Pineal body — a quantum computer in the brain

At first glance, it would seem that it can be shared between the circuitry of the quantum computer and the esoteric? It turns out that there is a direct link, very interesting and unexpected. Many have probably heard that the brain is a small organ, the epiphysis or pineal body, it is believed that this is the "third eye". Santee (Santee H., "Anatomy of the Brain and Spinal Cord", quoted by manly P. Hall, "Melchizedek and the mystery of fire") describes the pineal gland:


"The pineal body (corpus pineale) is a cone-shaped formation with a length of 6 mm and a diameter of 4 mm attached to the roof of the third ventricle is a flattened leash (habenula). This gland is also called epiphysis.

The pineal body is located at the bottom of the transverse grooves of the brain, directly under the roller of the corpus callosum, between the upper mounds of the roof of the midbrain. It is tightly covered by a soft shell of the brain. Habenula forks, forming a dorsal and ventral plate, separated by the pineal interval. The abdominal plate fused with the back spikes, while the spinal cord continues beyond the spike, closely adhering to the epithelium of the roof.

At the point of attachment to the visual thalamus-the dorsal plate is thickened, forming stria medullaris thalami (strip epiphysis). This thickening is a bundle of fibers of the pole vault and Central olfactory tract. Between brain strips at the rear end there is a transverse commissure, commissura habenularum, in which the fibres of the strips partially overlap, achieving posadochnogo the nucleus of the optic hill. Inside the pineal body is made up of closed follicles surrounded by connective tissue rasteniyami. The follicles are filled with epithelial cells mixed with calcareous matter "brain sand" (acervulus cerebri). Calcareous deposits are also found in the leash along the epiphysis and vascular plexus.

The function of the pineal body is unknown. Descartes believed that the pineal gland is the "seat of the spirit." In reptiles there are two pineal bodies, front and rear; the rear remains undeveloped, and the front forms a rudimentary, cyclopean eye. The new Zealand tuatara lizard he speaks from the parietal hole, and has an imperfect crystalline lens and the retina, and the long leash contains nerve fibers. The pineal gland of humans, probably homologous to the rear of the pineal body of reptiles".

The pineal gland contains the smallest "sand", about the role which modern science is not known virtually nothing. Studies have shown that this substance does not have children up to about seven years, people weak-minded and generally somehow suffering from a lack of mental organization. Occultists know that this sand is the key to the spiritual consciousness of man. He is the connecting link between mind and body.

H. P. Blavatsky wrote in the "Secret Doctrine": "...this sand is very mysterious and baffled the research of all materialists. This is the only sign of internal self-activity of the pineal gland prevents the physiologists classify it as absolutely useless atrophied organ". Here: "... the twink, Grading and Gama were wise people of his generation, and today, too, are such, as they still are the only physiologists,..., summing up the facts that they (grains of sand) are absent in small children, the elderly and the feeble-minded, made inevitable the conclusion that they (grains of sand) should be associated with the mind."

E. I. Roerich in a letter to Dr. A. Aseev wrote: "...a luminous substance, as if the sand observed on the surface of the pineal gland in human development. This sand is the mysterious substance which is adjournment of Mental Energy. Deposits of Psychic Energy can be find in many organs and nerve channels."

Currently histochemica found the structure of "brain sand", Shmatov S. V., SSMU, Tomsk. The synthesis of scientific and esoteric knowledge of pineal gland. Published: "medicine of the future in the light of the synthesis of the scientific worldview of the East and the West." Medical scientific-practical conference may 1-2, 1998 (Abstracts of papers and reports). Tomsk, 1998. — S. 42-45.

Grit size varies from 5 microns to 2 mm, often resemble mulberry berries, so they have a scalloped edge. Consists of organic base — colloid, which is considered the secret of pinealocytes, impregnated with salts of calcium and magnesium, mainly phosphates. Method rentgenokhirurgicheskogo analysis showed that calcium salts on diffractogramme epiphysis similar to the crystals of hydroxyapatite (emphasis mine). The brain of a grain of sand in polarized light detects birefringence to form a "Maltese" cross. An optical anisotropy indicates that the crystals of the salt deposits of the epiphysis are not crystals the cubic system. Due to the presence of calcium phosphate, grit primary fluoresce under UV light, like droplets of colloid, bluish-white glow. A similar blue fluorescence give the myelin sheath of nerve trunks. Usually salt deposits are in the nature of rings — layers, interspersed with layers of organic matter. More about "brain sand" scientists still unclear.

Now, the interesting thing is that this "sand" contains in its composition... calcium hydroxyapatite! That's what was discussed as one of the most suitable candidates for the role of the physical basis of the quantum computer! A striking coincidence, and probably not accidental.

