Alkaline protection of human health and plants

"Right, you can't forget about soda. Not without reason it was called the ashes of the divine Fire. It belongs to those widely given drugs sent needful of all mankind. One should remember about soda not only in sickness, but also among well-being. As the bond with fiery actions, it is a shield from the darkness of destruction. But it is necessary to accustom the body to it for a long time. Every day you need to take it with water. Taking it, as if you need to send in the nervous centres. So you can gradually introduce immunity. Today soda will be a guest in the home medicine Cabinet."

This drug is best known under the name "baking soda". Oral sodium bicarbonate is available in powder with unlimited shelf life.



Baking soda is relatively safe for humans. With its ingestion, you can oxalacetate not only stomach content, but also other secreted body fluids. Therefore, it is used to prevent the formation of stones in biliary and urinary tract, irritating action of the acid on the wall of the stomach and duodenum in peptic ulcer disease, gastritis or poisoning by acids.

With the same purpose, doctors recommend drinking soda when purulent rhinitis, conjunctivitis, stomatitis, laryngitis and bronchitis as well As for

1. Prevention and treatment of cancer.

2. The treatment of alcoholism.

3. The withdrawal from Smoking.

4. Treat all types of addictions and substance abuse.

5. Excretion of lead, cadmium, mercury, thallium, barium, bismuth and other heavy metals.

6. Release of radioactive isotopes from the body, prevention of radioactive contamination of the body.

7. Leaching, dissolution of harmful deposits in the joints in the spine; stones in the liver and kidneys, i.e. the treatment of radiculitis, osteochondrosis, polyarthritis, gout, rheumatism, kidney stones, gallstones; dissolution of stones in liver, gall bladder, intestine, and kidney.

8. Cleanse the body to strengthen attention, concentration, balance and performance of unbalanced children.

9. Cleansing the body of toxic substances generated in irritation, malice, hatred, envy, doubt, resentment and other harmful emotions and thoughts of a man (Facets of Agni-Yoga, V. 8, p. 99-100).

External application of soda

Treatment of minor burns. If you grabbed the handle of the pan, forgetting to take the gloves, quickly pour the soda into a bowl with ice water, soak a rag in it and apply to the burn. Repeat this process till the burning sensation. This method often allows you to avoid blisters.

Relief of sunburn. To quickly ease the pain of sunburn, soak a gauze pad or large cotton swab in a solution of 4 tablespoons of baking soda in a Cup of water and apply to the affected area. In strong sunburn on the body or to relieve itching during chicken pox take lukewarm bath, adding water half a pack or a whole pack of soda.

For pain relief from cuts razors or other sharp object to attach to the skin with a cotton swab moistened with a solution of 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a Cup of water.

Remedy for bee stings. The pain can be quickly removed. Prepare a paste of a teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of cold water, apply it on the affected area and allow to dry. Note: many people bee venom causes a severe allergic reaction. If you have difficulty breathing or the bite area was swollen much, immediately contact your doctor.

The fight against dandruff. Wet hair and vigorously massage into the scalp a handful of baking soda. Thoroughly rinse and dry hair. Do this procedure when usually wash the head using shampoo instead of soda. First, the hair may become more dry. But after a few weeks the skin will start to secrete natural oils, hair will be softer, dandruff will disappear.

Modern research

In the human body, animals and plants, the role of baking soda is to neutralize acids, increase the alkaline reserves of the body in maintaining normal acid-alkaline balance.

In humans, the pH of the blood must be normal in the range 7,35-7,47. If the pH is lower than 6.8 (very acidic blood, the strongest acidosis), the death of the body (TSB, vol. 12, p. 200).

Currently, most people suffer from hyperacidity of the body (acidosis), with blood pH of 7.35 below. At a pH of 7.25 less (severe acidosis) should be appointed alkalizing therapy reception soda from 5 g to 40 g per day (Reference therapist, 1973, p. 450, 746). When methanol poisoning intravenous daily dose reaches soda 100g (manual therapist, 1969, p. 468). Causes of acidosis are poisons in food, water and air, medicines, pesticides. Big self-poisoning people with mental poisons comes from fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, envy, anger, hatred that are reinforced through the increasing waves of Cosmic Fire. The loss of psychic energy kidneys can't keep in the high blood concentration of sodium, which is lost along with the urine. This is another reason acidosis: loss of mental energy leads to the loss of alkalis (soda). For correction of acidosis appoint 3-5 g of soda per day (Mashkovsky M. D. drugs, 1985, vol. 2, p.113).

Soda, destroying acidosis increases alkaline reserves of the body, shifts the acid-alkaline balance to the alkaline side (pH approximately 1.45 and above). In an alkaline body is activation of water, i.e., dissociation into ions H+ and OH - due to amine bases, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, nucleotides, RNA and DNA. In activated water, the intense fiery energy of the body, improving all the biochemical processes: accelerated protein synthesis, faster neutralized poisons actively working enzymes and vitamins amine, amine more effective drugs, having a fiery nature and biologically active substances.

