Purchase / used car. As I watched the VW Jetta

I decided to share a little story about buying a used / have a car, well, at the same time to talk about where to look for the diagnosis, as well as about the reasons pierced unscrupulous sellers.
Near the Skoda Octavia A5 FL, taken in December 2012 new.
Well, since I myself "is turned" on IT, any thing that gets to me, and with which a PC can be something "conjure" almost immediately bought several Pribluda in order to dig deeper into the minds of my typewriter.
Not to say that has made some wild success, as some "Kulibin", but something I can =)

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You've got to make a digression and note that everything that is written below, applies to cars produced by VAG (VW, Skoda, Audi, Seat). What about the cars of other manufacturers, will not say exactly, but I assume that all about looks.

A little background.
Got my madam on Friday BV, respectively, the time has come to look after the car. Take another new - for finance hard, and the first car certainly will periodically "strike sharply" about all kinds of bars / fences / etc. In general, my missus throws off my credit the VW Jetta V American. Without hesitation, I called the seller, it turned out that it is located next to (in g.Zheleznodorozhnom, and I myself am of Reutov).

[next = And what happened next?)]

A couple of standard questions, and here we are in Katima Ironburg, in order to see the car live.
In general, the first thing that startled me - matte color, because often it is film, which is hidden under the funny surprises. I asked - not talking film, and paint. Anyway, I myself in the automotive body is not particularly understand, because it was decided to look at the results of the diagnosis, and if everything is in order, contact the person who in matters of automotive body pros.
And more important point - when he called the seller, once said that will come with diagnostic equipment, because if there's schools, I see them all the same. Seller Aleksei assured that everything is OK.
20 minutes, and here we are on the spot.
We examine the car, and in addition to the stated Alexey dent in the right front door, on the body is more like a bunch of wild stocks clearances bumpers and tailgate installed crooked.
At that time, even to me, it was clear that the car was in an accident larger than said Alexey ("Yes it is, I touched the curb on the bumper»).
Looked-looked, I uncovered a laptop and started watching the error.
For VAG cars are on average around 20 different control units (central electric unit, motor, electronics doors, etc.), the exact number of units depends on the car and its equipment.
So, softinkoy by which I diagnose errors, arranged in such a way that it first displays a list of all the blocks marked with a red car and blocks containing errors (just a "yes / no" without giving specifics). Then you can run a full diagnosis, in which each block of the reads and displays the error and detailed information on them.
Poplohelo me at once when I saw that most of the units there is an error, well, easier to count the blocks in which there are no errors.
What's wrong with this car all sadly it was already clear, but for the sake of interest, I still decided to look more in detail.
The first thing I saw that fire Driver airbag, and at the moment it does not exist at all. Alexey it mumbled something unintelligible.
I leaf through on, and in one of the units see the error "Incorrectly coded control unit." The idea is that VAGah control units are set equal, at what not only for the same model with different trim levels, but even for different brands (for example, VW Jetta / Golf / Passat, Skoda Octavia, Seat Leon - share the same units).
Next, the control unit is encoded, i.e. give him to understand, for a specific set of car, what car has more equipment, etc. For example, if any rear power windows, lamps, etc. omyvalka
Actually, the error "Incorrectly coded control unit" indicates that the block has changed (probably installed / used by another car), and then was not properly configured.
Somehow, experimenting with cars, I incorrectly coded one of the blocks, and then windows to live your life (rear right window went down together with the left, right front with a button on the passenger door works in reverse, ie, push up, it goes down, and vice versa).
And now imagine what surprises can give you a car if incorrectly coded some important unit, such as motor or electronics unit in charge of the airbag.
Well, and the third an error put a fat point.
What a mistake - I do not remember, and it does not matter. It is important that when an error is written to the logs including mileage at which it originated.
So (drum roll!) The error occurred on the run 182,000 miles, although tidy mileage was 145,000 miles.
In general, quickly packed the laptop, I silently wished rays diarrhea Alexei took his faithful in his arms and went home.
Alesha, when he had expressed my indignation, muttered something like "About what was asked - what to say." I neighing of course, provided such a dialogue:

 - A run was twisted?
 - Yes, of course, that's just yesterday rolled 40 000 miles.

That's the story.
And now to sum up the results.

When buying a car is required to purchase diagnostic equipment. It is quite inexpensive, simple to use it.
If you have not decided on the brand - take module ELM327, it fits almost any car, plug all the same - OBDII.
To use this module, you only need a tablet / phone on Android, the diagnostic process is started by pressing a couple of buttons, even a child will cope. Price issue
Cons - can not see any errors, with few exceptions do not work with cars (usually cars since the beginning of the 2000s, work without problems). Price question about 1000 rubles.

If you have decided on the specific make / model - see the forums, there are sections of 100% of the diagnostic equipment and software.
Regarding VAGov - Diagnostic lace VAG-COM will cost you dearly ELM327, and richer functionality, and mistakes you definitely will see all.

While studying bugs look for mileage at which the error occurred.
Just proshtudiruyte information on standard errors and their causes.

Well, and finally - here it is a tricky Alyosha, who does not appreciate other people's time and keeps all for suckers.
Announcement on avto.ru: & lt; a href = '/ go /? Http% 3A% 2F% 2Fcars.auto.ru% 2Fcars% 2Fused% 2Fsale% 2F52004840-3a7c.html' target = '_ blank' class = '' & gt ; & lt; / a & gt;

Auto: Volkswagen Jetta V
Tel: +7 (915) 242-5365

Well screenshots avto.ru ads on, just in case, there will be three Picchu =)

P.S. Citizens, well, you be less greedy and reckless. That would have heard Alex me when I said I still see if there are "schools", asked once honestly say that I do not waste my time wasted. But no - whether greed, or insolence, or stupidity. I do not like when I was on the way (oh my!) There. Good luck with the sale of cars, Alyosha!


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