It is NECESSARY to know! The acid-alkaline balance

The undeniable fact is that almost all modern representatives of the "civilized Nations" throughout life, one way or another faced with a health problem. As children of modern "civilized" parents — Hyper-busy and over-anxious decision many challenges posed by a highly complex and contradictory society, they can almost with impunity to afford all the modern pleasure (pleasure) on the basis of their predisposition and heredity. However, when I grew up, for some reason they often give birth to weak and ill children, who often can't afford to lead the lifestyle of their parents.

We are deeply convinced that all people need to carefully monitor the preservation of their start-up capital under the name of health, not wasting and not wasting it unnecessarily. Every day, every minute, you must be aware that consciously or unconsciously not to harm your own body or soul. If this happens, then the body and soul are sending us warning signals. We need to distinguish between them and listen to them! If we learn this, then the award will receive a long, happy and healthy life.


At the root of most diseases of civilization lies one common denominator. This is a phenomenon called "acid-alkaline balance". Knowing this phenomenon, you can easily understand all the causes of diseases of modern civilization and ways of overcoming them.

About the fundamental importance of acid-base balance is known to any person who at least to some extent interested in the health issues, not to mention any specialist in this field. And similarly, many people know about the benefits of baking soda. But nevertheless, as practice shows, we still do not fully understand the impact that has on our lives acidification of the body. And the main reason for this unawareness is that over the past half century is zakislenie condition has become so common that it is perceived as the norm...

Has long been the norm, for example, early baldness in males Pmsu women... Although, if you look at the painting, neither in the ancient world or the middle ages, we hardly meet bald young men. Only the elderly, whose face, furrowed with deep wrinkles! And now, even among active athletes, the percentage of balding is quite large... PMS now — the norm, unstable health after 30 — norm, bouquet of chronic diseases to the 50 rule. And all these States can exist only against the background of displacement of acid-base balance to the acid side...

Acidification of the organism — chronic acidosis — as has become the norm, what about this one already especially and not screaming, moreover, that commercial medicine and farmaindustria in fact it turns out have a vested interest in such "sour" condition of the people. Because this condition is a guarantee of never-ending needs of people in treatment and medication... Try a couple of months not to change the water in the aquarium! It is not zasilajace, namely sakakida, because the breath is known, generates at the output of the carbon dioxide, and indeed all the waste products of living organisms is chemically acidic. And if and further to allow the aquarium to zakislate, soon the fish will start to hurt badly... And you will call him "the fish doctor", who would be happy to treat them. But then they still die, because no matter how well treated — even though stem cells or cloned organs will die poor, because their environment was just incompatible with life.

Our body is also a kind of container in which fish cages are floating in water, the intercellular (interstitial) fluid. And it all lives through blood is also fluid... what we have now in our "human Kingdom"? For example, according to who statistics, the world die of cancer 8 million people a year. 8 million! Of course, most of them are definitely curable, is often treatable even for years...

If you count how many of these millions of people invest money in medicine and farmaindustria, I think we will become quite obvious that to abandon this profit no one is interested. And the question is — what will the owners of all this Pharma-med system to such people, such as Dr. Simoncini, which some very common types of cancer cures in just 4-5 sessions. And what? A solution of sodium bicarbonate! I.e. a single soda! A cheap product! 4-5 sessions is the fact. And Dr. Simoncini is also a fact. Alive and well, and has thousands of successful cure of cancer...

And theory Tulio Simracing simple: cancer is a consequence of the vital activity of fungi, mainly of the genus Candida.

So, as you know, the fungi ONLY live IN an ACIDIC ENVIRONMENT. And of course, their waste products are also acidic, up to toxic, belonging to the group of aflatoxin... And as soon as the environment zaslujivaet, i.e. returned to the norm, which should be in the human body, the fungus goes away, disappears by itself, together with all their waste products...

Of course, the official scientific community on the work of Simoncini is silent. Just silent and that's it. Ignores. Simoncini — an outcast in the official scientific community... And this is a respectable community, funded by none other than the very same Pharma - and med-companies can understand. On treatment with baking soda for 4-5 sessions never earn as much as you can earn on multiple courses of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, transplantation of organs, etc. — but even if long courses, with a stay in the hospital...

Acid and alkali in the body in a very close relationship, both day and night. They must be in equilibrium, and the advantage should be on the alkaline side, as we humans belong to the "alkaline half of the Kingdom of nature."

Vitality and health is to alkaline, more precisely in alkaline compounds and mineral substances and trace elements, otherwise the normal pH level of blood would not be in the span of 7.35 was 7.45. This zone can be violated only slightly, otherwise there may come a critical, life-threatening condition.

To prevent a strong fluctuation of the pH of the human metabolism includes various buffer systems. One of them is the buffer haemoglobin. He immediately reduced if, for example, occurs anemia (anemia). The kidney is the most important body buffer system, which eliminates the excess acid. Light regulates the acid-base balance by exhaling carbon dioxide part. Therefore, an important conscious breath, which must be supported by breathing exercises. According to new research, the liver is also an important body pH-regulation. Its full biochemical strength also lies in the alkaline region. This must be reflected in all diseases of the liver!

What makes the body, if, in spite of the efficient work of all these organs in the metabolism process remain acid? These acids neytralizuya all the laws of chemistry: the alkali metals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium replace hydrogen in acids, entering into connection with the acid residue, resulting in compounds that are called salts. Already the salt is chemically neutral, it no longer occurs no reaction.Such salts, i.e., acid neutralized, the idea must be removed by the kidneys, but due to the overall peroxidation of blood, they will be shown not completely, and then the body these salts is forced to postpone the inside (especially in connective tissue), and these forcedly-delayed salt colloquially call "slags".

