House - a place of power for women. Or why you are homeless?

Any person, especially a woman should be home, the feeling of the house. Without this feeling of sick people, without feeling at home there can be no inner peace, which is always associated with a deep sense of home.

Someone is not at home, someone lives in-law, someone in the rented accommodation, and there are those who have their own apartment, and feeling at home there!

Any person, especially a woman should be home, the feeling of the house. Without this feeling of sick people, without feeling at home there can be no inner peace, which is always associated with a deep sense of home.

Such a man as if he does not live the life of postponed included standby. That will move, so do the repair, that will increase the area ...

The house - a place, a place where you feel safe, comfortable, and restores power.

I'm home!

In the house you can always sit back, relax, gain strength, to take important decisions.

The house - a place where all are treated wounds, a place where you take the way you have.
From the house I do not want to leave, did not want to leave for a long time, because he is alive and he is for us a place of power.

The house says a lot about us: our desires, aspirations, relationships, where our energy is directed, what happens to us internally.

House - the basis on which to build all our life. Your adult and conscious life.

Often we look for development and personal growth beyond the threshold of our house. And at home - ripped sweats, bad food, cooked in a hurry, all the running and neuhozheno! Not coiffed hair, scandals and abuse.

House for many becomes JuggleStay. But after all the most important moments of life unfold at home. The house we build relationships, raise children, give them something important, something with which they go through life.

It takes real life home. What is it with you? Or do you have a life only at work?

When we can not organize everyday life, everyday life, we are running out of the house to travel there looking for relaxation and happiness. But if the house is no happiness and relaxation in the journey you will not find it too. But on arrival for a long time you have to include in your life! Often traveling woman hides his inner discomfort, fatigue life, and the lack of sense of peace and inner harmony.

When a woman is not rooted - it is bad, it is the mentality is destructive.

No feeling at home:
when you stay at work for a long time;
when you had better be anywhere, but not at home;
you travel a lot and move;
when at home you feel yourself uncomfortable and inconvenient;
when you do not feel safe and comfortable in the space in which you live;
and you always want to change something, to move, to increase the area.
How to return a sense of home?
House comes when we are in harmony with themselves, with life when we want to live, to build, to create, to have children, to take root!

To have a home, you need to grow up. The "children" are no houses! They always wander into other people's houses! And a removable housing!

Being a child, a man unconsciously wants to return to where it was easy, easy, and secure. Why your house, if he already has a house parent, and it with every fiber of the soul to strive to get there again.

House or lack of fully reflects what is happening inside you.

It would be nice to understand their fears.

Maybe some childhood afraid to go home, afraid of unpredictability, feared outbreaks of parental anger, complaints and comments: Why not do it? Too late? Not removed?

It was all quiet - her friends, in the street, but not at home, the house may have been scandals, drunkenness.

The house was something dangerous! And you were afraid to go home. That is why today is so hard to take root, so hard to settle down and create their own space, there is no such experience! But being aware of these issues, move forward is much easier than when we live in the dark.

To build a family, you need to build a house, to have a common space, without this family will not.

When there is a family, but not at home for a long time, it is a signal. Perhaps she did not choose a man unconsciously wants to return to his parents' home, so the house is not the total sum. Homelessness - a signal included standby. Question - what are you waiting for?

When a woman chooses a man, then she has a desire to have a home. Man is always the feeling and begins to act, a woman needs only to support him in this.

It's not about the money. No money when the house is not necessary. No family in terms of energy, not at home. The solution of housing problems depends on the relationship in a pair, if they are, then the house will not have problems!

Rental housing - a psychological immaturity, especially when such residence is stretched on for years. Kvartirodateli - is "parents", and strict liability. They decide what to do for you, what furniture to buy, what to pay you assign. Are you addicted to where we usually need to be free. How are the kids. You have to ask whether it is possible to get a dog or cat, dilute the flowers, even a baby. Kvartirodateli bear full responsibility for their homes and their safety. Not you.

