Eighty million nine hundred five thousand five hundred thirty seven

What is the Ideal MASCULINITY and FEMININITY? In an extreme and ultimate flourishing of gender qualities.

Super MAN and Super WOMAN. As it?

It is as if the volume slider to move to its outermost position qualities of masculinity and femininity.

And who are They Alchemical Pair is PERFECT?

100% MALE is a MONK (Ascetic). Full self-SUFFICIENCY. Prostranost. Will and Concentration. Strategy — following the path of SUPER-HUMAN.

HE is a die hard video Crystallized spirit stramashes to the ultimate perfection and the attainment of superior human qualities and supernatural abilities, grinding his Independence and Power. It is impossible to TEMPT any temptations that lead him from His Selfhood, Freedom and POWER over his Senses, Body and Senses.

100% WOMAN is LUSTING HARLOT (Whore). ECSTATIC ALL-ACCEPTANCE. An absolute DELIGHT from anything that might fall into its field of attention. Self-renounced Adherence to any external Initiatives with an Absolute Statement and Podchinyaetsya. SHE is full streaming EMOTIONAL RESPONSIVENESS. Orgasmic dissolution in all that goes to meet Her. A state of COMPLETE PARADISE, out of ideas about separation, choice, or that something can be better than what is already happening with Her. It is absolutely alien to CRITICALITY, both in relation to Themselves and to the people, events and the world in General. Yes, this is the ALCHEMICAL COUPLE is perfect: Men and Women who... never meet. THEY are the Alchemical couple each other. Who else wants to become PERFECT?  published 

Author: Natalia Walicka

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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