Pickup is sell!

They say that the pickup artist is an expert in seducing women. In fact, as learning the art of pickup and “the Game” (the so-called foreign charge of gender relations within the framework of its teachings) are subservient to the gratification of the woman. On the matter of pick up artist has no power over a woman he has only the ability to bend under it to get sex.

For wingman of his ambitions as the men concentrated on getting “control” over the womanthat initially is a totally stupid waste of men's time and energy. In my opinion “Game” is a phenomenon that arises not in itself, but as a result of external social impact.

“The game” – that is, gender relations, how they treat the charge generally is a symptom of a pathologically unhealthy companies. “Game” is essentially a sphere of female dominance, and all who enter it, by default, agree with that.

Simply put, a “game” arises only in a society where women received a source of income from outside, and ceased to be totally dependent on men. The whole point of “game” the charge is based on the fierce competition between men for access to vagina. When the government through subsidies and other payments shifts the balance of power in favor of women, men, dependent on access to the female body, forced to seek new ways to stand out from the crowd, that this access to.

In the period offset the balance of power between the sexes competition among men reaches a critical level, bringing own men solid troubles: financial losses in the hope to impress a woman costs for her going wild gynocentrism hoping to please a female whim. In the early ' 90s in new York has been a sharp jump in crime in areas where blacks lived. The reason was that there began the “Game”.

No one has studied the causes of the violence and crime. I can say that if you take any society that has men and women, regardless of country and prosperity, and to cause the impoverishment of men together with the implementation of programs to support women, thus ensuring women's economic superiority over men, it will cause increase of level of aggression of males towards each other. The outbreak of violence in new York city was not the aggression of blacks against blacks, and especially men against men.

Can look at the statistics, to ensure that the surge of aggression in the “war quarters” occurred in the relation of men to each other, and the level of violence against women are almost never changed.

So what exactly happened in new York in the early 90s? Women were given the opportunity to expel the men of the family to obtain additional subsidies from the state. Emerged later in the fatherless accused men. Young boys growing up in families without fathers were more likely to fall into drug addiction. And then among them began aggressive competition for women.

In other words, the mass opposition of men was nothing more than an attempt at the cost of enormous effort and sacrifice to regain the status and wealth, and therefore attractiveness to women, which the government seized from them by force. The hardships of the “economic reset” the state took on men's shoulders.

This economic reset has caused a chain of events that can be described as a war of men against men, which was the same men's competition, actively heated from the outside. The war between men began with ostentatious bragging, posturing and hypermasculinity, but the growth of tension between the men merely posturing is not enough... must spill blood.

Blood is shed because men think that women are watching them, and only the winner, they “give”. The slightest provocation on the part of one man leads to retaliatory aggression by the other, and there is no end to this farce in the fight for female attention. Ethnicity here is irrelevant: when the price skyrockets vagina, a sex addiction will certainly be used against men. After all, in a desperate attempt to achieve sexual success of men are willing to destroy each other.

This is the whole point of a pickup and “game”. Pickup is just an attempt for men to stand out in front of the woman hoping to get the coveted access to the vagina. This only adds fuel to the fire of unhealthy competition between men.

Unhealthy competition between men is the one which brings no benefit either to the winners or losers. As confirmation of my theory ask yourself this: if two of pick up artist, equally skilled in the “game” will be to achieve the same women, while one of the money will be two times more than another for whom a woman would prefer?

I think the answer is obvious. When the financial capacity of men about the same level, they begin to invent other methods of overcoming competition. They make up the hierarchy and begin to brand labels men outside of their value system, to lift himself above them. Depending on the demand from women the charge call men “Alphas” and “betas ”.

Pickup is not that other, as a way of imposing aggressive competition between men. Glued to men the labels of “alpha” and “beta”, the charge turned out to be hostages to their own terminology. According to this classification, the charge are themselves beta males that try to masquerade as an alpha male in the hope to get access to vagina. However, the charge do not like to hear the truth in response to it, they snap at other men, calling them losers and “bet”.

Pikaper I hate men who refused to rate themselves in categories “alpha-beta” – as these categories are directly dependent on women's assessment. Pikaper never asked the rules of the game, they are always subordinate to them and thus recognized the power of women over him. If tomorrow a woman will say that every alpha male should get twenty blows to the face, then the buggers will start to peel each other on the street or in the supermarket, subject to the new rule.

