This mask is a devastating blow to the black dots!

Every housewife in the kitchen there is a small box with baking soda. This product we often use in cooking or for cleaning dishes. But few people know that soda is a great product. Face masks of this product will help to perform a deep cleansing facial to refresh the skin, give it freshness.

In this article we talk about the merits of such cosmetics as mask of baking soda for the face. Here are the best recipes of homemade masks, which are based on soda.


The composition and properties of baking soda


More from the curriculum, we remember the formula of baking soda — NaHCO3. Transcript it says that soda is a compound of elements:

  • sodium,
  • carbon,
  • oxygen,
  • hydrogen.

What type of influence they have on the skin?

Sodium - plays the role of amplifier of the actions of all other components. Under its influence the processes of cleansing and cell regeneration are faster.

Oxygen + hydrogen = water. Consisting of baking soda, this component performs a softening effect of carbon. Water removes from the skin the toxins and wastes, stimulates the cells.

Coal — this is the main element affecting the skin link. He penetrates deep into pores, cleansing them. Ash normalizes the sebaceous glands, which helps to eliminate oily Shine of the skin. In addition, coal is a healing tool. Small cracks and wounds on the skin after the procedure cleaning it with baking soda, tighten very quickly and painlessly.


Indications and contraindications for the mask with baking soda




  • Deep clean facial skin.
  • The elimination of acne, pimples.
  • For oily skin.
  • For getting rid of blackheads (comedones).



  • Thin sensitive skin.
  • The presence on the skin scratching, purulent wounds, dermatitis.
  • Dry skin of the face. If the mask to enter fatty foods (cream, vegetable oil), then you can clean them dry skin, but not more than 1 time in 15 days.

Rules of masks with baking soda for the face


1. Baking soda is used in manufacture of masks should be fresh. You can not take expired products, but also damp and yellowed.

2. Water to run masks, use purified, boiled or mineral without gas.

3. Before you do the mask on the face, swipe sensitivity test. A mixture of baking soda with water and apply on the elbow, soak one hour and rinse. If no negative reactions to the place of execution of the test did not happen, feel free to apply a similar mask to the skin of the face.

4. Do not use soda mask on eye area and lips.

5. Wash off the mask with baking soda should cool water (room temperature) or herbal decoction.

6. Keep soda facial mask is not recommended for more than 10 minutes, otherwise you can get burned.


Recipes effective masks with baking soda for face at home


Classic mask with baking soda



  • baking soda — 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • purified water.


In a bowl sprinkle soda and pour some water.

Mix the components together. The consistency of the mask should be mushy.

Apply on face and leave on for 10 minutes.

Rinse with running cool water.

Action: exfoliates dead skin cells, removes from the inside pores of dirt and toxins, improves the functioning of sebaceous glands.

Indications: rough skin, oily pimples, blackheads, comedones.

Application: these face masks with baking soda are performed no more than once a week.


Face mask: honey, baking soda



  • soda on a knife tip;
  • honey — 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • cream — 1 tbsp.


All the products blend together.

Apply the product on the skin.

After 10 minutes, wash in running water at room temperature.

Action: moisturizes and nourishes the skin, removes pollution through the pores from deep skin, cleans dead skin cells, restores the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

Indications: dry skin, aging skin, pimples and comedones.

Application: the mask of soda and honey will be done 2 times a month at equal intervals.


Mask: water, soda, honey



  • liquid honey — 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • soda — 3 tbsp;
  • water.


Mix all components until mushy state.

Apply on face and keep it for 10 minutes.

Wash in clean cool water.

Action: nourishes the cells of the skin, removes toxins and dirt from the top sphere of the epidermis, rejuvenates and refreshes the complexion.

Indications: greasy luster, black spots, Mature skin, acne.

Application: a similar mask with baking soda for the face are not more often 2-3 times a month.


Cleansing mask with oatmeal and soda



  • cereal;
  • baking soda;
  • water.


The flakes to grind into flour. 1 tablespoon of baking soda you will need 1 Cup (200 grams) of the flour.

Mix these products together, and then dilute them with water to the consistency of thick cream.

Mask with baking soda and oatmeal applied to the skin.

You should wash it after 10 minutes.

After the procedure treat the skin nutritional cosmetic (lotion, cream).

Action: exfoliates dead skin cells, cleanses the skin, removes from the pores dirt and oil, nourishes the cells with beneficial trace elements that are part of oats, stimulates cells, rejuvenates the skin.

Indication: Mature skin, oily skin, acne and blackheads.

Application: oat mask with baking soda for acne are performed 1 time per 10 days.


Anti-inflammatory mask of soda and flour



  • baking soda — 1 tsp.;
  • wheat flour — 2 tbsp. spoon;
  • water.


Mix each of the dry components, and then dilute them with clean water. The dough should be on density, as for pancakes.

Apply on face and wash off after 10 minutes with running water.

Treat the skin nourishing cream.

Action: tightens enlarged pores, a beneficial effect on enlarged pores, removes greasy Shine stops the inflammation.

Indications: oily skin, pimples, acne, disorders of the sebaceous glands.

Application: anti-inflammatory and cleansing mask with baking soda and flour can be performed 1 time per week.published


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10 ways to use baking soda for your beauty


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