The influence of hair color on the character and destiny of

Eighty one million four hundred forty six thousand six hundred forty three

Our ancestors believed that
hair affect character and destiny. There are signs associated with
hair. Not only popular, but also astrological. Natural
hair color can determine the basic character traits.

People with
the Raven hair are under the influence of Saturn. They have
strong-willed, strong character, they are prudent and often go to the goal
The main qualities of their character are
precision, freedom, perversity.By the way, as a result of research
psychologists have come to such results: "brunettes Have more chances to go
married, because dark hair is associated with men, especially
with stability and a peaceful family life." Black hair suggest
the idea of the refinement, mystery, passion. Lingerie is most
advertise it brunettes and blondes in commercials trust
everything associated with whiteness and purity. Brunette bossy, energetic,
it is because of their environment out "fatal women", "vamp".

in humans brown hair, his heavenly patron – Pluto. This
planet gives mightily and insight. Of these people
make good psychologists and criminologists. The dignity of the brown-haired and brown-haired:
poise, composure and a high resistance to stress,
stressful situations these people are other much quieter, faster
all find a way out of a difficult situation. These qualities serve
a kind of starting point for a successful career.

Platinum and
light ash hair shades radiate energy of the moon and give the people
such traits as romanticism, tenderness, thoughtfulness and deep
mind, and often paranormal abilities. Owners of such hair
attract the people, being for them a mystery.

blonde and ash – brown hair talking about the extraordinary mind and inclination to
exaggeration. The influence of mercury reported by the pursuit of the exact Sciences.

with a greenish tint hair to give people tend to anticipate events
future. This, as well as such a poetic gift gives people energy

The owners of light blonde hair, attentive to
to others, sociable, friendly. These qualities gives them a planet
Venus. They are usually happily married and achieve a lot, working
in the areas related to the care of people. Fair-haired people usually
the epitome of loyalty, justice, and profundity. They often
have good health.

White hair indicates good
nature, but weak and fearful. But it is often the blonde puts
the soul, firm and straight and strong. It is North heredity.
Sometimes blondes are accused of excessive aloofness. But it's not. To
women blondes need special treatment. If you find the key to her
heart, its warmth can melt any ice.

however, I prefer to have blondes as lovers (not married
on them). This is due to the fact that the blond beasts are considered as well, that
is very advanced in everything else that isn't about sex.

redhead has an impact energy of Mars. They are fearless, resourceful,
optimistic, but at the same time quick-tempered. Red is the color of fire, he
dangerous, unpredictable, it burns and dazzles. Is the color
symbolizing energy and activity.These people was just spitballin ' here, but not
bring it started to end. They are good heads, but not performers.
There is sound scientific evidence of exceptional temperament and
unbridled energy redheads. American scientists claim that in
the body people with this color hair produces less stress
hormones. This leads to their violent, primal lifestyle.

Golden hair are Solar energy, they attract people
charming and generous. Can achieve unprecedented heights in the creative
activities, as well as in politics.

The fashion for red hair, red
strands or tips of hair – a sign of demonic presence in the man,
especially when a red tinted dark hair. The red color in this
the case talks about the challenges of their owner, his
temperamental nature and explosive nature

To get along with such people
not easy, as they love to shock the audience, to act in defiance of the
social norms and established tastes, even when they themselves suffer from
this in the first place. The figure of a man with red hair in the dream may
to warn of danger. If your hair is in the dream became red –
it is a sign of intimacy in the wrong deed or evidence of conflict with

It was also noted that the hair care too
some degree affects the character of a person. For example, when a person
repaints the hair color to any other, is not peculiar to him
nature color, it acquires properties that meet the energy
the patron of the planets.

As the hair magically affect
the fate of the human desire to repaint your own hair says about
that he wants to change his life and ready to change.

white man often seeks something to release, to start
life “from scratch”. And if a girl or a young man brunettes,
but with perseverance dye their hair the color of Raven – you should know them
they say ambition and stubbornness.

Curly hair talking about the impermanence of nature, people are very active and agile.

Too soft – that the owner is hardworking and good-natured. Than
the thinner and softer the hair, the more sensitive and sentymentalna
man with a vulnerable soul and a penchant for neurotic syndromes.

People with straight hair responsible and conscientious, and those who have
tough and unruly hair are straightforward, they are difficult
to manipulate.

Thick, lush and smooth hair talking about advanced communication skills.

Gray hair and bald head. Gray is often perceived as a sign of wisdom
hair turns gray when the person already has a life
experience.At an early age graying hair from the stress and moved
suffering. Rightly called the wise men and people with balding
forehead. But the bald spot on the crown speaks of the lust of man and with
intelligence has nothing to do.

The moon has a huge impact on
the condition of the hair. Therefore it is recommended to get a haircut, paying attention to
the lunar phase. So, cut at the waning moon, the hair will grow
slower, but the roots will be strengthened, and the ends will split. At the new moon and
the full moon should refrain from haircuts. And the moon rising can
easily change the hair grows back quickly, will be updated.
– not a good day for beginnings, will postpone a visit to
hairdresser. Haircut on Tuesday will bring an important event, or be brought in
life the right person. Going to the hairdresser on Wednesday, Thursday and
Saturday is good luck. To get a haircut on Friday to change. Sunday is better
to refuse to cut your hair.


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