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That's it come May 9 celebrations. This day is equally important for both men and women, but still "at war, not a woman's face." This is a purely masculine occupation. Men like weapons and military equipment, it sits in our genes. But at the same time, we like all machines, either. After all, we are creatures of the earth and practical, preferring to stand firmly on the ground. And view "50 shades of gray" predpochtёm hike in some technical museum. Take a look and feel better every possible creation of engineering, electronics achieve masterpieces of precision mechanics. And so we (the male part of the blog Mail.Ru Group) made for you a selection of various technical museums.

Central museum of armored vehicles in Kubinka i> h4>

You understand that it must have, especially on May 9th. In the world there is nothing that could be compared with the tank on the personification of male nature. Power, strength, armor strong and our tanks are fast. Do not listen to those who bleats about the irrelevance of the tanks in modern warfare, these mighty war machines will always find an echo in the hearts of our men. And Museum in Kubinka - one of the best places to see live and touch to a variety of samples of armored vehicles, including unique.

Air Force Central Museum in Monino i> h4>

If you prefer duralumin rather than alloy steel, it is highly recommended to visit the huge aviamuzey in Monino . This place - a real delight for those in love with the sky and thinks in terms of roll, pitch and combat the spread. Alas, the dashing 90-s and open storage not spared many of the exhibits. However, there are a lot of interesting and rare models of aircraft. Basically, of course, the exhibition consists of a jet and rotorcraft.

Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps i> h4>

In fact, the Air Force has taken away from the artillery nickname "god of war". Yet there is still life in the old dog, an old woman too early to write schёtov. Artillery Museum is located in St. Petersburg, behind the fortress. Here is a rich collection of exhibits on relevant topics, ranging from the 15th century. A spacious courtyard in front of the museum and all sorts of armor samples of conventional and rocket artillery.

Lomakov museum of vintage cars and motorcycles i> h4>

If you want a break from the war theme, you can visit Lomakov Museum Oldtimers . This family business, existing since 1987. Here you can see unique examples of cars and motorcycles. Now exhibition features over 50 types of equipment, although the total collection of the museum consists of about 130 exhibits.

Museum of the History of «GAZ» i> h4>

Gorky Automobile Plant Products inextricably linked with the history of our country. It produced such legendary cars as the "lorry» NAZ-AA , «Emka» ГАЗ-М-1, GAZ-21 «Volga», GAZ-13 « The Seagull », GAZ-66 and many others. By the way, the heir of the same "lorry", the former our main truck during the war, has become a modern «Газель». Although about cars in this series do not have to tell, it is one of the unofficial symbols of our post-Soviet period.

On the territory of the training center of the plant "GAZ" today is a museum of history, where some samples of cars. And they can be viewed through virtual circular panoramas .

Museum of Technology Vadim Zadorozhnogo i> h4>

It is the largest in our country private museum of art . During the ten years of its existence, the museum has grown from a few exhibits in the open air to the modern exhibition complex, which presents vintage cars and motorcycles, military vehicles (tanks, aircraft, rocket launchers, etc.), small arms, and more. The site of the museum have the opportunity to see a small virtual tour .

The Museum of computing i> h4> Small in size but very interesting for its collection of Museum . Here you can fully trace the development of computer technology, as such, beginning and ending with schёtov computer. Many samples can touch, fiddle, and some old computers even work and are available to the public. The site has Moscowwalks a detailed photo report about museum.

Technik Museum Apple i> h4>

At the sight of this picture, each passionate fans, "Apple" products had been heart clench emotion. However, presented in this Museum exhibits ayfonofanatov interested not only, but also the broad masses of fans of history of computer technology. Get an idea of ​​the museum can be due to photo report .

Museum of the History of cycling business i> h4> Steel Horse modern man does not have to be equipped with an engine. Yes, and most have become an alternative in the form of aluminum and carbon fiber. The cult of productivity and a healthy lifestyle has entered into a range of traditional men's toys transportation vehicles and bicycles. If you value the opportunity to drive a bike, no matter - road racing, motocross - or twist the pieces on BMX, you will certainly be curious to see represented in the museum exhibits. It collected a few dozen vintage, retro and modern bicycles (but only in the museum about 200 samples). There is also a large library collected literature, periodicals and documents on the bicycle business. Unfortunately, at the moment, the museum has no permanent premises, so it is necessary to restrict viewing photos on the site.

Irbit State Motorcycle Museum i> h4>

If you recognize only the horses with a motor, then welcome to the Urals. Here at Irbit Motor Plant 10 years ago was created by Motorcycle Museum heavy class. Basically there exhibited products of the plant, to create in the past 60 years. But you can see a number of motorcycles and famous foreign manufacturers. With pictures on the native site tight, but you can get an idea of ​​the exposure on the sides photo report .

Technical Museum i> h4>

One of the best Russian technology museums. Here is a huge number of exhibits from various areas of industry and technology. Alas, but for now the museum is closed for major reconstruction right up to 2018. Modernization undergo serious as the building itself is a museum and exhibition. Rumor has it that there will be even created an underground parking area under the Ilyinsky Gates.

* * *
Our country has a rich history of science and technology. And it must be preserved for future generations, as it were pathetic and visiting it sounds. Share in the comments information about famous technical museums and impressions of already visited!

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