7 home remedies that will restore the pH-balance and cleanse the body

As is known, a stable pH balance (acid-alkaline balance) of the blood helps us stay healthy.

Any changes that affect the balance of our body. Medical experts believe that if the blood pH balance is less than 7, 35, is indicative of the oxidation of the human body.

This leads to increased sensitivity of the nervous system, increases the risk of contracting various diseases, we begin to feel tired for no apparent reasons.

Therefore it is recommended to closely monitor their diet and regularly drink beverages that help restore our body's pH balance.

We are sure that you will appreciate these recipes.

1. Drink fresh mint

This delicious refreshing drink perfectly combines the beneficial properties of water and fresh mint. If you no pleasure you drink plain water, this recipe will help you avoid dehydration, as not every one of us is capable of recommended daily drink 2 liters of water.

It should be borne in mind that water is recommended to drink in small sips, but often. No need to force yourself to drink a full glass in one go. In this case, the stomach is filled gradually, and the liquid is better absorbed.

What exactly is the use of mint drink?

The leaves of fresh mint contains enzymes, beneficial effect on digestion.
Regular consumption of the drink helps to better absorb nutrients that enter our body through food.
Peppermint water will allow you to quickly restore the acid-alkaline balance in a healthy way.
This drink helps with gas and bloating.

Cook it very simple - mash and add the leaves and sprigs of fresh mint in drinking water

. 2. mead

Do you know how it is useful to start the morning with a cup of water with honey (1 tablespoon or 25 grams)? Thanks honey drink your health will improve. Within a few weeks you will notice the first results:

sweet honey helps to cope with nervous tension and brings a feeling of satiety, which is very important if you want to lose weight;
mead will help soothe the pain of arthritis. It is known that honey is an excellent natural antibiotic, stimulates the cleansing of the body of toxins and strengthens the immune system;
regular consumption of this drink will relieve you from the inflammatory processes that deliver a lot of trouble;
honey dissolved in water, it fills you with energy and strength. In addition, the drink will help to restore your body pH balance.

3. Hot water with lemon

Glass of water with the juice of half a lemon, sugar and other additives is doing to our health miracles. It is recommended to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach every day. Why is it so useful?

This natural remedy can restore our body's natural pH balance and struggling with high acidity.
It normalizes digestion and contributes to a better absorption of nutrients.
It is a natural diuretic.
It strengthens our immune system.
Lets deal with bad breath.
It fills us with energy and is a rich source of vitamins.
4. The water with apple cider vinegar

It is possible that the taste of the drink you seem a little strange. But it is worth a little patience, believe me, because then you will feel much better. The recipe of this drink is very simple: to dissolve a little bit of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. The water with apple cider vinegar has a number of useful properties:

Thanks contained therein acid helps digest food. As a rule, at a certain age composition of gastric juice is slightly different, and we are beginning to experience difficulties with digestion.
A glass of water with apple cider vinegar 15 minutes after a meal will facilitate digestion.
This drink will restore the acid-alkaline balance and strengthen your health.
5. The water with baking soda

Another simple home remedy that will help improve their health - 2 grams of baking soda and a little lemon juice, dissolved in 1 cup water (200 ml.). It is recommended to drink it 3 times a week.

This is one of the most effective ways to neutralize the pH of our body.
It is believed that the consumption of this drink reduces the risk of some types of tumors. Although there is no scientific proof of fidelity of this hypothesis, one can hardly deny the benefit to our health such a simple and affordable tools such as baking soda. Therefore it is recommended to consume this drink on a regular basis.
This tool improves kidney function, so our blood is cleaned better.
The water with baking soda a beneficial effect on our digestion.

6. Water cinnamon

One glass of water with the addition of 3 g of cinnamon helps reduce blood sugar levels.

Can you drink the infusion of cinnamon in the morning with a small amount of honey. You'll see how you like this drink.

Another option - take polutoralitrovye water bottle and put it in the cinnamon stick and leave for a while to give the spice its taste and beneficial properties

. 7. Water with cloves

Carnation available as supermarkets and shops in the natural products. It not only is a great spice that can be used in the preparation of various dishes, but also healing in helping to strengthen our overall health.

What are the useful properties of cloves?

It normalizes blood sugar levels.
It is a natural analgesic.
It has antibacterial properties.
It is considered an excellent aphrodisiac.
Calms pain.
It has a stimulating effect.
A good remedy for cramps.

How to prepare this drink? Make it easy enough. Pour carnation five units 1, 5 liters. water and let it brew.

Today we introduce you to a few simple recipes for healthy drinks that not only will protect your body from dehydration, but also normalize the acid-alkaline balance of your body.

It is time to stop the choice on one of them. But there really need to choose? Maybe you will enjoy themselves in turn by each of them? Try it today!


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