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The relationship of male and female is one of the most important and basic fact in the way of knowledge of human nature.

No one is challenging the fact that in every human being regardless of gender there are two principles — male and female. One of them manifested externally in the physical body and determines a person's sex, and the other is invisibly present in and powerfully manifests itself on unseen levels.

The human spirit decides to incarnate in a physical body at free will, they are driven by the eternal need for self-development, which at times is absolutely necessary is the experience of material life. Seeing all the journey of life before the incarnation on the physical level, the spirit chooses the body in which he is expected to be in this life. He chooses the body from love, from understanding the tasks it has set itself the intended life on Earth, realizing that this body will create the necessary conditions for the passage of the upcoming lessons. So our body is our only best friend on Earth.
We all have the experience of previous lives in different forms — in both the male and female. And in future lives we have to "change roles". This understanding would remove a lot of tension in the confrontation of the sexes, characteristic of modern humanity. And the voltage is fear. The main fear — "fear of fears", writes L. Viilma is the fear of "nobody loves me".

In addition, everyone has roots — parents. The child chooses their parents, experiencing them unconditional love, knowing that they are for him — the perfect parents. He comes to them to, comprehended and taking them "bad", to develop spiritually.

Placement of energies in the human body draws a clear line between male and female. The left side is the male energy or all that is associated with his father, brother, husband, son, and the male sex in General. Right side — the feminine energy — all that is connected with the mother and other blood relatives in the female line, as well as all the other women. At the same time, the body as a wise teacher, shows that health is possible only in a harmonious unity of these two principles.

God=Man is the energy of Love. The basis and the Creator of life is Love. Everything bad stems from a lack of love. The movement of love is blocked by fear. If it were not for the fear of "nobody loves me", then there would be no fear of "my love is not needed." That woman's soul there is an endless source of love. In the soul of man source no. Man is the source of physical strength. The woman is the beginning of the giver, and a man — taker. Without love man can not live. Without love no life is the law of nature. Ideally, a woman giving becomes the taker, and the man, taking becomes giving. Woman giving power of love and gets the physical strength of men. The man gives his physical strength and the power of love. That's life, and to protest against it — only means to destroy himself. How many conflicts would not have occurred or was resolved painlessly if people were guided by this understanding!

Any creative work is, first of all, creation itself. Everything that man does, he does for himself, and all his thoughts, words and deeds come back to him, like a boomerang. What is your attitude to the other, your attitude to the same energy within himself.

One who does not understand himself cannot understand others. Dissatisfaction is the inability to communicate with yourself, to understand their true needs and to accept yourself as you are. Communication is love without conditions.

We live in a world where everywhere is the law of the "unity of opposites": hot and cold, light and darkness, day and night, here and there, top and bottom, great and little, life and death, man and woman and so on to infinity. The main thing — to understand that these opposites are no irreconcilable contradictions, but, on the contrary, is the indissoluble unity that creates the necessary integrity. How much more confident I would feel in the life of a woman, if she could make a man! In this case, it could rely on its physical strength and because of this, truly love your father, brother, husband, son (not possessive love, which stems from fear and generates conflict). How much smoother and healthier could be the man if he was able to make a woman, not ashamed of its manifestations (such as weakness and tenderness)! Then he could rely on the limitless power of love and, truly, out of love, accepting yourself in the indissoluble integrity, accept, and their parents, especially a mother and wife and all other women and men in its path.

Isolation and separation evoke feelings of loneliness and helplessness, feeling small and weak in a vast hostile world. Man, one with everything, happy and healthy. Diseases do not need to come to reason with him. The only thing he needs is to be himself, i.e. to be a person.
The harmony of the basic elements — spiritual and physical, male and female — it helps to feel the wholeness and inseparable unity with all of creation, to come to love and true understanding of life.
Methods and tezniki work teach love. Love is the purest and Tselebnaya energy of all. Only he who accepts and loves himself is able to love others. To love is to give.
Whatever road all right man, this road is always the road of his destiny. Love points the way and helps to go on it. It is the Way.

To perceive something, you need to be open. How? Soul. Imagine you have a closed space, like a jail cell or cage. Imagine how you widely open the front wall (door) of that cell. Are you ready to take all that you give? Scary? Or good? Maybe I want something bad to do? Trust me?

