she took a foot bath lasting at least one hour, usually 2-3 hours. So she got rid of the vein.

This happy result is not always possible to achieve, however, made us think.

When the excretion of toxins, salts and toxins through the feet plays an important role duration of reception of baths. We were able to verify this with our own body, namely the legs, where were the visible traces of old war wounds, and where there were slag deposits. After taking a bath, we almost completely got rid of them.

When you eliminate toxins with baths important role is played by two criteria: first, water should be the same, i.e., the rate of amniotic fluid in the womb — pH 8.5; second, the bath should be taken at least 1 — 3 hours.

To improve the allocation process for half an hour before taking bath you can drink a glass of herbal tea or alkaline water. The water must be enriched with energy and is either filtered or limitirovanie (passed through weightlessness), or it smosna water. It dissolves the toxins, and while taking an alkaline bath of dissolved acids, toxins and harmful substances are quickly removed through the skin.

If the body is literally full of toxins, or toxins, together with drinking water it is recommended to take energy-rich minerals (by means of specialized BAD s).
When the metabolism they help implement the processes of neutralization and elimination.

The General alkaline baths

Duration 60 — 120 minutes or longer. Every ten to twenty minutes skin wipe hard sponge.
Leather is an auxiliary to the kidney of your body. At its excretory possibilities! In addition to removing toxins, alkaline baths are also suitable for rapid healing of incised and stab wounds.When Lyme disease and poisoning by heavy metals are well advised to take a prolonged alkaline baths.
Preliminary it is necessary to strengthen the exchange potential full vegetarian diet and energy supplements.Interestingly, according to our measurements the water in the bathroom after the procedure becomes more than 10 times more acidic initial level. Here are a number of acids out of the body…

Alkaline sitz bath The duration of 15-30 minutes.
Summer (hot weather) 5-15minutes to cool off, the water temperature of 25 -28°C. to Give alkaline water to dry on the body. Alkaline sitz baths especially help with bad izlechivalsya skin problems in the genital area and the anus.

Alkaline shower After you took a shower and lightly toweled off, apply baking soda on a washcloth (glove) and wipe her body. Give some time for the impact, then take short showers, but rain. Or you can just give alkaline water to dry on the body.

Alkaline foot bath Duration 30 — 60 minutes to 4 hours. Typically, foot baths use lukewarm water. However, there are people who seem to tolerate alternating baths; for example, after a warm bath, before sleep briefly dipped his feet in cold water. Foot (foot) is an auxiliary kidney.

Alkaline bath for the hands Every morning for 3-5 minutes. This procedure will make the hands beautiful and well-groomed.
In cold water, dissolve soda full tablespoon. Shlakovaty effect support special exercises for the fingers, and massage and rubbing with a special brush. Alkaline care for the sexual organs and the anus Provides long-term beneficial effect. Is in the bath.
Legs wide apart, this should rapidly stretch and relax their abdominal muscles. This exercise contributes to the fact that alkaline water penetrates deep into the genitals and displays very effectively through the mucosa of acids, toxins and harmful substances.
Alkaline water do not rinse, and allow to dry. It is especially important in the warmer time of the year!
You need to maintain an alkaline environment in the mucosa of the female genital organs.
Experienced midwives recommend that women sedentary alkaline bath care genitals.

Since women have shorter urethra than men, they have more often problems arise because of the sudden strong urge to urinate. Often the reason for this is the increased acidity of urine. In this case it helps a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda (flush with the edges, no slides).
If problems with the bladder helps tea, a mixture of 20 g of leaves bear ears, 20 g of nettle leaves and 10 g of peppermint leaves. To prepare a liter of tea a tablespoon of herbal mixture to scalding hot water. Infuse for 2-3 minutes, drain through a strainer.

Alkaline deodorization A little baking soda rubbed in washed wet armpits. Allow it to dry. It is also recommended for fungal infections of nails on hands and feet!

Alkaline socks A tablespoon with a slide of soda pour 1 liter of water with temperature of 36 — 37°C, allow to dissolve. To impregnate with a solution of thick wool (or, if no wool — cotton) socks. Squeeze them and wear at night. Socks must be larger than the normal size of your shoes. On top of the wet socks, put on dry socks. Socks should not be tight and squeeze the feet. If your feet are cold, you can use a hot water bottle.

Another option is more powerful. Socks don't squeeze, and once the top to wrap them with cling film. Alkaline alkaline socks and stockings (with grip calf muscle) should be worn at night, each had undergone a heart attack or stroke. Using this measure, contributing to the drainage of acid from the chest and head, you will reduce the risk of a second heart attack or stroke.
  Alkaline gloves
A teaspoon of baking soda diluted in 0.5 liters of water with a temperature of 36 -37°C.
The further procedure is the same as that in the preparation of socks. Use knitted woolen gloves top gloves.
  Alkaline shirt A tablespoon of baking soda diluted in 1 liter of water with temperature of 36 — 37°With, put a cotton turtleneck with long sleeves; the further procedure is the same, as for the preparation of socks. To wear at night squeezed turtleneck top wear 1 — dry 2 comfortable nightgowns or etc. to avoid. By morning, turtleneck, socks, and gloves are generally dry.
  Alkaline pack
Dlaetsya on any area of the body — the chest, liver, abdomen, back, extremities, etc. a tablespoon of baking soda diluted in 0,5 — 1 liter of water with temperature of 36 — 37°C. to Saturate this water with a piece of cloth or gauze, folded in several layers. Lightly squeeze.Put a warm wet compress, top well get something warm and dry. Exposure time is not limited — it is possible to dry the fabric.

