Equilibrium forces: If you are afraid of something much - you get it

Everything in nature tends towards equilibrium. Atmospheric pressure drop leveled by the wind. The difference in temperature is compensated by heat exchange. It displays all the law of equilibrium. Everywhere, wherever there was any excess capacity of energy, there are equilibrium forces to address the imbalance. The balance can be disturbed not only actions but also thoughts.

Not only because they are followed by steps. As you know, thoughts radiate energy. Violating his balance, having excess capacity whether condemnation, hatred, anger or pride in himself, boasting, in general it does not matter what kind of sign - or + (important as units in one way or another), you will always receive a flick on the nose in the form of trouble with different the degree of difficulty.

Equilibrium forces

We've learned that in life there are white and black stripes, success gives way to defeat. It displays all the law of equilibrium. After all, as good luck and bad luck are the balance disorder. Complete harmony - this is when nothing is happening, but there is no absolute

. Anyway, that nobody has been able to observe. fluctuations occur constantly in the world: the day - night, the tide - low tide, the birth - death and so on. Even in a vacuum is continual creation and annihilation of elementary particles.

One moment! As luck and bad luck are the balance disorder, but that would not have happened, that would not upset the balance and cause the wind power equilibrium remember guardian angel of all thank him.

Complete harmony - this is when nothing is going on, who does not work that does not make mistakes, think about their attitude to good and bad, how do you know which is which, but the absolute equilibrium does not happen well as if not really necessary, the main thing to learn use principles Transurfing.

Equilibrium stly

If you do that or are keen, you take it. If you are unhappy with what ever you want to or not, you get it in abundance. Strong desire or reluctance of something, as well as all non-equilibrium feelings and reactions that go beyond the limit of + or -, all this excess capacity, which causes the wind power equilibrium

. You must train yourself to not create excess capacities, it is necessary to reduce the importance of, and to reduce the importance of the need to change their attitudes, and this requires your caretaker. When you change your attitude, you followed by changing your thoughts and emotions, change your world and the scenery around you, everything is changing for the better.


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