Photos from the Geneva Motor Show (191 photos)

Started the 81st International Motor Show in Geneva, the sample in 2011 - the first post-crisis European auto show of this scale. Most automakers have successfully weathered the crisis, some even went into a plus the results of 2010, increased sales in emerging markets. And plan to present at the Auto Show is already production cars.

New Audi sedan based on the model A3

One of the most interesting intrigues became the new model of the German automaker Audi. The company, owned by the concern Volkswagen, prepares for Geneva the world premiere of a sedan based on the model A3. The development, yet bears the conceptual title, got quite an extreme engine, developing 410 horsepower. The concept surpasses even the most available power "charged" hatchback Audi - RS3. The new A3 has turned out longer than the five-door A3 Sportback, just a few centimeters, and thus has four seats. For the sake of greater efficiency and corporate sedan will get a full drive quattro, as well as the transmission will be used "robot» S-Tronic.


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