LG teams up with Mercedes-Benz cars to improve

Korean giant concluded a partnership agreement with German automaker Mercedes-Benz in order to transform the future of smart cars and autonomous control systems.

According to LG, the joint work aimed at improving computer systems and algorithms "certain aspects" of driving, thus, the publication of The Verge representatives of заявили, that will work on key components of cars Mercedes-Benz, improving driving experience.

Koreans will be engaged in CCTV "next generation", based on the existing system of Advanced Drive Assistance System ( ADAS ) - it warns the driver changing lanes, road signs, the proximity of objects, and so on. Will be applied and proprietary technology Mercedes-Benz 6D Vision , designs a them in now.

Also, the manufacturer promises to connect digital Mercedes'ov inside their smartphones and tablets, integrating them with the systems of the car.

It seems that soon we will see the present confrontation manufacturers of computers, peripherals and software giants in the automotive industry: Google has launched Open Automotive Alliance and открыл API to access the Android Auto last month, and Apple CarPlay already in the latest models of Ford and Honda supports the latest audio and Pioneer.

via TechCrunch

Source: geektimes.ru/post/243655/


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