Dissatisfaction: we Need to remember that it could be worse!

Let's start with self-dissatisfaction. This manifests itself in dissatisfaction with their achievements and qualities, but also in active opposition to his own shortcomings. Can be aware of their shortcomings, but not particularly complex for this reason. But if the flaws do not give rest and acquire important, it creates excess capacity.

Equilibrium forces immediately come into operation on elimination of this potential. Their action can be directed either to the development of virtues, or to fight with the drawbacks. , Respectively, are inclined either in one or in the other direction.

Most often, the person chooses the fight, and this position turns against him. Conceal is useless, and to eliminate difficult. The result is the opposite, and the situation gets even worse.


If the person is dissatisfied with his achievements only to the extent that it only serves as a stimulus for self-improvement, balance is not disturbed. The world is unaffected, but the internal shift of balance kompensiruet affirmative action.

If the person begins to engage in self-flagellation, offended or even worse, they punish themselves, then there is dangerous when fighting soul and mind. Because the soul did not deserve such treatment. It is self-sufficient and perfect. All the flaws that you have purchased, it is the shortcomings of the mind, not the soul. However, it is such a large and complex topic that it deserves a separate book. Here we only note that to quarrel with himself in the highest degree unprofitable. Soul digs in, and "reason will prevail", so that there could be complete disorder in life. To then not have to go to a shrink, first of all, let yourself go and forgive all shortcomings. If you still can not love, then at least stop to deal with them and accept as they are. Only in this case the soul is an ally of reason. And this is a very powerful ally. Well, you say, I'll leave all my faults alone, but how do I acquire virtues? I can not stop its progress? Of course, to develop their dignity as they want. Because it is only about how to end the war with their flaws. In such a war, you spend energy to maintain not so much useless, many are very harmful excess potential. When you finally abandon this struggle, the released energy will go to the development of your strengths. Despite the fact that it all sounds to banality is simple, a lot of people spend a tremendous amount of energy to fight with them and concealing their shortcomings. They, like the titans, condemned himself for life to support this useless burden. They should just allow yourself to be yourself and relieve a heavy burden, as soon life will be much easier and simpler. The energy will be redirected from the struggle with shortcomings on the development of virtues. In addition, the parameters of such radiation correspond to the lines of life, where the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Think, for example, you can move on the line of life, where you have good physical shape, if your thoughts only revolve around your physical flaws? You get what you actively don't want. If in case of dissatisfaction, you in conflict with your soul, in the case of dissatisfaction with the world, you enter into a confrontation with a large number of pendulums. You know it's not good to succumb to their influence. And about the war with them is generally better not to think. Your frustration is quite tangible radiation, whose frequency is well suited for those lines of life where that you are unhappy, is even more pronounced. You are drawn to these lines, you are more dissatisfied, and this continues until, until you reach that line where you sick old man, powerless to change anything. It remains only to find solace in grumbling at the world, together with their own kind, but in the memories of how everything was good in the old days. Otherwise, humanity (in so many generations!) just would've got to a living hell. Depressing picture, isn't it? This is the first aspect of dissatisfaction with the world, leading to the progressive deterioration of life.
But there is another aspect of this habit to show discontent:the violation of the equilibrium state. Your dissatisfaction creates excess capacity in the surrounding energy space, regardless of true dissatisfaction or not. The equilibrium potential gives rise to forces which will tend to restore the balance. It would be great if these forces acted to change things for the better. But, unfortunately, often the opposite is happening. Equilibrium forces will try to push you to your claim to this world had the least possible weight. It is easier than to change everything you are unhappy.

Imagine what would happen if the Governor will be actively complain about everything that happens in his country. And, no matter, he has a good motive, or bad. It will be removed or physically destroyed. The whole story is proof of that. In General, the effect of equilibrium of forces will aim to reduce your impact on the world around us. This can be done very easily and in various ways: your job, salary, home, family, health, and so on. See how the senior generation reach such a life? Now look at this question from the other side. It would seem that if on the contrary, rejoice in the world around us, by analogy, the equilibrium of force should try to spoil everything or push you away. However, this does not happen, unless of course, the joy does not go into "veal". First, the law of Transurfing, you broadcast positive energy, which brings you to the positive line of life. And secondly, the positive energy does not create that destructive potential, which equilibrium forces seek to eliminate. No wonder various religious and philosophical interpretations agree that love is the creative power who created the world. We mean love in the General sense of the word. It is clear that equilibrium forces are the product of forces that created the world. Equilibrium forces tend to maintain order in this world, and they cannot be turned against the energy that created them. The technique of changing habits is very simple:
  • First, no matter what happens, we must remember that it could be worse. It will be worse without fail, if you continue to show discontent. The fact that might be worse is in itself an occasion for rejoicing.
  • Secondly, as it is banal sounds: on the bright side. If you think any negative in your opinion the phenomenon to find positive aspects, you will succeed without difficulty. Turn it into a game. If you can play it all the time, the place habits will be new, very good for you and horrible for a destructive pendulum.
  • Thirdly, if indeed trouble came, at which to rejoice at all unnatural, it is possible to take the example of king Solomon. He wore on his hand a signet ring, turned inwards so that nobody saw what was there. When Solomon was faced with trouble or difficult problem, he turned the ring and looked at the seal. There was the inscription: "And this too shall pass".

The habit of expressing dissatisfaction develop in humanity under the influence of destructive pendulums, feeding on negative energy. With the new habit you will generate positive energy, which the mighty stream will carry you to positive life-line. Let's say you have inspired perspective, and you started to practice the technique of replacement. I must tell you, soon you'll find yourself doing it less regularly and from time to time you just forget what you wanted to change a habit. It is inevitable, because the habit stuck very deep. Once you've given slack, the pendulum will find a reason to upset you, and you will not notice as you feed it with your energy.

Don't despair! If your intention is steadfast, you will prevail, and destructive pendulums, in the end, will leave you alone. Just need to remind yourself of your intention. This statement should be understood in light of the relationship with pendulums. As already mentioned, if you speak out against the destructive pendulum, which causes your dissatisfaction, you will only make yourself worse. No need to be meek sheep, but also to engage in open confrontation with the surrounding world also should not be. If the pendulum is against you personally, you can apply the method of failure or extinction. If the pendulum tries to engage you in a fight with another pendulum, you should be aware whether this is for you personally. Also interesting: How 30 days completely change your life Four types of life attitude once again returning to the example with reason you a exhibition in the Museum. Make yourself at home, but do not forget that you are visiting. No one has the right to judge, but everyone has freedom of choice. The pendulum is beneficial that you are actively expressed their dissatisfaction. It is profitable for you to just leave and choose a different exposure. You say, and if nowhere to go? This misconception inspired you to pendulums. published Author: Vadim Zeland P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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