Combining the data on the elemental basis of quantum computer with data about the biology of the pineal gland and the structure of the "brain sand", very interesting assumption: the pineal gland of the brain is a part of a quantum computer in our head, and "brain sand" is the quantum processor.

The computer in our heads — quantum, with all its consequences, and therefore there is a direct relationship with spirituality, which is based on the use of quantum properties of this computer ("psychic energy").
A person has the ability to use "magic" nonlocal properties of entangled States of qubits to your quantum computer.

Theoretical foundations of quantum mechanics, it follows that for emergence and appearance of additional quantum correlations requires the presence of classical interactions. I.e. in order that our soul had the opportunity to understand themselves and to develop further, it must have a material basis, the guide to "objective" world. Thus, the esoteric view that "brain sand" is a link of body and mind, "the seat of the soul", seems quite reasonable.
This conclusion is confirmed by another quote from the book M. P. Hall:
A small child lives mostly in the invisible worlds. His physical body is still controlled with difficulty, however, in those worlds with which it is associated through the open gates of the pineal gland, the child is aware of himself and is active (at least to some extent). Gradually, certain manifestations of higher consciousness are absorbed by physical body and kristallizuetsya in the form of fine sand found in this gland. But until then, until consciousness enters the body, no sand in this gland there.

"Brain sand" are not only people, but animals. Probably a quantum computer only a more primitive version is older "operating system".

This idea can be developed in various ways, as a classic, like the creation of artificial intelligence and esoteric, for example, the process of learning esoteric techniques translate into more accessible language in terms of programming a quantum computer. Now the Internet has created clubs for programming a quantum computer.

Interesting practical embodiment of a direct control of the quantum computer in our brain is the method of V. M. Bronnikov school for the inclusion of the "biocomputer". This kind of "monitor", which can be connected to our quantum computer in mind, this monitor allows you to take advantage of quantum resources. Moreover, it is possible to organize even the usual mode of operation, as with an ordinary personal computer.

Under a quantum computer resource as is customary, I understand as a nonlocal quantum resource, i.e. the computer's ability to manipulate entangled States of their qubits (quantum bits) between themselves and with the environment (control of decoherence).

In our ordinary state of consciousness we use only classical resources in his "head computer". But you can also use quantum resources. Methods and practical applications of our quantum many resources. "Bio-computer" is only one of them, the most "technological".

If familiar with the methods "connect" and the practical application, we see that the work of the bio-computer can be connected with the pineal gland of the brain. Let's start with its inclusion. Preliminary skills that are necessary for this purpose, I omit. To get some idea about them by reading methods school Bronnikov. Pay attention to exercise 8 ("power surge") and exercise "to activate the screen of inner vision", which follows by exercise 16.
The text of these exercises:

ENERGY SPIKE (the author of the method V. Bronnikov

The method of execution.

1 step — exercise is performed with eyes open. Student and Teacher (partners) work in pairs.
The student is in initial positions, the Teacher stands to the side of it. One of his hands located in front of "the screen", the other is rotary motion the palm of your hand it activates a sense of energy in the coccyx Pupil, until he has a new sensations (buzz, wave, speed of energy ball, heat, cold, tingling).

As soon as there are any sensations, the Student says "there", and the Teacher the rotational movements of your hands slowly moves the energy from the coccyx of the Pupil along the spine to his head and hand "screen" rises up along with a running hand.

We must constantly ask the Student about what he feels and where (in what part of the back). As soon as came up in my head feeling the rush of energy or gravity, the Student needs to "burn off excess energy through the eyes," stare into the abyss for 30-60 seconds. allowing energy to freely flow. In this case, you need to pay attention to sensations in the eyes.

Stage 2 is performed in the same way, but the eye Pupil closed. When feeling the energy reaches the head, the Student needs to dramatically open your eyes and to feel through them spilled a flow of energy.

Stage 3-the Student independently creates a sense of energy in the coccyx, the breath moves her head, and as soon as I have the feeling energy in my head, sharply opens his eyes and inhaling makes the release of energy through them.
The exercise can be performed in different positions: standing, sitting, lying. Need to try to bring his run to perfection and within 2-3 seconds, thus gaining the power to "burst". The student can independently control the quality of the "high" placing his hands before his eyes. At the time of the energy output needed to feel the push of its stream in hand.