You know, never trust one person completely. Never! You can only trust God. But then check. God after that? God is love. But if you try to figure out what love is, if each will write your answer on paper, and I will read it aloud, you will agree that everyone will have their answer, their understanding of love. Therefore, trust but verify. Always do so. And to all you give spiritually, not hurt, imagine that behind there the second you open the door of your cell. And now, all I'm saying is that you say other people will pass through your soul without barriers. This means that life passes through you, you go through life and no one suffers. Inside you like some kind of sieve, through which the "screened" all you found in life, and remain "sumochki" — the most important thing, what you have learned. Imagine that I'm a teacher, and you disciples. I say: release everything to the wind. Did you do that? Why you have come here? What do you think? You came for something important, come to learn to understand ourselves. You come to learn what is called spirituality. But spirituality is not the gathering of knowledge, the transmission of knowledge through itself. Then knowledge not into the mind, and wisdom.

Ponder, please, what I'm saying. Let's think together, let us feel, then you will get more than you could even imagine. After all, to learn to communicate with him it is necessary not through knowledge, enough to feel. I don't speak Russian, sometimes I have not enough words. But I speak slowly and simply, speak the language of the soul. And you know me, think and feel with me, you will not cling to the word, do not conclude that you are disappointed or upset. Not think, she said something can not, then do not know how, and came to teach us. After all, no one person can know everything. Right? And if the person recognizes it, is it bad? This is normal. You may have seen a film about a Tibetan Lama, who from birth was being prepared for the fact that he took a high position. And when he was appointed head of state, he said, "But I don't know how to run the country, but I will learn, I will listen to his advisers, who are smarter than me." And people began to respect him for this act. Because that is the way of wisdom: do not be proud of the inability, not to be ashamed of their ignorance, and try to understand why we are not able to know what you do not know and understand what it means. If something that I say can cause internal protest, ask yourself what it means. Ask yourself. Because you in fact have a protest. Heart will give the answer, just give him time.

I'm talking about the language of stress. Perhaps this concept is still not all clear.Stress is a stressful state of the organism arising as a defensive reaction to negative stimuli.

Stress is an invisible energetic connection with the bad. All that this person is bad, is stressful. For another – it may not be a stress.Medicine treats the stress at the level of its physical manifestations, i.e. resulting of the disease. And the disease is not that other, as the accumulated total of invisible energy that causes physical illness. And medicine, and people usually understand stress as the last mental stress in the line of stress experienced after a year or decades, which directly followed the disease. This interpretation of stress suffer from limitations.

In the language of stress with a person says his own life.

Stress is unrealized energy. What do you mean unrealized? This is the energy that is not passed through me. If the energy came to me, it is part of God. She is a living, divine, even if it's hatred. This energy knows that I need it. She comes, and if I had grown up, ripe and ready for spiritual development, that is development through spiritual level. Many read spiritual books by different teachers. Everyone teaches in their own way. If a doctrine you understand, like, it seems its to follow him. Take this teaching and use it, check whether it is suitable for you. If you are using this doctrine to find herself, all the same, you are listening to teachers or reading books, you will not assess knowledge, call them good or bad. You bit by bit add new knowledge (as part of the mosaic that complements your picture of the world), you are getting better. This is the development.

You may not know how to learn only through spiritual level, not ready yet. Is it bad? Does that mean you got worse? No. We just like plants, grown but not yet ripe. You may not yet be ready to accept the teachings, you are still growing. But for each level of development there is something that helps us to find ourselves, or more precisely, your peace of mind. If the soul is calm and easy, then we found myself. If we are not able to develop spiritually, we have to learn through the material level, that is, through material obstacles, gravity, flaws, suffering, and, of course, through the disease. If we ran, fussed, had to destroy the obstacles, eliminate the weaknesses, then the teacher is the disease. This will not wave away. If we understand that our business in life is a mirror reflection of our character, and the disease — mirror reflection of our character and our actions, then we will have something to think about. And these are the stresses that speaking to us through feelings, thoughts, words, actions, of the disease as they accumulate? And looks like the release I'm talking about? How to use forgiveness to release your stress?

