Pope and his cars

Mercedes-Benz Nurburg 460 was released in 1928 - it was the flagship car Daimler-Benz at the time. Engineers long thought, what kind of car to choose as the basis for "Dad-mobile» - Mercedes-Benz 460 W08 was the best candidate. Mercedes-Benz Nurburg 460 was equipped with an engine capacity of 4, 2 liters, which developed 80 hp

Performance of this power unit was enough to disperse the heavy car up to 100 kilometers per hour. Limousine for the Pope was the priority project for Mercedes-Benz.

Unlike the first Mercedes-Benz 460 W08s, which was built on the old technology, the new W08 was at the base of a low frame, upgraded engine and modified to the requirements of the pope's body. The car's interior was created especially carefully - all realized a high degree of responsibility in the framework of this project.

It was originally planned to transfer Nurburg 460 Pullman Pope in 1929, but the timing turned out to be unrealistic. Creation of a special "throne" for the Pope demanded much more time than previously thought. Armchair pontiff had to be covered with the finest silk, and the front seat of the car covered with high-grade black leather. Work on these things and delayed transfer to the new owner of the machine.

Glass on the Mercedes-Benz Nurburg 460 originally planned to put the factory, but preference was given to the company Kinon, which produced glass on the latest technology at the time - a two-layer laminated glass. In addition, the car was the latest equipment, first used in the car - remote communication with the driver. Pontiff could through this remote to give instructions to the driver how fast and where to go.

Creation of the first "pope-mobile" was completed in the spring of 1930. Before handing the car in Italy, it was shown in Vienna and Stuttgart. What is interesting, Mercedes-Benz Nurburg 460 has not been sent to the Vatican by train or truck - he reached under its own power. After careful evaluation of the new machine Pope, he said, rolling on the Vatican gardens, admired the miracle of modern engineering. Mercedes-Benz Nurburg 460 W08 was the first "pope-mobile" in history.

1960 Mercedes-Benz 300d Landaulet W189

30 years after the creation of the first pontifits-mobile, the Germans created a new modern car for Pope John the 23rd. It was extended by 450 mm standard Mercedes-Benz 300d. The total length of the car - 5, 6 meters. The machine is equipped with an engine capacity of 160 hp and 3-speed automatic transmission. Mercedes-Benz 300d could gain a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

The rear side windows can be cleaned with a soft top to the pontiff could be public. The front side windows and window walls with a driver was electric. As in the James Bond car, the new "dad-mobile" with the opening of the doors automatically retractable running boards. Just as in the first car made for the pontiff, Pope chair is a kind of throne, and nearby was installed two small reclining chairs for attendants.

Remote communication with the driver that was installed in the first "pope-mobile" significantly upgraded. Now Dad can control air conditioning, radio and other automotive applications, and chair-throne pontiff was powered as a modern "Mercedes».

1965 - Pullman Laundalet

After the first "pope-mobile", the new Mercedes 600 was almost the best limo in the world. Pullman Laundalet was based on Mercedes 600. Built on a platform of V100, a new "Pope-mobile" had a wheelbase of 3900 mm, the rear doors are wider than 256 mm and a soft roof above 70 mm than the standard version. Just Pullman Laundalet as his predecessor had a throne-chair with electrical, climate system, radio and other modern vehicle systems. On the new car was an automatic air suspension.

1967 - 300 SEL Pullman

Two new W109 limousine built by Mercedes 300 SEL were delivered to the Vatican in 1967. Both cars were longer than regular 650 mm, which makes finding six people in the cabin comfortable. But unlike other "Dad-mobiles", these two twins are not used for other purposes - they took important guests of the Vatican.

1980 - 230 Mercedes G-Klasse

Mercedes W460 G-Klasse, made for John Paul II - probably the most famous "Pope-mobile" in history. Standard car suffered a series of radical reforms that made him even the biggest of the "Pope-mobile." His feature - a removable reinforced transparent dome, but after the assassination attempt on John Paul II in 1981, changed the design so that it is not a dome shot for the sake of security. Now the Pope was in this car in the aquarium. The construction of bulletproof dome used to this day in the production of special vehicles for the pontiffs.

Dome of the Pope in the Mercedes G-Klasse has automatic climate control, which did not allow the windows fog up, even in cold or rainy weather. In addition, the dome was illuminated from within small floodlights, which were mounted directly to the salon. It was necessary for the Pope to be seen in the dark. Specifically for the lighting system, the car has received an additional battery located under the bottom of the machine.

Mercedes G-Klasse was the first car is not black. The new car was painted in white and gold pearl color. Interior - white suede and black leather.

1985 - Mercedes 500 SEL

In addition to the Mercedes G-Klasse, in 1985 the Pope received as a gift one more car - armored sedan Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL W126, which continued the tradition of the classic limousines previous years. The wheelbase of the limousine was 200mm longer than the standard car, and the roof above 30mm. The car was equipped with two folding seats for bodyguards, near the throne of the Pope. Despite the considerable weight of 3 tons, the car could reach speeds of 160 km / h. The newly elected Pope Benedict XVI went to his first official visit was to Mercedes 500 SEL.

1997 - Mercedes S 500 W140 Laundalet

Made on the basis of Mercedes S 500 to the Vatican in 1997, the car had electrohydraulic convertible top, as well as chair-throne the Pope, which could rise by 50 centimeters. The car was equipped with a new five-liter 8-cylinder engine producing 320 hp and 5-speed automatic transmission. Integrated into the vehicle wireless high-speed communication system, makes this machine unique.

2002 - Mercedes ML 430

The new Mercedes ML 430 W163 was presented to John Paul II in 2002, a few months before he attended World Youth Day in Canada. Like the original car 80-year, new "dad-mobile" was equipped with armored glass dome. V8 engine 272 hp quite enough for dynamic driving. Like its predecessor machine G-klass, she was also a white-gold color. The interior has been covered with white skin.

2007 - Mercedes G 500

The last car of the Pope became brutal white SUV G 500, presented by the Pontiff in 2007. This machine was designed with the expectation that the Pope and his visits could it go to the most remote corners of our land. The car was created 2 years with the ongoing participation in the project work of the Pontiff. Unlike its predecessor, ML 430, windshield could fully develop, thus G 500 turned into a true convertible.


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