4 level of femininity

Femininity is different. It happens that apparently looks very feminine woman, but next to it is impossible to live. And the part seems strange that such a beautiful woman. And having been in the shoes of her men, you know why. It is, for all its beauty can be oppressive at home arguing about and no, selfish, not wanting anyone to serve.
And so it is important to talk about holistic femininity, in this book I call it mature. That femininity, which is the same both inside and outside. This can help us to four levels of human life.

There are:

The physical layer, which relates everything to do with our body.
The emotional level, where there is everything to do with relationships.
The intellectual level, where our knowledge, skills and mental attitudes.
The spiritual level, where the relationship with God, and the direction of life and its meaning.
If we talk about femininity, it is important to approach it comprehensively on all four levels.

Femininity in the physical layer.

To begin with here concerns how we look externally. And a lot of components.

What do we wear? As far as clothing is feminine and underscores our femininity?
How our clothes chaste? How it keeps the feminine energy? Or is it lust, provokes and spills all our accumulated nowhere?
What is the condition of our skin? Do take care of her? we emphasized its beauty makeup?
What kind of relationship we have with the hair? Are they healthy? It is well-groomed? Do?
tidied Do us jewelry, accessories? Do we know how all this wear and complement their images?
What kind of shoes we wear? Trample shoes or soft shoes (feminine can be not only the studs, there is also a ballerina, and shoes with a small heel)
What is the state of our health? Especially in the female part?
Do we watch her figure or her long-spit? It is said that most of the female figure - a waist. That is, a woman she must always be. And whether there is at us?
As we move as we walk, if we smooth movement?
As we speak? As far as our voice is pleasant to ourselves and to those who say to us?
And this includes how we create - or create - the space around them:

Do we know how to cook and love to invest in food?
We are able to create an atmosphere there in the house?
We are able to create comfort if just little things?
Are we able to just get rid of the junk in your life?
We are able to maintain cleanliness and whether the procedure within reasonable limits?
We are able to if, for any family to create prosperity in the house a feeling of complete bowl?
The emotional component of femininity

Since everything is about relationships, then there is a lot of work:

Do we understand ourselves? We know whether your needs and desires? We are able to report whether you know about this?
Do we understand the other or completely fixated on yourself? Do you understand that others do have these same desires and aspirations?
Are we able to see the needs of a loved one? We are able to distinguish whether the wants and needs? Also we know whether what they need?
Do we know how to have fun in a relationship? And if we know how to give pleasure to others in relationships?
Are we able to be close to people or consider it beneath his dignity? we demand that the other ministry?
Do we know how to forgive or bear a grudge for years and decades? Fret if your heart such memories or can let them go and move on?
Do we know how to ask for forgiveness, or too proud for that? Do we ourselves right to the last, even if it causes someone pain and destroys our relationship?
Do we invest power in a relationship or just trying to get out of the relationship is something for yourself?
Do we know how to take your family with all their features and drawbacks?
Is engaged in creative work and whether we are able to creatively solve problems and situations?
Are we able to support, inspire loved ones, especially a man? Or just we press, we demand and blackmailing?
Do we know how to forgive mistakes? Himself? Close? Surrounding?
How do we build a relationship with the world? We are trying to earn the love there? Or we believe that we all have something?
We condemn if others complain about you, criticize? Whether in the world to breed negative or increase the amount of goodness and light?
Strong Do we have, whether inside a warm relationship with their parents? Or are we offended them, hate and mstim? Do thanked for what they gave us life, and for all that they gave us?
Do we see individuals in their children or try to assert themselves at their expense, to sell their dream
Do we have a good relationship with the family, with ancestors, with generic energy? Or are we offended by everything and everyone, and try to keep contact to a minimum? Do we know their ancestors and if we are able to be grateful to them?
We are able to give thanks if, say kind words and warm? We know how I take on other gifts, compliments and gratitude? After receiving no less important than giving.
Do we know how to open the hearts of your loved ones? We are able to speak about their feelings so as not to hurt the feelings of the other person?
Do we know how to handle your feelings? Do they know how to live? Or are blocking? Or pour whom have? Are we able to understand all that feel?
At the heart of whether we live or head? Do we know how to feel or just think without stopping?
Do we know how to love? So that it is felt that the ones we love? And if we know how to receive love from those who gives it to us?
How do people feel after talking to us? Are we sucking all the juice? Do others in the mud Topcu? Or inspire and instill confidence?
What we do develop femininity? For myself? To bloom and smell to anyone? Or to light up someone's life with his love?