A healthy body for digestion produces highly alkaline digestive juices. Digestion in the duodenum occurs in an alkaline medium under the action of juices: pancreatic juice, bile juice butterboy the gland and juice of the mucous membrane of the duodenum. All juices have high alkalinity (BME, ed. 2, vol. 24, p. 634). Pancreatic juice has a pH of 7.8 to 9.0. Enzymes of pancreatic juice act only in an alkaline environment. Bile normally has an alkaline reaction pH=7,50-8,50. The secret of the large intestine has a highly alkaline environment at pH=8,9-9,0 (BME, ed. 2, vol. 12, article Acid-base balance, p. 857). When severe acidosis bile becomes acidic pH=6,6-6,9 instead of the normal pH=7,5-8,5. This impairs digestion, which leads to poisoning of the body products of poor digestion, the formation of stones in the liver, gallbladder, intestines and kidneys. In the acidic environment live peacefully opistorhoze worms, pinworms, ascarids, Cani etc. In an alkaline environment, they die. In acidic saliva acidic body pH=5,7-6,7, which leads to a slow destruction of tooth enamel. In an alkaline body saliva alkaline: pH=7,2-7,9 (manual therapist, 1969, p. 753) and the teeth are not destroyed. For the treatment of caries requires taking soda twice a day (so the saliva was alkaline).

Soda, neutralizing the excess of acid, increases the alkaline reserves of the body, making the urine alkaline, which facilitates the work of the kidneys (conserves mental energy), saves glutamic amino acid prevents formation of kidney stones.

A remarkable property of soda is that the excess is easily excreted by the kidneys, giving alkaline urine (BME, ed. 2, T. 12, p. 861). "But it is necessary to accustom the body to it is long" (M. A., part 1, p. 461), as alkalinisation of the body soda leads to the removal of a large quantity of poisons (toxins) accumulated in the body over many years of sour life.

In an alkaline medium with activated water repeatedly increases biochemical activity amine vitamins B1 (thiamine cocarboxylase), B4 (choline), B5 or PP (nicotinamide), B6 (pyridoxal), B12 (cobamamide). Vitamins with the fiery nature (O. M., part 1, 205) can fully exercise only in an alkaline environment.

In the acidic environment of the organism poisoned "even the best vegetable vitamins cannot reveal their best qualities (Br., 13). “Musk and hot water with baking soda will be a good guard. Therefore, for improving the absorption of baking soda in the intestine it is taken with hot water. Large doses of soda water is not absorbed and cause diarrhea, used as a laxative.

To combat roundworm and pinworm used amine alkali piperazine, supplementing it with soda enemas (Mashkovsky M. D., vol. 2, p. 366-367). Soda is used in cases of poisoning with methanol, ethanol, formaldehyde, karbofosom, hlorofosom, white phosphorus, phosphine, fluorine, iodine, mercury and lead (manual therapist, 1969).

Soda solution, sodium hydroxide and ammonia are used for destruction (deaeration) chemical warfare agents (KHE, vol. 1, p. 1035). For Smoking cessation: mouthwash dense soda solution or smearing the mouth with saliva soda: soda is placed on the tongue, dissolves in saliva and causes aversion to tobacco when Smoking. Dose small not to disturb the digestion.

Living Ethics about soda

In the Teaching of Living Ethics, written by Helena Roerich has repeatedly spoken about the need to use soda, its beneficial effects on the human body.

In a letter dated January 1, 1935, E. I. Roerich wrote: "In the Lord advises all very accustomed to take soda twice a day. This is an amazing preventative tool against many serious diseases, particularly from cancer” (Letters of Helena Roerich, vol. 3, p. 74). January 4, 1935.: “I accept it daily, sometimes strong tension, up to eight times a day for coffee spoon. And I just pour it on the tongue and washed down with water. (P6, 20, 1). 18 July 1935: "Then I suggest you to take daily twice a day bicarbonate of soda. When the pain in podlojecna (tension in the solar plexus) techniques soda irreplaceable. Anyway, soda is the most beneficent remedy, it protects against all kinds of diseases ranging from cancer, but you need to train yourself to take it every day without passes...Also with aching and burning in my heart hot water with soda. Normal proportion teaspoon per Cup. Very advise all soda. Also watch that the stomach was not burdened, and intestines clean” (P, 18.06.35).

