New electric van, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Van

This year in Las Vegas at CES, Mercedes-Benz showed the Vision concept Van, which was presented to the public for the first time in September 2016. Vision Van from Mercedes-Benz Vans integrates information, the digital world and technology on an unprecedented level. This is the first Van in the world, created as a digital link in the technological chain of delivery of goods from the sender to the consignee.

It has:
  • fully automated cargo compartment
  • integrated drones for Autonomous delivery by air
  • the joystick control.
Vision Van is driven by electric motor 75 kW. Mileage is around 270 km and provides virtually silent deliveries with zero emissions. The combination of cloud-based software of control system with optimized hardware, sets new standards of efficiency, quality and flexibility for delivery services.

Design Vision Van fuses intellect and emotion in a unique manner. User experience and user interface are of particular importance and are an example of intelligent communication between the vehicle, driver and environment. The car communicates with other road users using the LED panels in place of the grille and the led display embedded in the back that warns others when the Van stops, turns or starts flying drones. Screens also indicate the Van on the road with a long Parking lot to avoid a collision.

This form of intelligent communication going on inside the car. Vision Van provides the driver with all relevant information such as speed, route map, or details from the UAV using the control panel, which looks like a wide arc, covered with premium trim. Vision Van also gives information to the recipient of the parcel using the floor. The LEDs in the floor of stainless steel serves a special signal when approaching pedestrians or cyclists. On the back of the cab, near the cargo hold, there is an information terminal. It serves as a means of communication for the Autonomous functioning of the integrated systems Vision Van. He also serves as a Central control unit for the connection of intelligent vehicles, automated systems and information relevant to the individual delivery orders.

The driver via SmartWatch continuously fed information concerning manual delivery operations. The watch displays various data such as delivery address, access codes for electronic security systems and, if necessary, a safe place in which the goods may be deposited. New opportunities also arise for consumers. They had a solid new method of delivery, such as delivery on the same day and at a certain time. End customers can also tailor the delivery to suit their needs, for example, to postpone, if their plans for the day changed.


Van — as a base for Autonomous robotsUnder the banner of "motor engines", Mercedes-Benz Vans presents another innovative project delivery. In collaboration with Starship Technologies (an innovative start-up robotic delivery) Mercedes-Benz Vans makes the van into a mobile warehouse and distribution center for automated delivery of the last mile. Van becomes the basis of a new type of delivery system, combining long-distance delivery with low infrastructure costs.

This decision is based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, with rack system, which operates in accordance with the principle "first came, first out". The Luggage compartment is loaded, a total of 54 pieces of Luggage for eight robots Starship. The algorithm calculates a route for the van with the optimized stops for unloading the individual robots and for the collection of empty robots. The robots are loaded at pre-defined stops. Autonomous then they fly to the destination of the cargo and return to the van Mercedes-Benz in one of the next stops.

Long-term vision of this concept called the "Mothership" (the Base) is an Autonomous fleet of robot drones, which coordinates and optimizes their routes separately from the vans of Mercedes-Benz and load automatically. Therefore, the cooperation with Starship Technologies is a logical step in the development of this project.


adVANce — new culture, new ways of workingPartnership with Starship also evidence of new working methods and corporate culture of Mercedes-Benz — adVANce. While the strategy continues to focus on product, this product becomes a platform for connected solutions and an integrated system of innovative transport concepts. The aim is to generate added value for customers and to develop integrated solutions for transport purposes.

A new principle of work adopted by Mercedes-Benz Vans, also includes close cooperation with startups such as Starship Technologies. Another striking example is the cooperation with an innovative start-up delivery drones — Matternet, which is based in Menlo Park, California. In addition to their work together on the Vision Van, the other a joint venture of the two companies include a pilot project testing the use of vans as landing sites for unmanned aircraft in places that are difficult to access.


Mercedes-Benz Vans in Silicon valleyMercedes-Benz Vans also refers to himself in the creative environment of start-UPS with its is made for these purposes, the business unit, which has a presence in Stuttgart, Berlin and Silicon Valley. Under the motto "Back to garage", Mercedes-Benz Vans has created a division that works on innovation in the startup incubator in Menlo Park. The staff there are working on pilot projects to develop solutions tailored to specific application areas, using an iterative approach. They combine the advantages of classic Mercedes-Benz Vans with new ways of working, such as design thinking, agile methods of project management (Scrum), client involvement in the creation or rapid prototyping.published




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