What should be the energy in the city — alternative sources of electricity

We will talk about alternative sources of electricity, which will in the near future to benefit the residents of the cities.

The most environmentally friendly and renewable sources of energy are natural forces, which include solar, wind, marine and tidal, and thermal waters. These types of energy do not require large investments. You just need to create technologies to use efficiently the surrounding human energy for their own use, without the big financial expenses.

Solar energy

Electricity using solar energy is very promising in regions with a large number of Sunny days. For receiving you don't need to stock up on fuel. Energy can produce special solar panels installed on the roof or the walls of houses.

The only drawback to date, this alternative source of energy is its high cost. Solar panels themselves are very expensive. The payback period for them is very large, since the battery will quickly fail, than pay off the investment in its creation. Currently available equipment has a very low coefficient of conversion of solar energy into electricity. In addition, modern solar panels require a lot of space.


But science is not static and scientists are already working on several projects that would enhance the efficiency of conversion of solar energy into electric current. This energosnabzhayuschaya rate in the reconciliation of the cities of the future cheap and safe energy. The commissioning of the new solar panels will make solar energy more competitive with traditional energy sources of modern civilization.

The use of wind energy

The technology transformation of wind power into electricity is widely used in areas of strong winds. Here there is a large number of windmills that convert wind power into electricity. This kind of energy can compete with energy, working on carbon fuel and gas. The cost of such electricity is quite low.

Very popular today is the technology of creating special wind farms, which operates a large number of wind turbines that convert wind power into electricity. In recent years, the farm appeared not only in the coastal area of the traditional storms, but in the continental part of the land.

The design of the windmill has high adaptability. To create these wind farms are used to achieve many industries. This approach can be considered an example for the development of alternative energy in the near future.

The only disadvantage of this type of energy is the inability of the device of wind turbines in the city. The energy supply of cities by mapping the strength of the winds is difficult due to:

High vibration of the wind turbine. This design is installed on the roof of the building and the result of their work can ruin the structure an increased level of vibration and worsen living conditions in these homes people.

A high noise level. Wind turbines in the course of their work will create excessive noise, especially in residential areas with one — storey houses.

The possibility of destruction due to strong winds. The threat of potential destruction of the wind turbine creates an additional threat to residential areas of the city, so as to lead such an installation more than 100 tons. Her fall from a great height would be catastrophic for the urban population.

The lack of available space in the city. The windmill requires a large space, which at high density there is in the modern city.

In General, when comparing these two types of alternative energy, the supply of the cities through the conversion of solar energy into electric energy seems more promising.

The use of energy from tides and currents

According to experts in the field of alternative energy sources using the power of sea tides and sea currents has good prospects to search for new ecological energy supply of urban settlements.

However, this will elektrosnabzhenie available only to those cities that are located in the coastal line. Cities located on the coast, moreover, already actively use the surrounding waters for navigation and for the tourist industry. All this does not allow to widely use the energy of sea waves for energy cities.

Energy geothermal sources

Thermal power can be considered only as an alternative source of supply of modern urban civilization. First, the sources of thermal waters do not occur everywhere. Secondly, they are all located in areas of volcanic activity, which is not particularly suitable for cities, as the threat of their destructive power

From the presented analysis of alternative energy we can conclude that the basic power of cities in the near future will be able to provide only solar energy and wind energy

Technological breakthroughs in modern wind energy

If energy based on the conversion of solar heat, is actively developing the promising wind power turned out to be undeservedly forgotten scientists and engineers. Despite the fact that for centuries mankind is using wind energy, including for electricity, all created during this time wind turbines are based on one principle, which is based on the use of the translational energy of the flow of air. He turns with the rotating rotor into electric power.

Many inventors have repeatedly tried to increase the efficiency of the use of the kinetic energy of moving air masses, rationalizing the electricity settlements based on wind energy. All studies focused either on growth kinetic potential of wind power or on the concentration of air power. With the sort of rather primitive approach is not fully assessed all the energy potential of the wind.

In addition to falling into the tube of the wind turbine air flow of business turned out to be air flow around the pipe outside. According to some researchers, the use of potential energy of the external flow could significantly increase the efficiency of wind turbines for transformation of wind energy. When you change the pipe construction of the wind farm, taking into account the external energy has fotocameradigitaligl would enhance its effectiveness in 5 and more times. To increase the energy potential of the outer flow would need a narrower tube is installed inside the generator.

Such designs can effectively be used even in areas characterized by medium and low wind speed throughout the year. As a result the cost for electric energy in cities can be significantly reduced through engineering breakthroughs too soon.

The tests of these structures showed that the installation can operate efficiently even at reduced two times the initial wind speed. Even under these conditions, energosnabzhayuschaya cost-effective and low-cost.

The use of the new structures will allow you to solve a number of problems associated with the difficulty of using wind turbines in urban environments. They do not need large areas, as for wind turbines with large diameter pipes. This wind power installation has a tower design, and like most urban buildings use the vertical space.

Developers today have created several types of tower turbines, which could produce electrical energy wind power up to 40 MW that is more than enough for the service of the modern middle of the city. It is the tower wind turbines that are located separately from the buildings and the built and vane design to convert wind strength into electricity. A variety of types of tower windmills expands the possibilities of their use in the city.


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