Created the first operating system for quantum computers

Cambridge scientists have developed an operating system for a quantum computer. The development of a new platform is a major step towards the creation of supercomputers of new generation. The operating system is called t|ket>, developed by Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQCL), working on simulation of a quantum computer running on a powerful supercomputer, simulates the quantum processor.

Cambridge Quantum Computing hopes that the new software will help commercialize quantum computing.

CQCL is at the forefront of the development of the operating system, which will allow users to use classic combines the power of supercomputers and quantum machines, — it is told in the company message.

T|ket> is an important stage in the development of quantum computing, which will become a reality sooner than previously thought. They will have large and far-reaching consequences for people, covering many aspects of our daily activities.

Quantum computers are positioned as a revolutionary product with great potential in various fields due to its huge computing power. The development of quantum computing systems are engaged in both public and private companies and organizations. They all believe that quantum computers capable of solving complex computational tasks, ensure the future of computing.

Google, NASA and the Central intelligence Agency of the United States is actively developing the idea of quantum computing.published

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