Fun table perfect for serving

Ninety two million sixty four thousand three hundred sixty seven

Eighty six million six hundred twenty five thousand nine hundred thirty six

Twenty six million six hundred twenty eight thousand twenty six

Four million four hundred sixty nine thousand nine hundred ninety three

Seventy four million thirty five thousand three hundred four

Sixty six million nine hundred eight thousand two hundred fifty four

Fifty five million three hundred six thousand three hundred ten

Thirteen million six hundred fifty four thousand eight hundred seventy seven

Twenty nine million nine hundred twenty five thousand six hundred thirty seven

Sixty three million five hundred twenty one thousand two hundred sixty eight

One million five hundred ninety one thousand five hundred seven

Table: Feedback from the Ukrainian design Bureau HochuRayu seems to have appeared at the intersection of industrial design and philosophy. To such thoughts we persuaded the project description provided by the authors. According to them, the model is "a symbol of the imprint that leaves food information". At the same time, the Feedback – totally functional item that tells how to lay the table for everyday meals that fosters a culture of food consumption. The designers as a hint: the same care should be taken to absorb information. The table top is made from maple, the legs – made of metal.



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