10 great museums of Russia, which is worth a visit

Going to the Museum is a great way to spend time and a great alternative to ordinary weekends at the TV. Not fashionable? Bored? Take a look around! There are dozens of interesting museums and galleries, from which the adults in the children's delight. Skyscanner! chose 10 museums for every taste — from the classic to the most incredible, for which it is not and too lazy to go to another town for the weekend. The Hermitage the Hermitage is out of the competition. The main Russian Museum grew from the personal collection of Catherine II, even the word 'ermitage' translated from French means "the dwelling of a hermit". Now the Hermitage has everything except intimacy: the Sumerian cuneiform tablets, Scythian gold and Sasanian silver antique gems and complete the genealogy of the gods, Tmutarakan stone and birch bark, paintings of great masters of Western Europe, Buddhist painting, an incredible number of coins and medals — to see the exhibition at least briefly, to become a regular visitor. Need to come either with a clear plan, like "see loggia of Raphael", or surrender to the occasion and just wander the halls, absorbing the atmosphere.

Photo: Chris, CC BY 2.0

Where: St. Petersburg, dvorzovaya square, 2. The Hermitage Website.


The Other famous St. Petersburg Kunstkamera Museum — Cabinet of curiosities — also began with a private collection, but of a different kind. Adopting foreign experience, Peter I became interested in the natural Sciences and made a "Cabinet of curiosities" with the anatomical and natural curiosities. The king was especially interested in anomalies of development: the Cabinet of curiosities assiduously collected are different from the norms of animals, plants and people. Impressionable better pass the pickled babies, but instead to take a look at the Mongolian Yurt, the layout of the traditional houses of Indonesian people, Minangkabau, painted Japanese Kokeshi dolls, rattles lenkiski shamans and other ethnographic wonders from around the world.

Photo: RSNY, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Universitetskaya embankment, 3. The Website Of The Kunstkammer.


Armory Crowns, powers, scepters, thrones, the barm is in the Armoury chamber of the Moscow Kremlin gathered the lush symbols of the Russian autocracy and luxury of Imperial times. The Kremlin is a real treasure that emerged under Vasily III as a gun shop and gradually turned into a storage unit, received from foreign ambassadors or created in Russia. In a modern building, built by a favorite of Nicholas I Konstantin Ton, the Armoury moved in 1851. The oldest exhibit is the cap of Monomakh, which was crowned Tsar of all Russian rulers from Ivan I Kalita to Peter I. Girls probably will not get past room # 6, which exhibited the coronation outfits: dress of Elizabeth as if made of pure silver and gold (in fact, from brocade — brocade with gold or silver threads).

Photo: Thomas Stanbury, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Where is: Moscow, Kremlin. The website Armory.


The Museum has a no-No, doubt the theory of evolution? The road to you in the Darwin Museum, everything is visual, not wriggle. The largest science Museum in Europe is not just a sad collection of stuffed animals and bones. Founder of the Museum Alexander Kots lovingly collected and presented the exhibits so that they talked about evolution without words. Askance looking boy-Neanderthal. Tigers and leopards represent a geographic variation, a showcase of foxes — individual variability. The joy of a baby chimpanzee like a smile younger brother. The most valuable exhibits of the Museum — extinct animals and birds, for example, a stuffed passenger pigeon and a skeleton of a flightless bird the Dodo.

Photo: Iakov Vokhmintsev, CC BY-NC 2.0

Where: Moscow, ul Vavilova, 57. The website of the state Darwin Museum

"Grand Layout Russia" If you love to play The Sims, do not go to the new St. Petersburg Museum "Grand Maket Russia" — from there you can then the ears will not pull out. On an area the size of three tennis courts reconstructed map of Russia from Kaliningrad to the Far East — not generalized, and composed of vivid, well crafted images. Trains and cars can go, lights are burning, every 13 minutes there is a change of day and night. Everywhere interesting scenes: the workers in overalls build a home on the farm with cows, women take care of the beds, the children are skating around a Christmas tree, download police at fault the car in tow. There is even a rally demanding not to break the layout. To be considered, you need at least two hours and preferably four.

