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For everyone who complex about their fading youth and the appearance of the first wrinkles, there is an exit from the vicious circle in the fight against the ruthless time. Unique, magical, simply magical in their effects, and at the same time, the most common, homemade lifting facial mask is exactly what you need.

The results will not keep itself waiting long and will be an excellent alternative to any procedure salon.

Lifting mask for the face: what is it?

About lifting mask for face says it all, but haven't tried it miracle result on my skin. Some don't even know what it is. It is actually very simple: the purpose of this cosmetic product — tightening of the skin. Mask with lifting effect provide a persistent and always the same guaranteed result:

  • in the skin cells begin to actively produce collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the freshness and youthfulness of the skin;

  • the skin becomes elastic;

  • facial contour becomes clear and pronounced;

  • out double chin;

  • small wrinkles are smoothed.

In General, the lifting effect masks the effect of rejuvenating salon treatment for tightening the face. Just do not be afraid of undesirable consequences, all kinds of side effects and unforeseen complications that can permanently ruin lives. Regular home lifting mask is a great alternative to all of this to salon procedures: the result is not worse, the performance itself is much nicer and much cheaper.

Lifting mask for the face: indications and contraindications

To mask-lifting at home was the most effective and met all of your expectations, you need to know in what cases they are in demand, just contraindicated. It's safe to use them for solving the following problems:

  • the first age-related changes;

  • the appearance of new wrinkles (aging and facial);

  • the second chin;

  • broke and became a fuzzy face contour;

  • yellowness or grayness of skin;

  • age spots;

  • flabby and saggy skin;

  • age dryness and flaking.

Essentially, a homemade lifting facial masks have anti-aging, firming and smoothing properties, so perfect for the care of aging, Mature skin. However, there are some contraindications, when such a mask is highly recommended:

  • the age of 30;

  • obesity;

  • if after plastic surgery on face not more than six months;

  • open wounds on the face;

  • individual intolerance to one or more components of the mask;

  • skin and vascular diseases.

If you ignore these recommendations, it is unlikely to mask with lifting effect to restore youth to your skin. So be extremely careful. Particular care should choose recipes those who suffer from various kinds of allergic reactions: test any prepared formula on your wrist. This will help not to be disappointed in a tool that can someone to approach, someone-no. In the recipes of lifting masks is no shortage, so the main thing is to make the right choice.


Best recipes of homemade lifting facial masks

1. Protein-lemon facelift mask for oily skin

Choosing miracle lifting facial mask, pay attention to what products you have to cook them. If they are tropical, exotic fruits, if you can ensure your skin care regular using these masks? And expensive and not always available.

Whisk egg white, add lemon juice (tablespoon), blend again. Keep the mask on the face is recommended until it dries (20-30 minutes), not recommended for dry and flaky skin.

2. Protein-cucumber lifting face mask for dry skin

Whisk egg whites, add the cucumber puree without the skin and seeds, unrefined sunflower or olive oil (a teaspoon). This mask will not only tighten the skin but also bleach pigment spots, which can not be avoided with age.

3. Protein-flour mask

Whisk egg white, add wheat flour enough to make a thick slurry. It is perfectly tightens sagging skin and smoothes out minor wrinkles.

4. Dill firming mask with oatmeal

Green dill chop, mix equal amounts of oat flour (it can be cooked, chopped natural oat flakes in a coffee grinder), add the olive oil (teaspoon). Moreover, the mask has a wonderful firming effect, it is known as a great tonic and refreshing way, which will quickly bring the skin in order.

5. Tomato facial mask with lifting effect

Fresh, juicy tomato peel and seeds, RUB through a sieve to get a soft, liquid puree. Dilute it with olive oil (a little less than a teaspoon).

6. Lifting using white clay

White cosmetic clay (2 tablespoons) mixed with fresh grape juice (a tablespoon) and oil of wheat germ (a teaspoon). If the mask turned out too thick and not spread over the surface, can be diluted with water.

7. Mask with cosmetic clay

White clay (2 tablespoons) mixed with chopped lemon zest and slightly warmed honey (a teaspoon).

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8. Rice mask

Rice flour (2 tablespoons) mixed with egg white, add the essential oil of fennel (5 drops).

9. Potato lifting mask

Warm mashed potatoes to plant fresh milk.

10. The yolk firming mask

Beat yolk and apply to face.

Decided to win or simply to cheat time, to avoid premature aging and wrinkles? Well, now you know how to make a simple and effective way: homemade facelift masks — a guaranteed solution for Mature and aging skin.published





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