How to trim clematis

The clematis pruned for abundant flowering. Pruning clematis depends on the shoots of the year they bloom. If you do not know which group the plant, cut it at a height of 1 m And in the spring note on regrowth and flowering period.

The first group of trimming

Here the flowers are produced on shoots of the previous year. This group includes the types and varieties of groups Atragene, Montana, etc. that are grown without pruning or after flowering, remove the flowering part.

If the Bush is thick, part faded the weak shoots cut to the ground. It contributes to the development of strong shoots of the current year. Before the shelter for the winter cut flowering shoots of the current year and remove weak shoots.

The second group of trimming

To get a long bloom, pruning is carried out in 2 admission. In summer, remove the flowering part of the shoot of the previous year after flowering. Shoots of the current year cut to shelter for the winter. Depending on the density of the Bush or for early flowering the following year using various degrees of trimming.

Remove only the flowering part of the shoot of the current year, if you want to achieve early flowering. The average degree of trimming (up to first true leaf), and severe (removal of all shoots) are used when adjusting the number of shoots and uniformity of flowering.

The third group of trimming

The flowers are formed on shoots of the current year. This group Jackmanii, Viticella and hybrids. Bloom from July until mid-September. In autumn or early spring shoots are cut off until the first buds from the ground.

Before wintering the base of the Bush wood overlaid with leaves and spruce branches. On top of it is a frame with a PE-film. The clematis 1st and 2nd groups, you can leave part of the shoots, cutting them at a height of 0.70–1 m to large kidneys. If there are no buds, shoots cut to ground level or leave the lower part with a length of 20-30 cm


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Without shelter from clematis these groups freeze kidney, often it happens after a cold summer. The clematis 2nd and 3rd groups on the remaining vines, cut leaves and placed it on the tree paws. Left shoots in spring can be used for breeding.published





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