That means that the wrinkles and spots in these places on the face.

On the face of each one of us, if you look closely, full of wrinkles, long "lines" and flecks. But did you know that they can tell you something more than just specify your age?

According to leading scientists and physicians, face and its appearance is directly linked to the rest of the body. Therefore, if you carefully consider your, you can see what kind of danger signals your body sends you. In some cases, it may be very important.

We previously had no idea that a person can tell us so much. But we are glad to have learned about it themselves, and that now we can share this with you.
Every line and every wrinkle on your face has its own special meaning. Even the appearance of age spots on your body is not accidental! You wonder what is meant by wrinkles and rough in places marked numbers?

1. Horizontal deep lines on the forehead.

They are often called "worry lines" because they seem to "clog" in the mind of a great amount of stress. If you have them, and quite visible, it means that you need to rest and relax more often. Most go on vacation!

Also, this area is directly linked to the stomach. Did you eat too much sugar? Or in your diet a lot of fat? Maybe you drink too little water?

If you are reading this, you will almost certainly need to take care of themselves, and that gets into your body throughout the day.
2. Wrinkles near the right eyebrow.

Vertical wrinkle in this place - a bright sign of weakness of the liver. If you want to your face, they are gone, you need to improve the internal organ.

Start eating more green vegetables, sweet fruits and whole grain foods. Reduce consumption of coffee, spicy foods and salt. If you feel that you all can have serious liver problems, consult a doctor immediately! Unfortunately, diet and lifestyle asbolyutno most of us, it is not conducive to health.
3. Wrinkles have left eyebrow.

This area of ​​your face directly "connected" to the spleen. Wrinkles in this area indicate a problem with it.

The work of this body, as well as the associated pancreas may be compromised by excessive consumption of sugar. Just make sure that your diet is it a bit. Dried fruits instead of sweet cookies - a great start! Well, from what you can give up after him, and you know yourself!
4. The wrinkles on the nose.

This is uncommon, but some people have wrinkles here. Usually, their appearance at this point is a reaction to the allergy season.

Oddly enough, this area is also associated with your libido. If you have wrinkles on the nose, you may feel less need .... than usual. Maybe it's time less nervous. And eat foods called "aphrodisiacs».
5. The wrinkles at the corners of the eyes.

This popular form of wrinkles are called "crow's feet". If you've never heard of them, so do not often laugh. Otherwise, they have probably already started to manifest itself (which, of course, is not bad).

The problem here is only if your wrinkles in these areas is especially profound and marked. This may indicate a rapidly progressive vision problems. You probably worth less staring at your phone, rarely watch television or try not to sit at the computer too much.

In addition, the "crow ''s feet are associated with some internal organs -zheludkom, kidneys and liver. You may have to force yourself to move more and move finally to a healthy diet.
6. circles or bags under the eyes.

We all see them early in the morning in the mirror when you do not get enough sleep. But if you see them every day, it is almost certainly points to the weakness of the kidneys. Start eating more fruits and vegetables and try to drink plenty of fluids during the day.

Particularly large bags under the eyes can also indicate problems skrovenosnoy system. You need to fight the poor circulation of the skin! Yoga and massage are ideal. If you yourself feel that it is becoming a serious problem, you should consult your doctor.
7. Brown spots on the cheeks.

If you cheeks specks of light and dark colors, it may indicate a problem with some internal organs. First, you will almost certainly malnourished.

Secondly, almost certainly smoke. Because you have long been weak lungs. You need to start practicing breathing exercises and try to learn to control breathing. Effectively cleans light jogging in the morning.
8. shelulaschayasya Acne and skin at the tip of the nose.


Red nose might not be a problem, but acne and redness at this point indicate not work well circulatory system. You have an increased risk of problems with blood pressure. If the problem is with you for a long time, and you have a few years do not pay attention to it, perhaps it is now time to see a doctor.

The health of your heart is of paramount importance. To support him, avoid spicy food, strong drinks and coffee. Products with "useful" fatty acids contain avocado and fish. They are better, believe me!
9. The wrinkles at the corners of the mouth.

Many people have in this zone vertical wrinkles. But this point is directly linked to the nerves of the colon! This internal organ rarely people think, but his health will have a direct impact on your quality of life in old age.

Fortunately, restore it and then support in the form of fairly easy: you need to eat foods rich in fiber, and consume adequate Vitamin D. A little exercise, a little more liquid - and everything goes!
10. Wrinkles laughter

Typically, deep wrinkles in this area develop in people who have a lot, laugh loudly and often. Laughter is known to be useful for mental and physical health. So you have to love those wrinkles!

On the other hand, if you laugh often, but there are wrinkles, it may indicate a problem with the pancreas. Add in the diet of blueberries, cherries, grapes, garlic and spinach.
11. Wrinkles on the upper lip.

Not all people, even in old age appear vertical wrinkles on the lips. But those who have them, almost certainly smokers. Smoking - one of the main reasons why there are these unnatural to us, in general, the wrinkles.

Also, this area directly "connected" to the spleen. Try to add to your diet foods from roots. Especially useful turnips and carrots. To unload the spleen has often better, but slowly.
12. The spots on the lips.

In spots on the lips may be several explanations. They can be an indicator of iplohogo circulation (in this case it is recommended yoga), and problems with the colon, and liver weakness. To find their appearance certainly have to go to the doctors.
13. Double chin.

People whose skin on the neck sags and grimaces almost certainly suffer otizbytochnogo weight. This is a popular issue, especially in a time when many things we eat and move a little.

However, this region also "includes" thyroid. In order to improve her health, you need to take zinc tablets and even for a while to give up bread and bakery products in general any.
14. "The ring around the pupil».

During its monitoring you can check not only the face, but his eyes. If you notice a "ring" on the contour of the iris, then you povyshennyyuroven cholesterol.

This almost always leads to serious problems - including a heart attack and other heart diseases. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce its level. Eat more vegetables and less food, saturated trans fats. Add in the diet of soy sauce and nuts.
15. Notable veins in the corners of the forehead.

If the temporal area you are shown the vein, it can be priznakomgipertonii. Obviously, you need to have something to do with stress. If you - thank you for that. Start often go for a walk, do some yoga, or even take a trip to an unplanned vacation. This is not a joke!

Also, take as a given that you need to eat more bananas and gradually give up salt. Once the pressure starts to drop, your Vienna will be not so noticeable.
16. wrinkles under the lip.

Many people have a "forked" chin. But the point is only that in your life too much negativity and pessimism.

The habit of always prepare for the worst may seem useful, but in reality it has a devastating effect on your health in the long term. Release their grievances. Avoid disappointment and anger at all costs. Peace is within you, as you see, is able to reflect on your face!


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