So if you live in rented accommodation, you need to grow up. And understand that the basis of the lack of housing is not the money issue and the reluctance to create your house and break away from their parents.

It's like to wake up, shake off sleep and slowly but surely begin to move in the right direction. The realization that you proiskhodit- is the path to your own home.

You must be a way home. Start creating an image of your home and the quality of life in the walls, and others in the space where you are. Start to grow up! You have to have your things. And as we live in rented accommodation? Alien ware, other people's curtains, everything is strange.

HOUSE - more
Independent life!
And for women - is her place of power! Therefore, everything in your home should please you, it should be your energy!

And if not now his home, you need to create your space, the prototype "of his house," to buy things that take in your home! And not to live: here will house - will buy, as long as on old sofas and stools mangy, old wallpaper :))

To be honest to the end, in a rented apartment, you'll never be as at home. There is no possibility to take root, at any time you may be asked, will have its world raking in bags and transported to a new location, again settle, grow roots and again disappointed.

The scary rental housing? We do not give this house, and the house does not give anything to us. We have a place of power!

We need to finish with this internally. What makes you wander about and to be restless? What terrible will happen, when you have your home?

And the question for unmarried women: Why are you in a rented accommodation, why not got married and moved out to a safe place? It's also no accident happened?

These issues make it possible to think, to realize some very important, deep and root motives that underlie the rest of your life!

These are the disadvantages of owning your own home, we found a party with the girls' school (now lives with her husband in the house-in-law):

The house needs to contain;
Who are the parents of the costs, and will have their own;
Finally, we tear off the two parents;
In your own home is always a lot to do;
It is impossible to leave the child and go for;
The feeling of loneliness;
It is your responsibility that rests solely on you;
From his home did not go away, even if you really swear.
The house (apartment) - it is something thorough and complete! It's your choice, including with whom you will live! And this thoroughness and completeness, we are afraid, so wander 40 years in other people's homes, because the choice is not made!

Our house - this is our reflection. And if we want to change something in the house, the changes must begin in our own soul.

House - a place of power, he is treated with respect and reverence, so afraid to defile my house scandals, insults and abuse, because the whole film is deposited on the walls and long sucks power from you. A house should provide power.

Let your house be full cup, start with food. It must always be prepared and consciously bring prosperity and family happiness.

Invite your guests and be willing to accept unexpected guests! Let there be order and comfort! The order - is not when everything is washed and swept clean, and when it is felt that the house has a mistress, is its life, its order, its rules!

Every day in your home can be a joyful and filled, bringing satisfaction, and do not live in a hurry and on the fly.

Start meet and see off his household. Meet the husband and children are not vykrivaya of the room and on the verge of not going to sleep issues, and just show that you are glad to see that you have been waiting for! First, feed, drink, sleep, lay, and then and ask questions!

Poor when a woman meets her husband! Something in your life has gone incorrect!

Think about how you can please, surprise, give a sense of comfort and coziness to all family members and guests, including?

In the Caucasus, there is a saying: A guest in the house - the house of God! When inviting guests you invite into the house well-being, giving you get! Do not skimp on this, do not be stingy on the kind gesture on his energy to his attention.

I have often written about the beautiful tea pair, buy for fruits, table service and start using it, as well as saucers and tureens.

After all, to do all this, it is necessary to build relationships within the family, to become a kind, considerate, friendly, generous, elegant! This is where your personal growth. In the house. But not out of it.

It creates a home space of love and understanding between men and women! If you do not have this space, there is no future for the relationship!

Remove, discard anything that seems strange, unnecessary and ugly! Everything has to please you, it should be your.

We need to learn to create their daily lives in their own home. Create your world! And what you want to create the world?

And if you are not at home, then you should have experience in creating your own world!
Live well today, do not delay your life then! And you will have the happy experience. Without it, in the new apartment you will feel unsatisfied.

Happiness ineobhodimye attract funds for its own meters or more.

When you begin to cultivate a sense of home, everything will begin to change - your thoughts, actions, and most importantly - your life!

Try it, you will like it!

Tatiana Dzutseva


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