New technology for cheap solar energy is being tested

New technology can help to seriously reduce the process of converting solar energy into electricity. English scientists noted the high efficiency of the system.

Recent years have seen the rapid growth of the world market of photovoltaic energy. This contributes to the development of renewable energy and control of CO2 emissions.

Nevertheless, it is widely used today commercial methods of producing photovoltaic energy using thin-film technology based on silicon are associated with high costs, since the deposition process is performed in vacuum. Development of innovative technologies and the discovery of new materials can help to reduce the cost of production of photovoltaic energy.

The research team from Exeter University said that the key to cheap solar power may be the mineral perovskite. The scientific experiments conducted in Brazil, USA, Spain, China, UK and Saudi Arabia, confirmed the effectiveness of this material for solar energy conversion into electricity in different atmospheric conditions and not just under direct sunlight.

The results of the study were published in the journal Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells. Currently, scientists continue to study stability of solar devices based on perovskite in different climatic conditions.



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