Why do we need energy, and where to get it

If a person has little power, he is not interesting to anyone! People react to the energy, they flock to those who "shines". Those who are called charismatic - is above all a man full of energy, who can and wants to give, to share that energy! Most people do not know how to fill yourself with energy, so look for others in the field where you can feel "stuffed».

What is energy? Let's start with the relationship. It attracts the attention of a woman is not the most beautiful, and one that is full of energy! Which shines, which is in the benevolent state that does not have a block on the sexual chakra, and it means allowing the energy to rise above the Creator of the sexual chakra and transformed into energy through the heart of unconditional love.

Here, the attention ... has lost the game at the level of "let's learn how to throw leg over the other, as in" Basic Instinct ", to attract a mate." What a partner can be involved at the level of these techniques? Partner for sex, of any harmonious relationship of speech did not go. Because to attract a mate at Heart, you need to broadcast different energy level: transformed sexual energy through the heart chakra.

Sexual energy - the energy of life, energy and joy of creativity, energy abundance. First of all - it is the energy of the Creator, we get another question on how much we can pass this energy through you ?!

If there are injuries for fear of death, fear of injuries to show their light and beauty, and many others - all this creates a block within the energy, the person is functioning at a minimal limit energy intake

. What attracted the attention of men women? First of all: active, successful, implemented, responsible, with sense of humor, those who have a lot of energy

All of us implies is not beauty, not money, not the success or knowledge, all attracted energy! Just those who possess this power, realize their potential and is prepared in response to the creature comforts.

Criteria that a lot of energy in man:

the most important and the first filled with energy criterion: "desire to share" The desire to do something, to create, to make the world better! If you have a desire to help, you're filled with high energy potential!

Attention! On your energy level will be "flied" a sufficient number of people who only want to get! It is important to distinguish between skill include: energy consumers will express complaints and dissatisfaction, they do not have a state of gratitude.

To save personal harmonious state need to remember that you can not give all in a row, and for those who want or who are ready to take your gifts. This is one of the laws of conservation of energy - focus on yourself

. First of all listen to yourself, you want to be divided with this man, you are harmoniously interacting with them? If not - then there will be serious loss of energy, and in this case is activated the moment of choice: are you willing to lose energy or choose to terminate the interaction or communication to transfer to other levels

. a positive view of the world, the ability to see the opportunities and potentials,
the absence of disease,
low need for food and sleep,
the internal state of calm and balance,
the desire to act and expand their comfort zone to try new things.

The criteria that the energy in the little man:

frequent bad moods,
chronic fatigue and lack of strength,
High need for sleep and food,
disease or frequent colds,
feeling like a victim: complaints of low pay / pension program: "what can I do? nothing! »
irritability, anger, resentment,
a state of mind: "I do not have - I do not have anything to anyone»,
pessimistic approach to life, we see life in black and gray on the principle "everything is bad, but used to be better».

Let's look at other areas of life where energy is needed:

To change reality

The energy needed for everything! In the beginning it was put emphasis on the relationship, but it is only a small part of the need, which need energy. Without filled with energy, with a maximum fullness, it is simply impossible to control a reality, move layers of static energy and redirect the potential for other possible temporary lines.

To get familiar with the rails, behaviors, needs energy, lots of energy, to show courage and to express themselves in a new way! Selecting the transition to the new timelines - life potentials, it is directly related to the fact that you begin to do things that used to be afraid to do. And it is always the overcoming of ourselves, a huge energy costs, which are possible only when you are filled with the most energy.

Reality may change not only the changes in behavior or consciousness, while achieving the highest level of vibration and the possibility of access to the energy level of the Creator, you can interact with life's potentials is driving energy potential, such people are called Magi your reality.

They create a reality to the extent possible, rather than just follow the law of causality. But this is the highest level of skills, which is not given simply so suddenly, but only through daily practice and usually many lives before this incarnation is dedicated to the development and expansion of consciousness.

For healing

For the treatment you need a huge amount of energy. This applies both to healing trauma trust yourself, to take himself and physical diseases, the roots of which lie in always deeper inner blocks.

For all it takes courage to go inside yourself! This requires huge amounts of energy, when the energy is not present: choice of the person to close their eyes to the problem, escape it or to blame others or circumstances. This means there is no energy to face the truth and go inward to deal with the problem.

Work with past lives requires enormous energy costs if energy is not enough people just do not see in the past, or will not be willing to take the actions themselves in the past, he suggests that simply could not afford.

When dealing with a disease is always a meeting with the injury itself rejected! To meet with aspects of pain within themselves need energy! Otherwise, immediately goes running away, it looks like a phrase-excuse: "I do not know what I feel," "I do not feel anything," or "I do not know." All these phrases speak of fear to move inward and ask yourself a question and hear the answers.

To rejuvenate

This aspect of the work with the energy associated with the impact on the physical body, and matter changes only under a very powerful energy actions, not a single character - once made, and forward the result, and under the constant and systematic practice

. To stop the aging process, first you need to change the thoughts, you need to scrubbing their energy system by blocks, negative energy. In fact, working with the energy system refers to the basis of the foundations, without the ability to work with it is impossible to work with the recovery of the body, to control reality, or interact with other people.

In this first "scrubbing" and then building up the energy potential. Working with the theme of rejuvenation is necessary as the ability to "move the temporary layers" - this is more a metaphor, but consists in the fact that the cells returned to the memory of youth
. How to gain energy


In this section, let's talk about what you can dial "rough" energy, but using it is impossible to go to the level of interaction with reality, it is just energy to survive.

First of all is the food, the food gives you energy, but if you go and turn in your diet components that contain more subtle energy - prana, then feel completely different: it is green, all the vegetables and fruits, fresh juices, water, minimal thermal processing in the preparation of food (applies to fruits and vegetables), as well as the use of food immediately after cooking, rather than a few hours or days.

It is also possible to fill the food energy of love in the preparation, then it turns out especially tasty.


If you consciously breathe, while watching how the body feels, where the terminals and the intention of allowing the energy goes into the whole body, there is a burst of energy.

To relieve stress, and stress - it is off the channel connection with his Spirit and the Creator is a powerful instant blackout and loss of energy. Conscious breathing, switching attention to the not himself, his state and at least 5 - 10 minutes to stay in silence, breathing allows you to restore a peaceful state

. Energy Practice

The most strong and powerful ways to replenish and increase energy are energy practices. For more simple ones include physical activity: for men - it is a sport, yoga, tai chi, women's swimming, dancing

. But a strong and powerful cleaning and filling practices is the practice of energy work on the subtle plane:. With his energy field, with the energy of the Creator

You should begin with what to clean energy channel running along the spine of the block, so that the energy of the Creator and Gaia went through it freely. Then clean the chakras of the blocks, and that all sorts of fears, negative programs, emotional trauma. Scrubbing gives extension channel energy intake. And then proceed to build the energy field shell, high vibration level, disconnecting from foreign energy channels that connect to the chakras of man.


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