Collections inserts with the products of the Western automotive industry

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of inserts for children and adolescents at the time: liners were a school exchange and gambling, and the only way to explore the western automotive products, and of the most important - inserts a collector.

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01. But the story does not start with a liner, and a couple of interesting collections of calendars on automotive topics. These rare collections were published in 1991 and sold in kiosks "Sayuzdruk."

02. As can be understood according to the information on the cover, it was planned to release more than 50 sets of calendars covering the entire history of the world automotive industry.

03. A series of calendars called "History of car models" and calendar cards were shown exclusively photographs of models of vehicles. The first series covers the prehistoric period in the history of self-propelled carriages and wheelchairs. There have been presented models most famous inventions from the world of self-propelled machinery of 17-19 centuries.

04. On the back of each calendars indicated what kind of vehicle, the year of the invention and the country where the car was invented. As well as the manufacturer model shown in the photo.

05. The second issue covering the period 1893 - 1901 years. While these calendars to the interests of the child car were very instructive.

06. The reverse side of the third series of information about cars.

Inserts in the first Zhuikov, rushed to the post-Soviet space in 1991 were very different - have a comics Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters, were purely girlish Love is, but I, like any kid interested only Ear appliances, primarily with cars.

Among other zhuek with automotive liners were elitist "turbo". In the early 90's liners have become children of the time the main source of information on the Western automobile industry.

07. Series Turbo appeared in 1991 in the former Soviet Union, began with 51 rooms. The very first series of numbers 01-50 was sold only in Turkey and no one ever in our area have not seen any number less turbo 51st. Each successive series consisted of 70 rooms.

08. The highest degree of attractiveness of the car for me in 1991 were open headlights. It is this part I thought the pinnacle of progress, style and beauty. Not surprisingly, this Corvette at No. 66 and became the first turbo, who founded my collection. This Corvette was perfect everything and open lights, and natural background and the yellow color of the car and the angle at which the car was photographed.

09. One of my favorite Turb of the first series - the magnificent Lincoln Continental. In this picture I just fell in love, and the cars of mark Lincoln became for me a symbol of elegance and fine style. And how luxurious and aristocratic sounding name of the car - Lincoln Continental!

10. The second series Turb had rooms 120 - 190. When I started collecting Turba (1992), is the second series was sold on the shelves of the many kiosks and many Turb this series were in use at the school. Despite this, I still did not have a couple of rooms for the complete collection. By the way, just noticed that the cars in this series are arranged alphabetically. That did not happen in this series, either before or after it.

11. A couple of my favorite Turb especially close up. 145 th room - a rare example of turbo I liked despite the fact that the car shown in the picture I do not like. But there were beautiful scenery. Especially brought bunnies. I really like a prototype with 146 rooms. In this machine was something cosmic, so his glass capsule from the future!

12. A racing car with the 144th Turba struck me above capacity - 1300 hp I could not understand why the car has a 1300 horsepower, and the tractor or the tractor - less than two hundred, but the car will not be able to pull the load, which can pull a truck or tractor.

Despite the strange design, Lamborghini SUV with 150 rooms something attracted. Especially the contrast, see it simply rough shape against the backdrop of graceful lines of the famous Italian sports car company. In my head hard to fit the fact that the company produces supercars, also produces this strange SUV.

13 Futuristic concept Renault Laguna liked Futurism and the fact that, thanks to perspective, it was difficult to understand how really looks the car, leaving plenty of room for imagination. Already in the early 90s SUVs gaining popularity and I immediately fell in love with all-wheel drive cars, which have a high cross. So turbo concept Range Rover was in my favorites. But production of the Volkswagen Group I did not like never, stock cars or prototypes.

14. American minibuses immediately won my sympathies, so 173 Turba I could not enjoy it. Despite the fact that the Japanese cars, I was indifferent, Toyota with 182 rooms I really liked, mainly because of the angle, leaving space for the imagination. If I saw this car from other angles, it is unlikely he would have liked me to continue. But the next turbo Vector'om was one of the favorite in the series. This picture is gone like American movies about the future. The desert, the space vehicle design with a raised door and the girl-pilot - in this picture were all great!

15. The next series Turb produced in 1992-1993 and contain the number 191 - 260. There are already I was able to collect the full collection.