When the boundaries of the biofield of the student are expanded to normal size, which is achieved by the 6-7-th lesson, proceed to the opening of the inner eye (the formation of the vision screen or the computer). To do this, the learner is offered with closed eyes to represent (generate) the white dot on a dark background, to expand the dot in a horizontal line, then the line to expand the screen vertically. All operations are initially performed at the command of the teacher.
In subsequent classes on the command "enable biocomputer" students run the program, turn on the screen yourself. The process of activation lasts 3-5 seconds. At the end of work with the screen off in the reverse order. Children enabling, disabling, and working with the screen is very easy. Adults can manage it with difficulty, some of them the screen does not appear, which may indicate a relatively low brain activity or the existence of insurmountable psychological barriers or attitudes.
When the screen becomes possible with imagination to vivid pictures, animate them, record the necessary information, etc. the Main screen of inner vision takes place on the 2nd stage of development.

A little subtlety. When you turn on the computer there no mention of "energy bursts" that need to be done to form the white point. I.e. the energy bursts are "trigger", a "button" to be pressed to submit the "signal monitor". Bursts of energy are also needed to disable "monitor". This can be found on indirect information in the messages "user" biocomputer.

So, to turn on the computer it is necessary to form the flow of energy along the spine from the bottom up (something like the raising of Kundalini in the Indian Kundalini-yoga). Since the pineal gland is located above the spinal column, we can say that we put it in an external field. An analogy with NMR techniques, and in particular, the practical implementation of a quantum computer, where quantum processor (in the experiment of Isaac Chang — a vial of liquid) is placed in an external magnetic field.

But the analogy with NMR does not end here. Read the following passage from the already mentioned books of manly P. Hall.

The pituitary gland is the negative pole, however, plays an important role in the spiritual consciousness. On the one hand, he is the initiator, since "lifts" the candidate — the pineal gland. Having a feminine polarity, the pituitary gland acts as a constant temptress. In the Egyptian myths of ISIS, with the qualities of the pituitary gland, their enchantments encourages the Supreme sun God, RA (representing the pineal gland) to open his secret name, which he eventually does. The corresponding physiological process worthy of more detailed consideration.

The pituitary gland begins to faint glow. From him start to come slightly shimmering rings of light, gradually fading at a short distance from the gland. As occult development due to the due understanding of the relevant laws of the ring surrounding the pituitary becomes brighter. Their distribution is uneven: they are extended to the side of the pituitary gland, which is addressed to the third ventricle and dilate, creating an elegant parabola, in the direction of the pineal gland. Gradually, as the flow increases, they are increasingly approaching the dormant CMOS Shiva, staining the pineal gland in Golden-orange color and gently bringing her into motion. Under the influence of gentle warmth and radiance of the divine fire of the pituitary gland, the egg begins to shake and move; accomplished majestic mystery occult deployment.
The pineal gland is the link between human consciousness and invisible worlds of Nature. Whenever the body of the pituitary gland comes into contact with this gland, in humans there is a brief flash of clairvoyance, but in order to achieve coordinated work of these bodies requires many years of dedicated physiological and biological training of some kind.

That's amazing. It's the classic diagram of the NMR! Most often, for observing magnetic resonance apply an additional alternating magnetic field, directed perpendicular to the constant external field.

The line connecting the hypophysis and epiphysis lies fairly close to the plane perpendicular to the line of the spine. The pituitary gland thus plays the role of the coil perpendicular to the external magnetic field in a classical NMR.

One more thing. The NMR try to use the most strong external field, because this increases the signal of a resonance, i.e. is a more accurate and detailed picture. The same condition is true in our case for the computer and close methods to open the "third eye", i.e. need to be able to create a fairly powerful energy flow.

Let us turn to the analysis of scientific publications on the topic of the pineal gland and brain sand. In Russian language the most interesting article about the pineal gland, which is found in the Internet: V. H. havinson, Golubev A. G., Aging of the pineal gland "advances in gerontology", 2002, issue 9. Here are a few quotes from this work (private space highlighted by me in bold):

In addition to lipofuscin in the pineal gland during aging accumulate calcium concretions representing deposits of hydroxyapatite organic -.
Determination of calcium by atomic adsorption spectroscopy in the epiphyses of people who died at the age of 3 months. to 65 years, showed that the total calcium level is in direct correlation with age and back night and day melatonin levels in the pineal gland [56].

These data confirm often cited in other works information about the correlation of the amount of hydroxyapatite in the pineal gland with age. Interest and correlation with the melatonin. Melatonin it focuses on the vast majority of publications on the pineal gland, after experiments on mice have shown that increased melatonin has significantly increased their life expectancy. The real boom started research on this topic.

Return to the article quoted:
The authors electron-microscopic study of calcium nodules in the cells of the epiphysis of people aged 2 days. to 86 years, I came to the conclusion that "they (the nodules) is hardly relevant to age, because it can be absent even in very old people", and the formation of calcium nodules in the pinealocytes is more to do with the secretory activity than with the atrophy of the cells [27].

