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One of the main factors of acidification of our body is nutrition.
The digestion of a variety of foods, in the body there and different reactions, mostly acidic or mostly alkaline.
what kind of reactions give certain products — absolutely necessary if
we want to avoid peretekaniya with all its harmful for health

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In his lectures Professor Okulov mentioned an interesting fact.
It turns out that the higher the area — I mean, purely geographically, there is
mean height above sea level — the more alkaline is the reaction
of the body in any processes — breathing, digestion etc…
If you look at the mountain people — say, those Caucasians — so they, as
you know, all my life to eat lamb and drink the wine, i.e. the continuous acidification
create the body. And the Caucasian long-livers — very
a well-known theme.
So it turns out that even with such a load of acid, like wine and lamb, their digestion is alkaline!
Moreover, if they did not sakaleli so your body, you would peresheechnoe — alkalosis.
By the way, the same gornyashka — mountain sickness — this is peresheechnoe.
Thin mountain air and alkaline digestion give rise to the abundant — and quite
sharp — the breakdown of toxins in the human body. As a result of its blood
sharply zakislate, thickens, becomes heavier and there is a classic
"acid attack" — in the same way as is the case with the crisis
When people will stay in the mountains longer and "gornyashka»
releases, in the body there is ease, upgrading, rehabilitation and
all the joy of life. And then the man sings, they say, "better than mountains can be
only mountain»:)
* * *

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American scientists at the beginning of the XXI century made a fundamental discovery. They
proposed method for measuring the acidity of the diet and showed,
what chronic acidification of the body is one of the main
causes leaching of calcium from bone and a massive release it through
reins. The result is broken bones and the formation of kidney stones.
The processes of life occur in aqueous environments, which are characterized by a certain concentration of hydrogen atoms.
Substances that give up hydrogen atoms, are called acids, and those that take them — bases.
The acid-alkaline ratio is characterized by a special measure of free hydrogen atoms in solution. It is called pH (from the Latin "potentia
hydrogeni" — "power of hydrogen").
In a neutral environment of pH equal to 7.0.
In an acidic environment of pH below 7, i.e. from 6.9 to 0.
In the alkaline environment of a pH above 7, i.e., from 7.1 to 14.0.

Normal blood has a slightly alkaline reaction — 7,35-of 7.45.
PH is very tightly kept within narrow limits, since only in such conditions the work of most enzymes.
When exposed sakikawa or alkalizing factors the body uses
the compensatory reserves of the organism — the so-called "buffer systems".
In General, the resistance to alkalization is several times higher than
acidification, i.e. zamisliti it's much simpler than semilocal — and this is
a very important point, which we explain below.

The acid load — the new dimension of food

We used to evaluate food from the standpoint of caloric, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and other substances.
American scientists at the beginning of the XXI century has made a genuine discovery when showed,
any product has another fundamental indicator, which
is critical to our health.
They called NEAP (net endogenous acid production — clean production internal acid).
Simply put, it is the acid load of food.
It consists of the ratio of dietary components during the metabolism of either form acid or alkali.

The acid load is measured on the principle of acid minus the lye.
When food is dominated by components that form sulfuric acid
(sulfur-containing amino acids) or organic acids (fats, carbohydrates),
then the acid load has a positive value.
If the food contains more of the components forming the alkali (organic salts of potassium and
magnesium), the acid load is a negative
value. Computer analysis allowed us to determine the acid load
staple food.

The acid load of basic foodstuffs
(milliequivalent 240 calories)
Acidic foods:

Meat 67,9
Grains of 13.8
Cheese 4,2
Milk and yogurt 2,8
Eggs 2,5

Neutral products:

Legumes 0,8
Nuts 0,1

Alkaline foods:

Leafy greens -59,1
Vegetables group fruit** -46,5 (tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, watermelon, melon, pumpkin, etc.)
Roots -26,4
Vegetables -14,3
Tubers -10,6
Fruit -5,8

Improper nutrition is the cause of chronic acidification of the body

Biochemical processes have a long history of formation in relation to
the conditions of power that accompanied it in the course of evolution.

It is believed that in the history of human nutrition can be divided into three major stages:
— The food of ancient man that ate our ancestors of 5-7 million years.
— Food agricultural culture, which emerged about ten thousand years ago.
Food of modern man, which he used in the last 100
years and which in particular has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.

99% of human history was hunter-gatherer. According to information
anthropologists, about a third of his diet was lean meat wild
animals and two thirds of vegetable food.
In these circumstances, the food was exceptionally alkaline in nature, acid load averaged minus 78 milliequivalents a day.

The situation changed fundamentally with the emergence of agrarian civilization, when people began
eat a lot of cereals, dairy products and fatty
meat of domesticated animals.

But especially dramatic shifts in power occurred in the late twentieth century, when a diet filled industrial
processed "sour" food.
The acid load of the food of modern man is plus 48 milliequivalents a day.
Daily acidic diet leads to chronic lifelong acidification (acidosis) of the internal environment of the body.