16. The picture on the liner 192 immediately became my favorite. Grim surroundings, elegant and a bit strange car with no windows and accumulation of dark silhouettes in the background - there was a child's imagination where carousing. At the time, I wondered what kind of a producer Syd Mead with the name of which I have neither before nor after did not hear anything, and only recently learned that this picture of the American designer Syd Mead futurologist. Futurism in the new series Turb were many, as you can see the neighboring inserts.

17. For the first time I learned about Bigfoot just out inserts Turbo. I was immediately fascinated by these monstrous vehicles and their permeability seemed absolutely fantastic. I wanted to go on a journey away from civilization on this SUV. Little did I know that this is just a show-cars started to entertain the audience at the Motor Show. How the driver gets in the cab for me, too, was a mystery. A strange car with a 200-th number surprised me the original design, but I never liked it. Moreover, even those seemed a freak.

18. Turba revealed to me and the world of vintage cars. A car with 209 rooms I conquered its elegance and aristocracy. Was it something from the royal carriages and the Turba was entered in the list of favorites. But neighboring Bugatti, on the other hand, I was not hooked.

19. Cars Turb in this series were very different - from the old-timers of the 1930s, to futuristic concepts, conjures up thoughts of the future, most of the machines presented here I really liked.

20. I have never understood why the car on the 223 number so strange falls off back, making the already quite ugly ugly car. In addition, the car's name was given incorrectly (errors in the names and characteristics of the car were not uncommon for inserts Turbo.)

21. In spite of the completely featureless car, this Turba liked all the guys. In the car there, nobody paid attention.

22. The second part of the collection of the same series.

23. Another turbo where the vehicle was minor, although chest could be deeper, but for the 9-year-old boy and it was good.

24. Four Beautiful! Like all the items here from the old Ford to the American prototype, but most of all to cling to the soul chic Oldsmobile with the 240th number.

25. automotive brand Delahaye I learned exclusively from the series Turb. In fact, that all of the vehicles that the manufacturer had Oldtimer, I concluded that the firm is unlikely to exist in the present. Delahaye Cars have always been for me a model of style and elegance of the past.

26. The next series of turbo numbers 261 - 330 published in 1993-1994 and then I also gathered a complete collection.

27. I really like the new design Turb - golden frame and the same golden inscription of the manufacturer looked stylish. Also pleased with the fact that for the first time in the series Turb appeared a couple of trucks and that is important - it was chic Americans.

28. This series was generally rich in a great car, because there was a lot that I liked - pickup trucks with big wheels, elegant American sedans, SUVs and other ...

29. And this turbo Kenworth became the luxurious and did one of my most favorite. In his early childhood, I dreamed of traveling in a house on wheels, and there was not a house on wheels, and a huge and stylish American truck with an entire room, located behind the driver's cabin.

30. Turbo Super Series continues the numbering of the previous series, and began with 331 rooms. All were released three series Turbo Super, with 70 inserts each and, after the last of the 540 rooms, the series was renamed as Turbo 2000. This happened in the late 90's and interest in inserts the time fully come to naught, so that I have a collection present a few Turbo 2000. And the collection Turbo Super I is not exhaustive.

31. The main disappointment Turbo Super for me was the visual component of the series: a little of that from a palette of cars almost completely disappeared Americans, so also all the machines were pictured on some ridiculous bright backgrounds, sometimes forgetting to add an elementary machine shadow. The impression that the designer responsible for the selection of images, discovered this miracle of computer thought as Photoshop and joy had gone into the lead. Turba became commonplace colorful set of pictures for first-graders, and gather to me does not want to, I did it for some time by inertia, while not abandoned the case.

32. This partial collection Turbo Sport I'm not going in person, and traded in the early 2000s, along with other inserts from other Bori. I drove all their Bor Kinder Surprise, which also then collected, and in return received several collections of automotive liners including the incomplete collection Turbo Sport. As can be seen on the inserts, there is also the frolic Krivorukov mountain designer.

33. Most of the other things were a series of Turbo Classic. This series immediately became my favorite and just received a priority in collecting. Classic cars attracted me since childhood and now they also were well served on the background of beautiful nature (Krivorukov designer fotoshoper spoiled only part of the collection).

34. In addition, I really like design series - Golden label Turbo and golden frame pictures only emphasizes the elegance of cars represented here, besides, the series got its own icon - a gold letter "T" with wings on the sides. All this created a vintage entourage and pads looked very dignified. They want to collect, and I gathered the full collection.