Intelligent femininity.

Are intelligence and femininity are compatible? Often it seems that a woman must be as stupid, and then it will be easier. But this is not true.

True femininity wise. That is, its knowledge is applied in nature, it does not just know what to do, how to do, she can do it. He knows what to say and how. He knows when to speak and to whom. And so on.
Good manners. True femininity is able to behave in society. And it's not a mask, not pretense. She just does not ask uncomfortable questions to people, is never vulgar, I apologize, causing someone pain.
Able to obey her husband. More precisely, the first obey her father, then her husband, then an adult son. He knows how to trust and delegate responsibility, decision-making.
It says so that it is pleasant to listen to. With a good vocabulary. No swearing.
Do not argue. The debate is born truth, disputes destroy relationships. And there is no sense in them. No. Why spend time and energy?
Not clever. Not boasting of his erudition and erudition. Use your knowledge for other purposes.
Do not open other eyes to the truth. It allows others to be as they have.
It is studying whether women's art seeks to whether they possess. Developed as a woman in the women's disciplines - beauty, economics, art, family relations
. Learning the laws of life, he seeks to understand how to live. Do not invent for themselves the rules, and learning from their ancestors, studies and analyzes.
It never stops in its domestic growth. Always striving to become even better.
Spiritual femininity

Do we understand that we have a piece of a whole? Or we consider that all the happiness created by the hands, and the misery piled themselves according to the law of meanness?
Are we a higher power for all grateful that we have been given? Or just ask for something over and over again?
Are we able to trust their fate to higher forces? You see, they know better what we give and when? Or all the time fighting and pulling away for themselves something else?
Do we know how to pray - sincerely and from the heart? We know how I open my heart to a higher power?
We are able to pray for the family and whether it is done on a regular basis? You see that, instead of concern for someone, it is better to pray for him? And if we have enough inner determination and generosity for such prayers?
Do we understand that most people need love when you least deserve it? And whether we are able to love in such situations? In sickness, in poverty, in grief, in error?
Do the people around us to help? Do you understand that God has no other hands but ours? We try to maintain whether others and help them?
We are engaged in charity work - at least in some form of it? At least from time to time?
Personally for me this list of a lot of work. No end. Grow and grow. Grow up and mature. Open heart, melt it, learn to give and receive love ...

I do not believe in partial femininity. It can only be a whole. That which can not be doubted. Harmonious on all four levels. Otherwise - it's just a substitute.

I do not believe in femininity girl with an open body, which stridently sexy. I do not believe in femininity that takes someone else from the family of her husband.

I do not believe in femininity, which is all to prove something, and something to teach.

I do not believe in femininity those close to someone is not a man for a long time - there is no perfect flower useless

. I do not believe in femininity, which is only for yourself when intentionally it has no continuation in the form of children.

I do not believe in femininity, which killed at work for the sake of career and money.

I do not believe in femininity, destroying his family scandals and accusations, betrayals and bad language.

I do not believe that femininity can be indifferent to other people's troubles, or even cruel to another human being or essence.

I do not believe in femininity foolish and narrow-minded, who do not try to learn something.

I do not believe in femininity those who just live it and will measure everything with money and material goods.

I do not believe in femininity those who do abortions.

I do not believe in femininity who crushes under his heel husband.

I do not believe that the feminine can be whiners, victims, the complainant, infantile creation.

I do not believe in femininity, which proves all her femininity.

I do not believe. Because true femininity is not in doubt. Whoever it neither looked and whenever it happened - the effect is the same. See it can only be a woman. Even if she is in a bad mood or crying. Even if she makes a mistake, or just learning to respond appropriately. Even if it is just starting his way and he does not come easy to her.

Developing simultaneously on all four levels, we come to wholeness, harmony and maturity.

Author: Olga Valyaeva


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