Chronic acidification — the source of many troubles for health

The body does not allow exit of blood pH outside the specified limits, but this is an expensive price:
Sacrificed a skeleton, as to alkalinity of the calcium leaches from the bones.
Hence back pain, tormenting modern man.
And dramatically accelerates the development of osteoporosis.
Destroyed muscles. Chronic weakness and pain in muscles are observed at a young age, but particularly affects the elderly.
Weakness of the bones and muscles leads to disruption of the joints.
The acid reaction of urine, or rather perechisleny, creates ideal conditions for the formation of kidney stones.
It takes on the character of the epidemic. Chronic kidney failure
causes the development of inflammatory diseases and renal failure.
Acidic saliva destroys the teeth.
Chronic acidification can also cause hypofunction of the thyroid gland, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, low blood pressure, fluid retention the body and other disorders until the development of cancer
Measurement of pH of urine and saliva
Fortunately, there are simple indirect methods for determining the pH of liquids using
test strips, which change color depending on

Convenient to assess the state of acid-alkaline balance in the pH of urine and saliva.

This test strip is wetted with urine or saliva. Color comparison
test strips with a color standard to determine the level of pH.
the pH of urine
It is believed that primitive people urine had an alkaline reaction, its pH was approximately 7,5 — 9,0.
In modern humans the rule is in the slightly acidic range of 6.0 and 6.4 in the morning to 6.5-7.0 in the evening.
On average, it is 6.4 to 6.5.
Urine PH is better to measure on an empty stomach, 2 hours before and after meals 2 times a day several times a week.
the pH of the saliva
The optimal time to measure the pH of saliva is in the morning with procognia — it is at this point the saliva is most acidic.
In General pH of the saliva should be in the range of 6.5-7.5.
In norm's saliva should be neutral and 7.0
If the pH of morning saliva is 7.0, then you can not worry about its
teeth enamel will not be destroyed and no caries will not occur,
no Tartar not appear.

To return the pH to normal

At a deviation of pH to the acid side it is necessary to increase the content of
the diet of alkaline foods (see table) and more to do aerobic
physical exercise, for example, a good 30-40 minute walk in the
fast pace 4-5 times a week.
In addition, good results are obtained with regular use of baking soda: in the morning taken on an empty stomach half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm, almost hot water for 15-20 minutes before eating.

(article from any online magazine)
If the morning you are greeted with a thought "to rest," and in the evening invariably
fall into the Blues, and have a totally "sour" mood, then you obviously
we should start work on restoration of acid-alkaline balance

It's very simple. Every product we eat, gives the digestion acid or alkaline reaction.
If provided the nature of the metabolic balance between the level
acid and alkali in the body is disrupted, all the systems begin to work with
Poor digestion, dull complexion, bad mood,
loss of energy and fatigue: and all because of the fact that your
the power is not balanced.

The holistic concept of acid-alkaline balance of the body was created in the early XX century.
After science in the middle of the last century opened pH, nutricionista
(nutritionists) have learned to adjust this balance right

The official medicine to this correction applies at least skeptical, however, an army of nutritionists, nutritionists and therapists in the United States, France and Germany practiced treatment
"the acid-alkaline balance."
And since this diet welcomes the vegetables and fruits and recommends limiting white bread and sugar, in any case, the benefits will be.

Too much acid

"If the food comes too many acidic foods, the body is forced
to compensate for the imbalance with its own alkaline reserves,
there are minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium, iron), —
says the gastroenterologist, nutritionist center "Emerita" Anna Kanshieva.
— Because of this slow biochemical processes, reduces the level
of oxygen in the cells-Kah, disturbances of sleep and fatigue, is not excluded,
that and depression".

Oddly enough, the "acid" product does not necessarily has a sour taste: for example, classically sour lemon, ginger, celery give a strong alkaline reaction.
And milk, coffee and white bread, in contrast, have a distinctly acid character.

Since the current diet of the average inhabitant of Western civilization has
the tendency to "acidity", then your menu needs to be enriched "alkaline»
Namely, vegetables, root crops, not too sweet
fruits, nuts and herbs, herbal extracts, olive oil and
green tea.

Not to deprive yourself completely of animal protein to
these products need to add fish, poultry and eggs they have
acidic properties, but not too pronounced.

To the minimum necessary to reduce refined and starchy food, sugar, coffee and
caffeinated beverages, alcohol not to feed too much dairy


This diet is easy to comply with —
especially those who has a slight penchant for vegetarianism. It is rich
fiber and antioxidant substances and is completely devoid of "empty
calories" — those that generate only weight gain and no

In the menu of almost all restaurants you can find vegetable
dishes, white meat poultry and fish as well as green tea and mineral water,
so the acid-alkaline balance can be observed in almost any

This diet is aimed at health improvement and not weight loss, but practice shows that the extra pounds on her to lose almost everything. This is not surprising, given how widely in everyday "acid" menu fatty and high-calorie foods.


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