The best varieties of dwarf bearded irises for Your garden

May this year very quietly changed to April, and replaced wither tulips already blooming dwarf bearded irises.

In the diverse world of irises, which now has tens of thousands of varieties, by various characteristics, selected several garden groups.

Irises whose flower stalk up to 40 cm and combined into a dwarf, which in the international classification denoted DB (Dwarf Bearded). Among them distinguish miniature dwarf (Miniature Dwarf) height up to 25 cm with 1-2 flowers and standard dwarf (Standard Dwarf) – from 25 to 40 cm long with 2-3 flowers.

They come into bloom first, ahead of their high - "family" — bearded iris — about 2 weeks. On the southern coast it occurs from the middle (sometimes beginning) of April.

It is known that the first dwarf varieties were bred in the late XIX century in the German horticultural firm of Goos und Koenemann. Miniature bearded irises so impressed the selectors that the torch of creating new varieties was picked up not only German but also French, English firms. The apogee of this process has migrated across the ocean to America and came in the postwar years of the last century. With such a huge interest today seems a small world dwarf irises are quite self-sufficient.

Dwarf irises more and more win the hearts of gardeners-professionals and Amateurs. They are increasingly used in various elements of landscaping of the villas: they are harmonious in rockeries, beautiful in the foreground mixborders spring, luxurious seasonal flower borders.

Today I suggest you take a deeper look 22 best varieties, the names of which often indicate the luxury and refinement of the Association of exotic fruits.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Beau'Beautiful miniature dwarf with an interesting translation of the title of the class of knight. Top shares of (standards) lilac-purple, lower lobes (fouls) with a light purple edge, dark purple center and light blue thick beard. The variety is early flowering period.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Carats'Like a gold ingot, this variety is filled with inside some solar lights. It was created in 1994, Blyth.
Top shares of yellow-orange, bottom – fawn-orange with a bright orange spot in the center. Beard white, the tips of red-orange. The variety is medium-late flowering period.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Chanted'Exquisite pink variety with smoked salmon and hints. Created in 1990 by Blazom. Stands out beautifully on the lower lobes of the flower lavender-blue beard. Grade average flowering period. Peduncle height 36 cm

Iris bearded dwarf, a sort of 'Demon'"Vrubel iris" dark purple-red color of the lobes of the flower and purple piercer made his Hagar in 1972, We have recalled Mikhail Vrubel, the most outstanding representative of painting in the art Nouveau style and his picture of a Demon. As for the canvas, and in a living flower, there is something fascinating that catches the eye. Peduncle up to 30 cm Average in terms of flowering. Standard dwarf with one of the largest flowers, with a diameter of 12 cm, height 7 cm

Iris bearded dwarf, a sort of ‘Double Lament'Mysterious dark purple colored variety with bronze-orange beards. Iris color "violet trance" — so about the trendy colors of the modern era wrote Igor Severyanin is one of the brightest representatives of this time. The variety was created by Taylor in 1969 Peduncle height of 30 cm the Average time of flowering.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Golden Galleon Gold standard dwarf variety, developed by Schreiner in 1977 Harmony in contrast: yellow, lobes blue beard. The variety is early flowering period. Stems with a height of 37 cm, with 3-4 flowers above the leaves.

Iris bearded dwarf, sort of ‘Like Hammered Copper wrought copper, as is the translated name of this variety, it shines on the sun flower, developed by Roberts in 1974 of the Upper lobe of beige and walnut, lower lobes – dark copper, lighter at the base. Beard pale lavender. Grade average flowering period. Peduncle height 33 cm

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar 'Indian Pow Pow'"Fruity" variety: its name translates Indian as pawpaw. Lower perianth lobes brown with a light hatch, the top – light yellow with subtle dark spots, beard blue.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Iris Seas'Plain light yellow iris, whose name translates as sea of iris. Light blue beard like a summer sea.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar 'Kiwi Slices'Another "fruit" of sort, whose name translates as slices of kiwi. Variety was created by Niswonger in 1992, the Share of flower greenish-yellow with reddish-brown spot in the center of the lower lobes. Beard blue with white tipped tangerine in the throat. Grade average flowering period.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Lace Caper'Gorgeous monochrome Golden variety, whose name translates as lace caper. Share edges of the flower slightly ruffled. Beard is Golden, just like the main color of lobes.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Lilly Bright Not by chance that this interesting cultivar is dedicated to the lady — Lily bright. Lower lobes pale yellow, the top is pure white, beard tangerine.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Little Bev Small Bev – so named following the pale pink color sort. Bright tangerine beard.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Little Blackfoot'Dark purple-violet iris with a deep, rich, velvety hue. White-yellow beard – a kind of contrast of a flower.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Lumalite'a Very interesting two-color variety. Lower lobes pale yellow with a white border around the edge, the top is pure white. Beard bright orange. All shares are slightly corrugated.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Mrs. Nate Rudolph is a Very interesting variety on the lady — Mrs. Nate Rudolph. Let me remind you that Rudolph is the name of a number of European emperors and kings. Grade established by Briscola in 1975 the Share of the flower is pale-greenish with Golden shadow "diamond dust". Beard pale blue with white tips, the neck with yellow tips. Grade average flowering period.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Ornament'Gorgeous purple iris. Only the lower lobes at the base are dark purple large spot. Beard bright yellow.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Pumping'Interesting lace solid lavender purple iris. Only the lower lobes at the base have large bright cherry stain. Beard pale lavender.

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Ritz'Luxurious variety, and so it is not accidentally bears the name of an international network of luxury hotels. Grade created a Shriner in 1968, the Upper lobe of the flower of a pure yellow, bottom – yellow, with a chestnut spot in the centre. Beard white, with orange-yellow tips. The variety is very early flowering period.

Iris bearded dwarf, a sort of ‘Skip Stitch'Interesting white and purple variety, whose name translates as flat seam. Rawdon grade established in 1977, the Upper lobes of the flower are white with intense red-purple pattern, bottom – white with a reddish-purple border in the form of a pattern. Share slightly corrugated. Beard white with red-purple tips. Grade term middle-flowering. Peduncle height 22 cm

Bearded iris dwarf cultivar ‘Stockholm'Great variety dedicated to Warburton, who created it in 1972, North of the city of Stockholm. Shares of the flower Golden-copper, iridescent. Beard pale lavender. The variety is early flowering period.

Iris bearded dwarf, a sort of ‘What Again'Very elegant standard two-tone variety, whose name translates as that again. Grade Ensminger created in 1991, the Upper lobes of the flower lavender-blue, bottom – orange-copper with red-brown streaks. Beard lavender-blue in the neck bright orange. Grade the average period of flowering, everbearing (has repeat flowering). The height of the peduncle to 25 cm published

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