To answer these questions, let's see who is man? Man is a spiritual being, that is spirit. God is also spirit. Who then are we? God? The body is not me, this is my friend material. And he just expresses me and others. But when we have him, we free ourselves from problems that had accumulated inside, then we at some point just reach a level of development that every time someone utters the word "I", I immediately know who I am really. Looking at me, you see my friend — my body. My friend is always honest, he never lies. If the whole world tells me one thing and thinks another, it does not. He could always be relied upon. If you were really engaged them, and when a problem occurs, first refer to this to your friend, then you agree with those who have already realized how interesting the human life of the man himself.
Lord, how often people live uninteresting lives because they do not understand this. To know it is possible, but it won't help. And only when we reach understanding, then feel what it means. Then people will no longer waste time on unnecessary emotions. It saves time, doing everything slowly, but quickly. He will have more and more time for themselves. This is spiritual development. We are his spiritual development often stops, and it makes us very badly. We are trying to change something for the better, can get something good to aim for, and you can not get, but we feel that it is getting worse and worse.
Why we don't work the way you want? And because we do not allow life to give us what we need. Do not give life pass through you and not themselves go through life. Today after the workshop you'll go home. On the street good weather, the wind. Imagine that you are a spirit, you are the wind. Or you go with the wind, or to meet him. Imagine how the wind passes through you, and you pass through the wind. And leave in my memory the feeling. Because it is important to remember that feeling. We can know a lot. But can be understood only through the sense. We may not even think about what this means.

If our feelings are pure, if we understand the essence of the matter, and any problem can be solved. The problem solves itself. If we are not able to solve the problem, but give her the opportunity to be addressed, the problem will solve itself. How? Who knows better: you or a problem that she needs? The problem is knowing better.

If you understand this, I feel that the problem that you have, makes itself felt because says: nice man, I am in you, you took me in. Where inside, if a spiritual being is the point. The spirit has no boundaries. This is the source of love. God starts with a dot and ends in eternity. In God, everything. Everything that exists is in God. And we are just like God. We are the children of God. Or children of nature, if you prefer. Recently different people, including atheists, began to equate the words "God" and "nature". As you wish. Use the word God or nature. From the Universe we restrict ourselves to a sort of wall. This wall is similar to the balloon. And if we now select some stress and do not pass it through you, he will stay. We have absorbed the stress unconsciously. The first fear comes to us at a time when the spirit is materialized on the physical level. So we can say that to resist it does not make sense. It is and it should be considered. And you have to keep these fears have not grown too large. But if rose, who is to blame? No one is to blame. We simply could not otherwise. Now this error needs to be corrected, sooner or later we need to learn.

When a certain energy density inside the shell of the ball and outside the same, then everything is fine. If the density of energy in the normal range, it's not stress, it's just the normal life of a happy man.
Suppose inside of the hot air balloon four different stress. Their concentration is the same inside as outside. All right. This man is like a balloon. Everyone likes balloons. And everybody's touching him gently. We, too, be touched gently, if we were kind? Women, do you think? And men? Touched you to such women gently? Of course, what else! And if you men were like balloons, do you think, touched you tenderly? Of course. But then women would want to get it. Think when there is a balloon, and men look at him, how do they behave? And when you women see the balloons, how you behave, what you thought? Women want to possess such beauty. Right? See how the relationship between man and woman is manifested in this small example. If we are not able to be who we really are, life begins to teach us. We begin to draw to themselves teachers, and like always attracts like. That is inside of me in a confined space concentrated energy called fear. This fear attracts similar. And now these two are attracting, how much? Two more. The concentration of the energy of fear increases. The four and draw four more. So gather our stress.

If we now imagine a balloon in which the density of content increases, what happens to the balloon? It's going to burst. And you wanna live and we all, unconsciously absorbing the stresses, in order not to burst, utolsaet your shell, and balloons turn into soccer balls. And then the other person does? What occurs when a soccer ball? To hit him on the leg. Here on it and beat without interruption. Men, you can pass the soccer ball? Why do you beat him? Not thinking, just hitting? What do you feel about this? Experiencing a pleasant feeling? Of course, hit the ball, you throw some amount of anger. And if such a ball is a woman? What then? You know how nice it is sometimes to slap a woman. Because these white women, just like soccer balls. Who is to blame? Men are bad? Nobody's fault, nobody's bad. We just need to understand that it is not necessary to be such balls.
And if the man be a soccer ball? In this case, he may suddenly get hit from unfamiliar women. Her husband at this moment too will feel the same impact. More than anger at her husband, the stronger the attack. If women are dissatisfied with men, where they strike? Of course, below the belt. Blow will have on the most tender places — the genitals. But if we women don't know how to be real women and men get mad at us as women? Women getting hit in the chest, because there is beginning of women.