Interesting conclusion, shows that calcium nodules are not associated directly with aging, but rather with activity of the pineal gland (intellectual activity?, ie working quantum computer?)

The dependence of the formation of calcium nodules in the pinealocytes of their functional activity is confirmed by the results of computed tomography 70 patients with epilepsy aged 9-58 years. The incidence of calcification of the pineal gland was not associated with age and gender and was higher if the epileptic focus is localized in the right temporal lobe (94%) than if it is localized in the left lobe (24%). Owing to the interhemispheric asymmetry of the right temporal lobe when compared to the left gives a more massive innervation in the limbic system. Accordingly, epileptic attacks in the right lobe should lead to a stronger stimulation of the pineal gland, which is partly regulated through the limbic system [55]. Depending on the calcium concretions in the pineal gland from the level of stimulation evidenced by rapid accumulation of these deposits in the pineal gland of the Mongolian gerbil under immobilization stress [48].

The functional consequences of the accumulation of calcium nodules in the epiphysis is not clear. It is assumed that their education is over-stimulation of pinealocytes, as it can be under stress and is a way to aboveright calcium ions and protect the pinealocytes from the excessive accumulation of calcium ions in the cytoplasm of cells [48]. People have a level of calcium nodules defined by computed tomography, is inversely correlated with the level of excretion of metabolites of melatonin [44]. These data can give two explanations.
On the one hand it is clear that the accumulation of nodules in the tissue once supposed to achieve, creating an insurmountable disturbance of its functions, but it is unknown what is the degree and achieved it in real life. On the other hand, regardless of the contribution of calcium nodules in disorders of the pineal gland, their level and the level of lipofuscin can be seen as indicators of the cumulative dose received by the pinealocytes of damaging factors of endogenous origin (calcium nodules — increased doses of excess calcium and lipofuscin is an indicator of exposure of cells to free radicals of oxygen).
Ie why the need for brain sand, so no one knows, and no apparent hindrances to the functioning of the pineal gland seems like he does not create, and that it can be useful, no one even thinks about.

One of the main conclusions made in this article:
Changes with aging in the pineal gland, are more functional than organic in nature, which makes possible its correction.

One interesting observation in the analyzed article on the relationship of the number of calcium nodules in the epiphysis with stress and, consequently, the energy gradients. I have long been spinning in my head thought about the relationship of epilepsy and sleepwalking (somnambulism) with large gradients of energy in our body and, consequently, reducing the weight of the person. The matter dealt with by Professor P. I. Kovalevsky.
The Text Of Dmitry Nazina:

"... Professor St. Petersburg military medical Academy P. I. Kovalevsky (my little note, he is better known as a Professor of psychiatry at the University of Warsaw will remind, Poland at the time, in the late XIX — early XX centuries was part of Russia, probably, it's just different periods of his life) .

On the debt of his service in the military commissions had to identify malingerers "killed" from the army. Came across these artists that played fits directly into the eyes of the doctors, so fact that you had to put them to the desired diagnosis. Kovalevsky, seeing this, decided to find a way for objective diagnosis. (As you know, at the time of the EEG system).

Knowing about the changes of weight of the person during the unusual mental States, he applied for the diagnosis of the scales. Weighed the man before the incident and immediately after it. And found that drop weight the epileptic in the most mild form of the disease — the dizziness is from 2 to 9 pounds. And in epileptic seizures (grand mal epilepsie) to 12 pounds. In the case of deep mental illness, which is often accompanied by epilepsy and prolonged seizures, these losses reach a quarter of the weight. Later, however, natural weight restored rather quickly. Modern research has shown that in severe cases losses of up to 33-35% of the weight of the patient. That is, the average male of his 75 kg needs to lose about 25."

The text of the P. I. Kovalevsky hard to find, can only result in an indirect quote (Yuri Roscius. NEUTOPENIA — BURN! (TM 1.1988))

Then turn to the evidence of doctors. For example, a famous psychiatrist P. I. Kovalevsky:
"DROP BODY WEIGHT. I first pointed to the fact that epileptic seizures are accompanied by a consistent loss of body weight of epileptic, and these losses are both in somatic and psychic epilepsy... This weight loss can also be a variety of causes contributing to the disintegration of body tissues and their excretion in the urine, sweat, breath, etc... Research the weight of the epileptics, has shown that in some cases the drop can reach 700 g, and after an attack of psychic epilepsy 13 kg".

Electroencephalogram of the brain in epilepsy and somnambulism close to the EEG during REM phase of sleep (especially in a lucid dream), which also leads to some reflections about commonalities in these processes. But that's a separate issue. published

Author: S. I. Doronin


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