Another option is on top of the cloth to put plastic wrap.
The effect is enhanced by the fact that the fabric under the film stays moist much longer.

Alkaline massage Mix a little soda with the amount of oil needed for one procedure and apply to the skin. Massaging should be only in the direction in which occur in your body the process of excretion.Especially recommended possible daily General massage of the back with involvement of the upper arms, abdomen or thighs. Unfortunately, this massage can be done independently. Need help. Places which are subjected to massage, it is necessary to moisten with warm water. Then sprinkle them with baking soda and RUB as hard as it takes, the patient. The skin should turn red. The resulting alkaline solution can be let to dry yourself, or at the end of the process the skin is wet and warm washcloth, and then wipe dry.

When persistent herpes on the body or even on the face helps rubbing the baking soda into damp skin. A few days will burn, and the skin is red. But after one or two weeks the blisters will disappear forever.

Alkaline tooth care Together with the ingestion of mineral substances prevents the appearance of caries.

Toothbrush sprinkle on moist index finger, a little soda and gently RUB the teeth and gums, then abundantly rinse the mouth and throat, adding water to rinse a pinch of baking soda. You can also add a pinch of baking soda in a glass, in which you night keep the denture.

Of course, the soda can and pour on a damp toothbrush. For this purpose, a good salt shaker with a single hole on the pointed lid. Alkaline nasal rinses In a glass of water, heated to 36 — 37°C, add a teaspoon of baking soda, to dissolve, to take a handful and draw nostrils, until it reaches the throat.
Such washing clean and maintain in a healthy condition intracranial, maxillary and frontal sinuses, and enhance the resilience of the cranial cavity, oral cavity and pharynx. Alkaline nasal wash is important with all the problems of eyes, ears and brain.
  Alkaline face mask
In a small amount of water with a temperature of 36 — 37°C, add a teaspoon of baking soda flush with the edges and mix with mud for the external use. Mushy mass applied on the face for half an hour, then rinse. This alkaline masque helps to solve many skin problems of the face and body, especially with rosacea (poor circulation in the skin). With rosacea, the mask is not prepared on the water, and almond oil.

When acne (acne) in addition to this mask is also shown a steam bath with chamomile and other herbs. They all contain lye.
  Alkaline care for the kids
In a baby bath (about 20 liters) mix a tablespoon of baking soda. This bath is not degreases delicate baby skin and does not sting the eyes. It is suitable for sensitive skin. Nothing bad will happen, even if the child accidentally drink this water.

Alkaline water A little baking soda – somewhere in the 0.3- 0.5 teaspoon — add to a glass of warm tap water or mineral water, stir well and immediately drink.This alkaline water is irreplaceable in a strong acidification of organic liquids and tissues. For greater efficiency you can add energy and minerals. Lye quickly neutralizes acids that cause pain.To affect the stomach, the drink should be taken in small SIPS. To influence the organism as a whole to protect themselves from diseases of the chest, gout, heart attack, a glass of this drink you have to chug. Risks and assistance
After taking alkaline baths in people with allergies, neurodermatitis or psoriasis, and in rare cases may occur skin irritation, itching, etc. Normally the body of these people are so poisoned and polluted that when taking alkaline baths a huge amount of toxins begin to break out, and remain in the epidermis. Then the skin can itch so badly that unfortunate comb it to the blood. In this case it helps if the end of the procedure rinse itchy areas of the skin a weak acid solution.
In five liters of water, add 150 ml of draught kvass or two tablespoons of fruit vinegar, and rinse with this solution the areas of the body causing agony.

Acidic environment with pH of 5 — 6 outputs from the epidermis of acids, toxins and harmful substances, and send them down into the fat and connective tissue. Itching will quickly disappear.Such patients are also very acidic will help cool off during the day. For preparing this herbal tea. On a pint of tea, take a teaspoon of fruit vinegar. This mixture moisten the skin or make it compress.

People in the body which contains a large amount of toxins, it is necessary to take a long alkaline foot baths, which will help draw the poisons and toxins through the feet.

Cleaning baths

We have often said, call and write that after a prolonged alkaline baths for a shiny before the surface of the bath forms a fringe or rough aftertaste. Much depends on water hardness. In hard water, a precipitate, like calcium soap. This problem is easily solved: after water, clean bath cleaner based on vinegar, or add a spoon of vinegar in water to clean.published 

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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