We begin to think about problems when they arise. What if we do not know. But when problems arise, we begin to think.

I always say, leave the problem to the initial stress. Our initial stress is a simple fear, a simple feeling of guilt, simple anger and simple shame. Keep in mind that this simple stress — living energy — is in us, because we took it inside and not let out, when he came. He knows about you everything. You maybe don't understand anything. But one thing you should know for sure: you are a man, just a man, and you need to deal with them humanely, that is, to release the stress.

Focus on this stress. Refer to it as a such. You acknowledge that he understands you better than you. Open your soul like a jail cell. Open the front door camera. And tell him, "You're free. I'm sorry. I didn't know how before you release. I'm sorry. Now you are free". When you say it calmly, out of love, i.e. of yourself, because you are a man, or the spirit, which is love, and release it, then it will starts to come out. Definitely. Even if you are not able to imagine.

Men are generally hard to visually imagine something, because it's not typical for them. But men are able to feel good. They have a cleaner feeling, they are less prone to emotions.

Reaching out to people trying a hand at working with peopleDear people when You go to a psychic, and you will catch your mind. I understand that You are floundering in their trouble and seek help, but critical thinking still has to stay with You. Just as there are different doctors and You value them in accordance with their experience, and psychics are different. This does not mean that you should indiscriminately to denigrate all.

The development of the spirit can occur in different ways, but in any case, based on the level where the person was before. For centuries, there are witches and wizards that help your herbs, incantations, prayers, — it is the energy of love, and it really helps, but healers never make medical diagnoses. The revelation of the spirit occurs abruptly and powerfully and makes people euphoric. The man who before could not show itself, feels that it's time to prove what he's worth.

Expensive psychics! Sorry euphoria, and to begin to take up anatomy textbook and read it. Then maybe you'll understand where rushing Your spirit. Maybe this isn't the way of healing. Good you can do differently. Know yourself. A true psychic needs to answer for his words. Who does not observe, that after the act receives the consequence, as is always the case in the Kingdom of God.

No wonder psychics sometimes are seriously ill. Then You go to the doctor and they help You.

Note that the modern man has a well-developed mind; we want to know what happened to him, why this happens, can it be cured, how it can be cured. For reasonable question should follow a reasonable response. For one person a diagnosis is like attached to the body tag with the price, for the other — like the order for suffering. Everyone refers to this in different ways.

Lots of problems with the same lightweight diagnosis of cancer. Energy information about cancer enters the body and when cancer sick neighbor or parents etc. the Important thing is that person is afraid and fear attracts.

If you search well, you all can find symptoms of disease — after all, we live in their atmosphere. And flu also walks among us, however, get the flu, not all. Saying "I took your disease", we call the person a positive feeling, give a person hope. Childishly gullible people for a very long time to stay healthy. But the background remained — the inability to think independently. The patient continues to rely on the help of others.

Rational people may not feel anything, and his illness will remain. Because you can say: "Why are you here, because you don't believe?" People can not believe, if he knows nothing about energy. But to explain — the work is hard and time consuming. Tongue-tied, brain ... but this man begins to work on himself. What could be better!

Waiting for the effect of a miracle the psychic will be expecting. For inspiration destiny from time to time sends him a very susceptible people, but mostly it still work up a sweat.

About the cancer I told you in my books. But the psychic, which puts this diagnosis, I deals the fatal blow. Strong little people. Fear of cancer will remain with the person and then, when hundreds of doctors on the basis of surveys will be accepted to prove to him that cancer had not. However, ever cancer it appears, because fear attracts what you fear.

The idea lives and acts, no matter from whose lips or from whose consciousness to send to the death.

Self-respecting clairvoyant scatters diagnoses right and left. He should know that negative forces are always ready to help, but negative attracts only negative effect.

I do not reject that sometimes you need shock therapy to awaken a person from depression and apathy. Sometimes should cause people anger is like a whip for a tired horse. Raced, and then his eyes sparkled. And if the eyes changes, then it is a sign that the brain is earned. Then he starts to scold You, but You already know that it has awakened life energy and soon the bad will follow the good.