The great Teacher advises a daily intake of soda twice a day to all people: “Right, you can't forget the value of soda. Not without reason it was called the ashes of the Divine Fire. It belongs to those widely given drugs sent needful of all mankind. One should remember about soda not only in sickness, but also among well-being. As the bond with fiery actions, it is a shield from the darkness of destruction. But it is necessary to accustom the body to it for a long time. Every day you need to take it with water; thinking about it, how would you need to send it to nerve centers. So you can gradually introduce immunity.” (МО2, 461).

"To mitigate diabetes...take soda water with soda is always good..." (МО3, 536).

"The overflow phenomenon psychic energy causes many of the symptoms in the limbs, throat and stomach. Soda is useful to cause depression, also hot water" (S, 88).

During irritation and excitement "At excitement primarily malnutrition and Valerian, and of course club soda" (, 548)

(treatment of cough) "...Musk and hot water will be a good guard. "Soda useful and its meaning is so close to the fire. Themselves soda field called ashes of the Great Fire. So in ancient times people knew especially soda. The Ground is covered with baking soda for widespread use" (МО3, 595).

"Constipation is treated in different ways, losing sight of the most simple and natural, namely a simple baking soda with hot water. In this case there is the metal sodium. Soda was given to the wide use people. But do not know about this and often use harmful and irritating drugs" (ГАЙ11, 327).

"Voltage fire affects certain body functions. So, in this case, for correct operation of the intestine necessary soda, taken in hot water ... Soda is so good that no irritation of the intestines" (ГАЙ11, 515).

"To the normal colon cleanse, you can add regular use of baking soda, which has the ability to neutralize many poisons..." (ГАЙ12, 147.M..Th.)

June 1, 1936, Helena Roerich wrote: "But soda has received universal recognition, and is now addicted to it especially in America, where it is used almost against all diseases... We are commanded to take the baking soda twice a day, as well as Valerian, not missing a single day. Soda prevents many diseases, including even cancer” (Letters, vol. 3, p.147).

June 8, 1936: “in General, soda is useful in almost all diseases and is a safeguard against many diseases, so do not be afraid to take it, as well as Valerian” (Letters, vol. 2, p. 215). "This is an amazing preventative tool against many serious diseases, particularly cancer. I heard of a case of the cure of the chronic external cancer falling asleep in his soda. When we remember that soda is included as a major ingredient in the composition of our blood, it becomes clear its beneficent action. When the fire phenomena soda essential" (P 3, 19, 1).

About the dose of H. I. Roerich wrote: "a Dose of soda for a boy (diabetic at 11 years old) – a quarter teaspoon four times a day" (Letters, vol. 3, p. 74). “An English doctor used a simple soda from any inflammatory and catarrhal diseases, including pneumonia. And he gave it in pretty high doses almost a teaspoon up to four times daily in a glass of water. Of course, English tea spoon less than our Russian. My family for all colds, especially with laryngitis and coughing lobar uses hot water with soda. In a Cup of water put a teaspoon of baking soda” (Letters, vol. 3, p. 116). "If you haven't had another soda, start in small doses, half a coffee spoon twice a day. Gradually you can increase the dose. Personally, I take daily two or three full coffee spoon. When pain in the solar plexus and heaviness in the stomach and take much longer. But you should always start with small doses” (Letters, vol. 3, p. 309).

June 14, 1965 B. N. Abramov recorded from the Mother of Agni Yoga: “it is Interesting to note how sensitive organisms react to the already fiery tensions. And well, if someone already knows how to regulate in your body, these tides fiery energies. Soda can be a real panacea” (G. A. Th., vol. 6, p. 119, p. 220).

Soda and alkali have a fiery nature. "Soda is useful and its meaning is so close to the Fire. Themselves soda field called ashes of the Great Fire” (M. O., h. 3, p. 595).

About the benefits of baking soda for plants says: “in the Morning you can water the plants, adding to the water a pinch of soda. At sunset need to be watered with a solution of Valerian” (A. Th., p. 387).

In food "do not need artificial acid preparations" (A. Th., p. 442), thus explicitly told about the dangers of artificial acids, but artificial alkalis (soda and potassium bicarbonate) is much more useful than chloride and potassium orotate.

To take the necessary soda on an empty stomach, 20-30 minutes before meals (not immediately after eating – may be the opposite effect). To start with small doses – 1/5 of a teaspoon, and gradually increase the dose, leading to 1/2 teaspoon. You can dissolve the baking soda in one glass of warm-hot boiled water or take dry, squeezed (a must!) hot water (one Cup). Take 2-3 per day.

Complications. The drug is relatively safe. However, complications sometimes appear with prolonged use of baking soda inside in high doses. The first symptoms of overdose loss of appetite, nausea, headache, and pain in the abdomen. Possible vomiting. If you receive soda not to stop, perhaps the development of seizures.

Contraindications. The drug inside is contraindicated in low gastric acidity while ingested in a large amount of alkaline mineral waters, and other antacids (e.g. aluminium hydroxide or magnesium oxide). published


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