Pick-uppers argue that teaching men to understand what really a woman wants, that not always coincides with what she expresses in words. However, in the first and in the second case, a man in charge of teaching dances to the tune of women's interests and acts to the detriment of both themselves and other men.

What kind of competition between men can be productive and useful?

It may be useful to competition, based on the practical application of the male talent and genius that motivates men to expand knowledge in really important areas and contributes to scientific progress. Newton, in his time was so immersed in research that he refused almost from all that binds him to the world, including from contacts with women. He aimed to create a mathematical analysis, the development of which, regardless of which Newton was engaged, and Leibniz.

I feel productive this kind of competition among men, which brings humanity to a new level of understanding of the world.

Think about some healthy male competition. When Michael Jordan, one of the greatest athletes of our time, conquered the basketball courts of the NBA, followed on the sport Olympus light up a new star, the likes of which will not be long.

Become the best of the best basketball players of Irvin “magic” Johnson and David “Admiral” Robinson came only because their predecessor was given unprecedented high standard, overcoming which meant the birth of a new legend. Goals that require perfection, you yourself become more perfect.

Scientific discoveries – the amazing result of healthy male competition. When Niels Bohr and albert Einstein debated quantum mechanics (one fervently defended its principles, and the second rejected them), the fervor with which these “heavyweights” of the scientific world clashed with each other, became the subject of many stories.

Productive men's competition differs from the one that engendered the charge, that always generates a useful end product. It can be an invention created for the benefit of society, or the opening leading us to the understanding of the world.

As a result, pikeperch “games” the product is only intercourse, nothing new is created, except that the side effect may be the pregnancy with the subsequent imposition of a maintenance burden.

The closer a civilization to sundown, the more often we become witnesses of the “Game”. Men massively leaving the path of personal development, a throwaway more precious time in the pursuit of animal ritual copulation is the characteristic feature of the culture of gynocentrism.

Pikaper recognize as an axiom the desire of women to alpha males, but not even trying to really understand their own terminology.

Who is the alpha male according to the charge?

If we discard the husks, then the alpha male for the charge – a man unreservedly attractive to women sexually.

Pikeperch according to the literature, to be attractive for a large number of women enough to be an alpha male. The behavioral characteristics that women recognize the alpha samavati pikaper and try to mimic his behavior as a “Game” based on the woman's reaction. “Game “ is only a reflection of female power. Those who engage in pikaparkki practices, will convince you that a pickup is the way to understand and control the psychology of women, and this statement has the ring of truth, but the charge will never tell you about the pitfalls.

There is another question: do we need to study the psychology of women, aimed at getting sex, male time? Whether the fruits of this study to achieve the alleged "control" over a woman, so useful for most men to spend this much time and effort?

I am convinced that in this case ovchinka not worth the candle. Country or culture in which men made their top priority of caring for the woman and the race for its location, is doomed to extinction.

The dead end will be those who are too fixated on the study of female psychology and not willing to admit that at some point you just need to push it aside and go your own way. Anyway, the charge is a regular bobaraba, which sometimes fall to sex, and nothing more.

“The game” is a symptom of progressive grozavesti. Of course, the pull of male to female is biologically conditioned, but here the man has a choice: either to give in to this craving, lose will become addicted to sex, or to resist our biology and independence against all odds.

In this case, any reasonable conversation of the men about how you can weaken or even go away from their biological cravings for women, is perceived by the charge, and with them, the feminists up in arms. Such “dissent” strongly chernautsi and pour mud, because men need to keep in check their dependencies.

MGTOW is a movement towards male independence. Once a scientist, inspired by the ideas of MGTOW, invent a way that will break the female monopoly on reproduction. This moment will inevitably come, the only question is when.

When women lose their monopoly on reproduction, society will be more balanced: there will be gender equality, or at least a situation close to such equality. Men get rid of his main dependence in women, and finally will be able to solve the issue of continuation of their kind.


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Increasingly, I see how women are actively fighting for the opportunity to outsmart biology. They use sperm banks and forbid the men to have paternity tests, abortions in its sole discretion. Women struggle with vulnerabilities in their biology, while men are still trying to convince the women to understand the male biological impulses. This tactic is a losing one.

Women are ahead of us in opportunities to cheat on my biology now and continue to move in this direction. You might hate to realize it, but nevertheless it's true.published


Author: Barbarossaa

Translated: Omikron


Source: mghow.ru/pikap-eto-naduvatelstvo/


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