Spring jewelry collection

We all remember the girl's best friend - diamonds. As well as gold, silver, precious stones of all colors, shapes and sizes. Bright, brilliant jewelry involuntarily associated with spring, femininity, luxury and is perfectly suited to the atmosphere of Women's Day on March 8. Will please yourself contemplation brilliant, gorgeous, spectacular decorations of the latest spring collections of jewelry?

1. Opal chic from Chopard

Those who do not know how to wear jewelry, wear gold. (K. Chanel)
Luxury opal earrings from Chopard's latest collection had to be lighted in the image of chic Cate Blanchett, who won an Oscar for his brilliant honored role in "Blue Jasmine". This jewelery brand knowingly tacitly considered a kind of mascot, from year to year is the splendor of jewelry by Chopard decorates the Oscar-winning winners.

To create such works of jewelry art took 64 white opals, set in a diamond pave. Such a luxury especially emphasizes the beauty of white-skinned and blond Blanchett, adding her special way of evening glamor.

2. All the colors of the rainbow in a new collection of Stephen Webster

Jewellery - that's what makes a woman a woman. (K. Chanel)
The basis of this brilliant collection became an unofficial symbol of the English nobility - pheasant tail that British jeweler painted in all colors of the rainbow. Such a colorful solution has already gained millions of rave reviews and had to be very helpful in the season, which is dominated monoluki, dull colors and a minimum of catchy parts.

In creating such a triumphal line of jewelry featured on a variety of precious stones: tourmalines, amethysts, garnets, topaz, citrine, peridot, and even black diamonds, decorating tips bird tails. Symbolic name of this line of jewelry - Magnipheasant - in fact translates as magnificent magnificent and pheasant - this is actually a pheasant.

Aristocratic splendor jewelry line impresses with its variety of colors. Jeweler himself explained a source of inspiration to create these decorations so:

Since the time of Blake and Dickens until the time of The Kinks and The Smiths writers and composers, poets and artists - all tried to give their own definition of what is a "British". As far as I know, jewelers have not yet tried. I therefore make a contribution, taking into account all the features of the collection world "nation of shopkeepers," as we once called a monarch is neither growth nor foresight judgments, Napoleon Bonaparte

3. Ornaments and patterns from Alexander Arne

Jewelry - is a science! Beauty - a powerful weapon! Humility - is the height of elegance! (K. Chanel)
Intricate Moorish motifs and patterns became the basis of this elegant, it can be said lace collection. Jewelers Alexander Arne tried their best, the result of their work is more like an elegant, filigree lace than on the cold stones and solid metal.

Ornamental collection is full of not only a favorite of white, and pink gold. Some models are covered with black rhodium.

4. The Queen of colors in the new collection of fine jewelry Piaget

The beauty of a woman thirty percent determined by the nature and seventy - jewelry that she wears. (Janusz Leon Wisniewski)
Subject rose, queen of flowers, a red line runs through the whole history of this fashion house. Not surprisingly, the bright spring collection of jewelry dedicated to this noble flower. For the love of symbolic flower for the brand, the company decided to upgrade Piaget even rosary Malmaison Castle. With their support, castle museum undertook the restoration of botanical treasure, instilling 750 rose bushes on the territory of dilapidated rosary.

The special charm of the royal flower and love of the fashion house to roses spodvigla them to create a collection of Rose Passion, which includes 100 different decorations, in one way or another connected with graceful flower. About refined rose recalls and specific binding of jewelry on a hill (like bud) floralnye shape and special cut stones.

Watch in white gold with diamonds and pink sapphire

Brooch in white gold with diamonds

Yellow gold ring with diamonds and pink opal

Such is the left precious garden, the charm of which is very hard to resist.

Collier-Valliere white gold with diamonds and pink sapphires

Necklace in white gold with diamonds

5. The Butterfly Effect from the French jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels

Jewelry complement you, give the opportunity to feel some special. (Catherine Zeta - Jones)
Jewelers of this fashion house with each new line of jewelry are trying to rethink the classical forms. Was no exception, and it's really spring ring on two fingers, which became the hallmark of the fashion house. The collection presents contrasting combinations of white and pink gold with pink sapphires and diamonds or yellow + white gold with yellow stones. Butterflies flit like on your fingers, carefully thought-out concept of the ring provides convenience and comfort.

6. Gypsy motifs in the collection of Erickson Beamon

Jewellery not created in order to cause envy - at best surprise. (Coco Chanel)
Massive decorations in the tradition of fair Sibyl reminiscent of jewelry delights of the 20th century, the catchy "treasure", which is famous Czech workshops. In bulk and intricate ornaments skillfully combines gilt brass and crystals of all colors and shapes. The creators of this decoration dubbed his creation necklace prophetess, probably for brightness, rich detail and characteristic crescent-shaped pendants.


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