The process of calcification similar to the behavior of sugar in one Cup of water, coffee or tea. One spoon dissolved without a trace. The second and third remain mostly undissolved and settles at the bottom of the Cup. The fourth can't dissolve at all... And, remember: if the Cup will stay like that for a day or two, the sugar at the bottom will become compressed, compacted so that it becomes a dense mass, a lump... is Exactly what happens in our body.

The more reactive the blood becomes, the less salt can be dissolved. And, accordingly, the more they are deposited throughout the body... unfortunately, in our time, the deposition of toxins in the connective tissue moved from the intermediate position to the final one begins "zachelacivania" of the body, in other words, the PROCESS of POISONING, which is the basis of aging and all age-related diseases. The chemical aging process of our body is nothing but a withholding from the tissues and organs of minerals to neutralize acids.

Especially possible disruption of the acid-alkaline balance affects our most important organ — the heart. This is a very strong muscle that in the process of constant consumes a very large amount of energy. Thus, you need a good metabolism. This raises the carbon dioxide and lactic acid should quickly withdrawn from the area of the heart muscle. If the "vehicle" — blood – as a result of acidification has exhausted its ability to collect acids, it can lead to stagnation acids in the heart muscle. The worst consequence is a heart attack. In the working muscles of the hands and feet, we feel the overload muscle pain. Similar happens in the heart muscle. If there is no alkaline buffer salt, then there are a heart pain, weak pulse, disruptions in heart, etc. problems.

According to Dr. Kern, a well-known physician, a heart attack is one of the biggest acid of the disasters that can happen in the body. Here also include: stroke, necrosis of the feet (called "foot smoker"), and all types of circulatory disorders. Along with the buffer hemoglobin our metabolism has an essential buffer is sodium bicarbonate.

Sodium bicarbonate, or common baking soda, is a chemical compound that forms in certain cells of the stomach from sodium chloride (table salt), carbon dioxide and water. If there is pain in the heart that we can now explain how pain from excess acid, you should resort to naturopathy. You can, for example, to use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to quickly get rid of the acid. Sodium bicarbonate can be swallowed in pill or powder, and can dissolve in water and to drink as ALKALINE water. Quickly also help of alkaline compresses, bathing, alkaline baths, using this simple, affordable, but very effective way.

You must understand the basic determinants of health. First, there is, of course, understanding the value of water. Water is most important solvent for organic substances, which are only in dissolved form come together in proper chemical exchange reaction. The reaction of the metabolism in our body are to the chemist typical "reactions in aqueous solution". Therefore, in the process of metabolism need to see the schematic dependence of the flow of biochemical reactions in our
body from the quality of the Foundation of all these reactions is water. And water quality primarily depends on the pH. As already mentioned, pure water contains equal numbers of hydrogen ions and hydroxyl.

Here is formed a balanced state. Water chemically and energetically neutral. It can be compared with the thermometer. The thermometer zero point corresponds to the neutral point, as we measure either cold or warm. At the top of the thermometer scale shows the level of heat, below — level cold. On the pH scale from 0 to 14 average value of 7 indicates a neutral level the pH of human blood is approximately of 7.35, i.e. lies in the slightly alkaline zone. Similarly, we feel it is best with mildly warm temperatures, about + 20 to 22 ° C.

Between both phenomena is possible to draw a parallel, and to regard them as absolutely equivalent! Our metabolism occurs when the acid-alkaline balance. But this equilibrium is not chemically neutral, slightly alkaline and chemically. Understanding this point is the basis of our whole system. Generally, in the body there are many local areas with higher acid.

Take the digestive tract. Starting from mouth to anus, in the digestive tract alternately dominated by either alkaline or acidic environment. If the environment is saliva slightly acidic or neutral, that the gastric juice acidic. If the bile and pancreatic juice alkaline environment prevails, then the environment in the small intestine is also naturally alkaline, and the colon almost neutral balance, provided that the person eats right!

Blood can perform its vital functions only so long as the basic processes of regulation are in a state of equilibrium. The pH of the blood in the course of a lifetime be not less than 7.0 and not higher than 7,8. The adjustment of the pH to decrease or increase pose a threat to life. When blood pH of 7.35 below, in other words, at high pH, we're talking about ACIDOSIS (from lat. acidus — sour). When the pH of blood is above a 7.45 due to an excess alkaline environment or lack of acid (acid deficit), we are talking about alkalosis.

It is therefore important along with the consumption of nutritious and biologically active substances when you select food to take into account the acid-alkaline balance. In this case, the change in eating habits can do much to strengthen the recovery powers of the body. Because of this, the body will be used less aggressive methods.

Drugs in any case are not a substitute for properly selected food, as they usually are chemically acidic. Restoration of metabolism is impossible without correction of basic functions. Therefore, despite the fact that the exchange of substances in the blood go acidic metabolic products (hydrogen ions, H+ions), the ratio of blood pH in healthy people remains constant.

To ensure this balance are very important, breathing and kidneys. The kidneys remove the products of metabolism (metabolites) that cannot be excreted a gas. They are called "non-volatile" or "persistent" acids. No less important is the constant excretion of volatile, gaseous toxins generated during metabolism. They must immediately withdraw from the body, until they formed a poisonous acid. published

from the book of Peter Anchura "detoxification – a path to health"


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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