How to trim geraniums for lush flowering

Cropping of pelargonium: the basic rules

To properly trim a geranium, you need to consider the type of flower. It can be perennial and annual. Annual plant crop is not necessary. This should be done only to change the shape of the plant. Perennial pelargonium pruning 2 times a year – spring and fall. Pruning is not only decorates the exterior, it contributes to the emergence of a large number of big buds and increases the duration of flowering.

Be sure to consider particularly the type of plants. Geranium can have a small main stem grow in width low to the ground, can have cascading branches, and can aim upwards because of the high stem. You will not be able to radically change the shape of the crown by trimming. Attempts to do so can result in death of the plant.

The main goal of pruning any plants as Bush and tree is a thinning of the crown. This leads to better ventilation, the ingress of greater amounts of moisture and sunlight. For such a "liberation" of the Bush from unnecessary germs you want to remove all the branches, directed inside the crown, giving vent only growing outward. Proper cutting geraniums, you can achieve long and lush flowering.

Tool for pruning should be sharp and clean. The knife or secateurs need to decontaminate boiling water, alcohol or a special antibacterial agent. Hands should also be clean to infection from other plants were in flower. Cut stems need to have the sheet bundle, and the "wound" be sure to put charcoal or sprinkle with cinnamon powder. To resume power plants after operation, don't forget about "feeding". Geranium likes nitrogen fertilizer.

Pruning geraniums in the fall

Pelargonium blooms in the summer, when come to life and riot of greenery and colors of all plants. In the fall it fade, falling into winter sleep. After drying the last of the blossoms and before the onset of winter to prepare the plant for the upcoming dream. Autumn pruning in any case can not be carried out in the period from December to mid-February when the plant is particularly weak.

Follow the saying "measure twice – cut once", don't start pruning before carefully inspect the crown and think through each step. Prepare in advance disinfected tools. In the fall of pelargonium a bit dry, after obtaining a yellow dry leaves. They need to disrupt, that the plant did not spend the forces necessary for the formation of strong new shoots, attempting to restore the old sheets. All withered blossoms and the old stems should be removed as well.

If the geraniums were allowed unnecessary long stems, they need to be cut in the area of the first leaf node. However, if you want to have this stem in the future, let shoots and continued growth, it is necessary to cut above a node. The main stem also need pruning: remove one-third. Do not forget about nourishment geranium room after the autumn pruning, it needs additional nutrients. Many growers are advised to remove emerging in winter buds, so exhausted sleeping plant gained strength before the summer bloom, and not waste them in vain.

Spring pruning

Such an operation should be performed at the end of February or no later than mid-March. Spring pruning will help the plant to form lots of buds and greenery. It should be remembered that after this operation the geraniums will bloom much later than usual time, but the result is impressive: the buds will be bigger, their size will become larger, and the duration of flowering is longer.

To correctly carry out the procedure of trimming the stems, you need to consider the size of the Bush. A large sprawling shrub should not be subjected to radical pruning. He may not have the strength for landscaping and the formation of inflorescences. The plant may not bloom. A small Bush can be cut more ruthlessly, forming the shape of the crown that you like. But this should take into account the genetic peculiarities of plants.

The formation of standard plants, from a Bush of geranium

Under the formation of standard plants is meant the transformation of the lush Bush in a rather high tree colors along the entire length of the stem, and only on the top. It looks very unusual and will be an original interior decoration. If you still decided to take the risk, to turn the Bush into a tree you can at home.

Choose a strong hive with a powerful geranium growing up the stem. You need to trim all lateral stems and small shoots that all forces were directed to the strengthening of the main stem. First make sure support. After reaching the desired height (no more than 1 m) should be topping the old shoots after the first kidney, and a new one after the 4th. This procedure is time consuming and the first flowers on the "palochka" will appear only after a year.


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Plant care is a necessary measure for its long flowering. Unlike many other flowers, the geranium is very unpretentious. Do not be lazy to spend 15 minutes on pruning in the fall, so all summer to enjoy the beauty and aroma of bright inflorescence of pelargonium.published


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