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Recently, I really interested in the topic of old notebooks.
The other day I wandered into the store laptops one company but not for the purchase of a "new friend", and to see the collection exhibited in the museum shop copies. In St. Petersburg, I know of no other place where collected old laptops (if you know a museum in St. Petersburg or Moscow, prompt).

Sellers are not against the fact that I took a few photos, for which they thank you very much.
So here's a little list of small museum with photos and descriptions.

Let's start the tour. The first will introduce the IBM ThinkPad 345C '96. The design of the laptop immediately makes it clear that this is IBM and ThinkPad. Notebook processor boasts Intel 486DX4 75MHz, Western Digital video controller with memory 1 MB, 10.4 & quot; TFT-LCD with a resolution of 640x480 and 4 megabytes of RAM.

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The next exhibit, Compaq presario 1065 is CSTN-display size of 12.1 & quot; and a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. He was released in January 1997 and is equipped with an Intel Pentium processor at 133 MHz, 16 MB of RAM. It weighs 3.35 kg, which is not much.


Two years earlier, the firm Compaq introduced the public kid Compaq Contura Aero 4/25 weighing only 3, 5 kg. The notebook has 8 & quot; monochrome display, 25-timegagertsovy 486SX processor with 8 kilobytes of cache. Nikeleevo-magnesium battery according to the manufacturer podderzhivara performance laptop for 2, 5-6 hours (obviously depending on the load). Instead of the usual trackpoint or touchpad, we used the trackball.


The following photos apparatik Innovace Hyperbook HB370 (first link)
Laptop-based 486DX2 / DX4 CPU (Intel / AMD / Cyrix) with 4 MB of RAM (expandable to 40ka). Produced with a display 10.2 & quot; resolution of 640x480 (as an option with a resolution of 800x600), and a built-in cd-drive.


Of course, this collection could not be laptops Toshiba. I present to you Satellite T1960CS (distinct page, the description of which I was not even on the website of Toshiba). The only thing that can be argued - is the legendary notebook Mitnick. Laptop snap-in trackball as a manipulator.


Presented here in the face of the Dell Dell NL25C, with an Intel 386 SL frequency of 25 MHz, Intel 80387 coprocessor with SL or Cyrix 387SL (apparently there were several variations). Laptop can boast a 16-color 9 & quot; display with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, video chip Cirrus 6410/6340 with 256 kilobytes of memory and weighs 2.99 kilograms.


Exotic seem Canon NoteJet 486 (BN22) with built-in printer. Released in December 1993, he and weighs 4 kilograms. Equipped with processor Cyrix Cx486SLC with a frequency of 25 MHz and 4 MB of memory, 10 & quot; display and, surprisingly, the printer.


Currently quite popular e-books, including the company's brand Jetbook ECTACO Inc, but not many people know that branded Jetbook another firm (Jetta) still produces laptops. This collection is presented laptop Jetta JetBook 386SX, worth only guess that the laptop is equipped with a 386, since even on the official website there is no description.


Ibm ThinkPad line of y is very extensive in this museum displays one of its representative - Ibm ThinkPad 380XD. Produced it in 1998, and is equipped with even more powerful (relative to others) CPU Intel Pentium MMX frequency of 233 megahertz (laptops were equipped 266 MHz processor), 32 MBytes of RAM, 12 & quot; display (800x600 pixels) and video adapter Neomagic MagicGraph128XD with 2 megabytes of memory. Built-in floppy disk drive and a CD-rom is an advantage.


On a shelf with products from Apple takes pride of place Macintosh Powerbook 100 - kid 1991 release 9 & quot; monochrome display, a processor with a frequency of 16 MHz and a weight of 2, 3 kilograms. He co-developed by Apple and Sony. manipulator in this laptop serves trackball.


Old man 1987 issue Toshiba T3200 showed their best, working side by showing moving images on the display (4 shades of gray) with a resolution of 640 by 400 pixels. This 8 5 kilogram unit settled 12 MHz Intel processor 80286, 3.5 & quot; Hard disk capacity of 40 megabytes and a floppy disk drive.


Another interesting exhibit - EPSON Equity LT (Information from the official site (pdf)), something similar to the Toshiba T3200, equipped with a 12.2 & quot; widescreen display sizes of 13.6 & quot; in width and 3.2 & quot; in height with resolution of 640 m by 200 pixels. Processor Speed ​​(NEC V30) it can be changed by using switches with 4.77 per 10 megahertz.
And it weighs only 5 and 71 kilograms.


And finally add that there are still a variety of vintage typewriters, for example, here are the Soup:



Arifmomert "Felix»:




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