A good psychic is telling the truth. You can argue about right or wrong to tell the harsh truth. I met people, who then fall into psychosis, however, met with such, who is incredibly fast to get out of a hopeless situation. Assessment of truth is according to reason person. The patient, who fight death, worthy of the title human. If the person brought to the office and whose hopeless diagnosis, using seer activates the brain and, two months later, reports that he is healthy and goes to work, then it's good. The work that he does from morning till evening, releasing the fear of "nobody loves me", known to him alone. But it has a beneficial effect on the lives of the whole family.

A man walks many times, laments and crying and waiting for what ailment can be cured, but if you put such a condition: either You start to deal with them, release your stress, or do not come back, he will stop going. He would prefer to stay sick.

Psychics often resorted to parables. This is due to the need not to shock the patient, but to tell the truth. Who will understand, he will understand. The words of the psychic led by higher spiritual forces, whose wisdom is not disputed.

From visiting psychic people need to be given hope, impulse, idea, positive emotions, appreciation of their wrong life — then he at least can start to fix something. He needs to obtain knowledge and decide what to do next — to go to the doctor or to come back. The heavier the disease, the should act faster. The one who just didn't get it and was disappointed, let him know: he had chosen the psychic.

If the spirit is already signaled, and someone felt from his hands emanates a healing energy, enjoy, help yourself, your family, and friends. Closely observe yourself from the outside, it is not a joke but a very serious activity. Feel the responsibility and desire to go further. Will help you if Your desire is pure and sincere, but not immediately. First You must feel that your own mind is not enough. Do not expect alms from God, the beggars gets the crumbs. Real spiritual food must be earned. In this case, you can help yourself with forgiveness, get to work the head. First of all, the psychic needs to know himself and to help yourself. Unfortunately, psychics are more inclined to guide patients.

Modern man with his practical mind it is hard to imagine forgiveness, you can achieve anything, except inner satisfaction from the noble gesture. It is difficult to understand what you can't see. This applies even to the healers. The imposition of the hands visible to the eye, it heals. This treatment is just the beginning.

But he, whose spirit was opened and who felt a need to do good, believes, and his actions will be successful. The success that health, well-being and progress.

I have met healers who want to know what happened to them, which is the origin of the disease from this or a previous life, etc., but on every word should answer: I know, I know, I know.

I'm sorry, but from a knowledge of little use. From disease need to get rid of. How? I taught: I'm sorry the stress reason. Sometimes it is much easier to explain to them who knows nothing than the person who has had many courses and read many books.

Once again: the only liberating force in the Universe — forgiveness, who came to teach us Christ. This is not my doctrine, I'm just the middleman.

Spiritual development is hampered dogma. There are parapsychology professors who deny medical knowledge. In the Kingdom of God deistvuyushchie rule — knowledge enriches a person. If at the beginning, to some extent, and prevent, in the future, without medicine we can not do. Every teacher who begins to propagate his doctrine as the only and forgets to tell the student: "it is Vital that, through the soul, begins to work as it will develop when I will not" leave undone something very important. A wise teacher learns to communicate, to respect the opponent, because very soon You may find that it is not the enemy and not the enemy, but friend. And the road we have one.

Don't know whether I have managed a little to convince opponents that the mutual accusations and ridicule are mutual mistake. But smart mistakes to learn.

If the patient takes medicine to a psychic, medicine is not all right. But if the contrary, that all is not well with psychic. Both sides should draw conclusions from this.

But the greatest responsibility should be borne by the man himself. As long as health sit in a repair shop, like a car, nothing happens. Nobody can save You from diseases that You carefully hoarded over the years. Cannot, should not, can not! Illness is a lesson man. You have incorporated it into himself. If You do not want to understand, you will have to suffer.

I don't know how angry those who came to the lower point of the tests but without knowledge we have nothing to talk about. I think that for a competent person it is not difficult, and then we can spend the consultation is on a specific, personally addressed to the conversation.

The anger and jealousy raging with such force that echo throughout the city. Over the counter sedative buy only frightened and angry. Naturally, the evil will not better, because he must be evil. But those who from the teachings transmitted by working on yourself, remove nice and healed, you know what's good nourishes the soul and gives hope to continue. I'm sorry your fear... posted

From the books doctor luule viilma



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