Mercedes has developed a commercial van of the future

The company Mercedes-Benz presented a concept car Vision Van. The prototype gives an idea of how you would look like a commercial delivery van of the future.

The novelty is executed in stylistics of the concept car Vision Tokyo, presented in October 2015 at the Tokyo motor show. The van has a large bending around the front windshield, designed to improve visibility in urban traffic.

The prototype was smart compartment with a special system, able each time to tell the driver where it is stored the necessary order. The company argued that such a function eliminates the need to search for a particular package that will allow the driver to save up to four minutes on each delivery.

In addition, a van equipped with a special flying drones that are installed on the roof. With the help of quadcopters can transport small objects through the air, which will also accelerate the process of delivery in residential neighborhoods with dense buildings. Copters will be able to leave the parcel in the customer, even if those are not home.

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