Photo: Mikhail Kryshen, CC BY-SA 2.0

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Tsvetochnaya str., 16. The Website "Grand Layout Russia"


Yasnaya Polyana of Tula Among forests and fields, sheltered Museum-estate Yasnaya Polyana where he was born and spent most of his life Leo Tolstoy. The estate is unusual: the decor is simple and modest, instead of classic lawns are vegetable gardens and, most importantly, there is absolutely not a Museum, the atmosphere of freedom that was so important to Tolstoy. "Prospectu", birch alley, which is repeatedly mentioned in "War and peace" and other books, go to the house of the writer. Inside it looks like the owner is about to return for dinner — even the table is set. Outside the illusion persists: in the stables are horses, roam the neighborhood geese and ducks, you can go to kucherskiy the house, where before the coachman waited for the owners, and now kept the harness and kinda different utensils.

Photo: PilotGirl, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Location: 14 km from Tula. The site of "Yasnaya Polyana"


The Museum of iron cozy Little private Museum, which tells not about everything but about some one thing — Russia is a relatively new phenomenon. The Museum of iron in Pereslavl-Zalessky was founded in 2002 and are compacted in a two story house. You were lucky to find prababushkin iron irons: one stroked, the other one is heated? Then at the Museum of iron will be something to remember. If you have any alternatives electric iron didn't know better, and will be able to dive into the "prehistoric world". For a snack in the same Pereslavl-Zalesskiy you can look at the house of a kettle, train musai a few other cute mini-museums.

Photo: Elena (Drukarska), CC BY-SA 3.0

Location: Pereslavl-Zalessky, street Soviet, 11 (150 km from Moscow). Group of the Museum of iron Vkontakte


The Museum of samovar, Samovar — one of the most Russian things imaginable, along with the Orenburg shawls and dolls. Meanwhile, the first factory of samovars appeared in Russia only in the late 18th century — on this and other twists and turns of the production of tea the main attribute will tell in the Tula Museum. In the spacious rooms there are three hundreds of different samovars: from the oldest, made first an samavartana to modern natives of the "Shtamp" factory. Is the ancestor of sbitennik samovar, samovar-the samovar and the ball-chamber, the purpose of which you can guess is that crane.

Where: Tula, street Mendeleevsky, 8. The website of the Museum "Tula samovars"


Khabarovsk regional Museum named after N. I. Grodekova it Turns out that the exotic is not necessary to go to Papua New Guinea. Will be in the far East, don't miss the Khabarovsk regional Museum. The collection is more diverse ever. Recreated by interior merchants to judge the living in the Amur region in the early 20th century. Next door is the skeleton of the fin whale, second largest animal in the world. In the hall "Nature of the Khabarovsk territory" the Siberian tiger coexisted with the otter and red wolf, close to a valuable skeleton of the extinct Steller cow. For fans of Ethnography — the exhibition about the indigenous peoples of Priamurye: dugout boats, kamunye skiing, quivers for arrows, clothes made of fish skin and figures of spirits savenow.

Photo: By Andshel CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Location: Khabarovsk, Shevchenko str., 11. The website Grodekovsk Museum.


"Experimentanium" "Experimentanium" was invented to prove that science is not boring. So you even need to touch the exhibits and take it all apart, to run, twist and pull. The Museum was created as a child, but adults, especially who grew up on the magazines "Young technician", will be delighted with him. You can see how a tornado is formed. To draw in the mirror. Park the car, hanging on four ropes. Take the test on the stability of the hands. Leave your mark on a bilateral contact with the wall. To be inside the bubble. Start the pendulums, to throw a coin into the black hole, to build arch bridge, catch hands electric shocks — when in one place so many interesting things, do not want to leave. Hence the only disadvantage to the "Experimentanium" — weekend crowded.

Photo: Ilya Haykinson, CC BY-SA 2.0

Where is: Moscow, Leningrad, etc., 80/11. The Website "Experimentanium"

This is only the beginning of the list of notable museums and galleries in Russia. The Tretyakov gallery, Russian Museum, Winery, Peterhof, Pushkin Museum to continue it infinitely. In some Russian museums you suggest to go first? published

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