35. And this Avions Voisin with 59 rooms has become my favorite pipe series. The car hit her stunning style and progressive for 1933 forms. This piece of automotive design headed my personal ranking of the most beautiful cars ever created by man. My dream is to see this car alive.

So far as I know, that one Avions Voisin C25 is located in a private museum in Switzerland, but the visit to the museum is possible only in a group and only by prior arrangement, another instance Voisin C25 is part of the exposition of the famous American museum. Both museums I have not yet available, but is there where still extant copies of this model, I do not know. In all there were seven cars with this type of body.

36. The second series of Turbo Classic became my disappointment. Not only is completely gone my favorite pictures of cars on the background of nature, because in addition to Photoshop Dorval Krivorukov designer spoiled every single batch number psychedelic bright pictures, it is not suitable for any style or entourage to classic cars shown here. These turbo was all bad.

Classic ear design changed somehow eerie pink-blue nightmare. It seemed that the series is dedicated to not classic cars, and toys for the glamorous blondes. Nevertheless, I tried to collect the full collection, but it was in 1996 and the era of the inserts was nearing its end. At school, no one played liners, fewer people collected them, to get the missing numbers become increasingly difficult. As a result, the full collection, I was not able to gather, did not have 14 rooms.

37. My favorite in this series Turbo was the number 111 with Hammer. Hummer H1 was my dream car, distant and unattainable ideal. And even spoiled mountain designer turbo stern face of this truly classic car awakened in me a whole range of enthusiastic feelings.

38. Each collector inserts always had with him a list of the missing numbers. When he managed to get a room, he paints the red square. This is the actual list of the latest collections of loose leaves that I collected.

39. The second most popular chewing gum with automotive liners was Bombibom. Bombibomov like and turbo had a lot of episodes, the first of which was published in 1991 and looked that way. With this series I have connected a lot of nostalgia, because in these inserts together with the first series Turb the age of seven, I began to explore the world of cars.

40. These square wrappers I also began to gather along with the turbo, but they have always been secondary for me in terms of collecting, so that the collection I have is not complete.

41. And this is one of the subsequent series bombibomov, published a few years after the first series. They, too, I gather, and also without much zeal, so that not even half of the assembled collection. If the very first series of pleasing cars in their natural habitat, then there is the matter of training images allowed fotoshopera and he began to create. I had done such that collect these works of design ideas do not particularly like.

42. Close-up.

43. Another series bombibomov of the first. I never liked it because almost all the cars here were presented at the same background with the same angle and seemed modelka rather than the current car. In addition, there were represented mainly by sport and Japanese cars. Neither I nor the other did not like, so this series bombibomov I never collected.

44. This complete collection containing numbers from 1 st to 90 th was traded I have a friend in the kinder-surprise in the early 2000s.

45. Despite the lack of natural landscapes, in terms of style there was not all that bad. Traced a single style inserts and in general collection looks solidly, even if the cars were more interesting! After all, there was not a single, machines that have liked me.

46. ​​And this is my favorite series bombibomov. I collected it and brought a complete collection, because here everything was fine!

47. Firstly, automobiles. There was a lot of chic Americans, many of whom I was in love, as in the Dodge on the 20th room or in a Cadillac on the 21st.

48. Secondly, a series of fenced off from the "fotoshoperov" so that no one had time to spoil the picture. Refills are doubly pleased this series - a cool car and family back background.

49. Probably no one series I have not revisited as often as this one. I really like it here, and every second car from this collection I was blissed out.

50. No wonder she was honored to be stored in a special booklet designed to stamp collecting.

51. Here is the full collection from 1 to 90 numbers. Let it be history.

52. As with all other inserts with cars, there was presented the widest range of machines - from cheap small car Suzuki up to luxury supercar Bugatti, Maseratti and Ferrari.

53. The last six issues of the series.

54. The name of the chewing gum, which is attached to the ear, I forgot, like her appearance. It was the cheapest chewing gum and inserts these totally valued at the school market. And almost nobody and is not going then. The appearance of this collection in its archives I have one circumstance.

55. In our yard was a girl whose dad liked to drink in the company of cops, a post which was right next to our yard. Over the years, sharing drinking intoxicating beverages, father of the girl is very tight fit in tusu gosavtoinspektorov, he sometimes even gave steer rod and collect baksheesh.


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